Special Channelled Messages from Archangel Michael for the Fall/Spring Equinox

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This is a very special month. Firstly, Archangel Michael tells us that we are ready to begin with our assignments for creating the New Earth. NO MORE WAITING. ITS TIME TO GO!

This work will begin in earnest in October. September is a month in which we will prepare our energies by focussing on Peace, Love and Harmony for our beloved Crystal Planet.

The Equinox, on the 21/22nd September, marks a time when the energies and flows on Earth are changing, and the days and nights become shorter or longer, depending on where you live. In the Northern Hemisphere, the days become shorter as you move towards winter, while in the South the days become longer as summer approaches.

For all of us ...as a planetary people...we are moving into the New Earth. IT BEGINS.

At Starchild we are following the request of Archangel Michael to organise a meditation for the equinox as a special global ceremony to celebrate the arrival of Peace, Love and Creativity, and the creation of our New Earth.

In the wake of the events at Beslan we will also be focussing on the Children of the Planet. The meditation will be to connect more strongly with the energy of the Crystal Children to bring Love and Peace to the Planet. The Crystal Children are the "Warriors of the Heart" and they are leading us into the New Earth.

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Message One: September is the Month of Focus on Peace and Love that will Usher in the New Earth". Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.

Dearest human angels, you are ready to begin creating the New Earth! So many of you are aligned with your new energies and ready to "go". So it is with great joy that we say to you" "Now is the Time!" You are ready to begin creating!.

You have recently entered a "transition" period of six to eight months in which your lives will change in significant but positive ways as you move to take up your new positions in the new creative work. Some of you may move from one area to another, even one country to another, as you are called to those places where your work may be most effective. Some will find old relationships ending and new partnerships forming where both partners can direct their energies towards the creation of the New Earth through their combined gifts and talents. And some may change occupations or find significant changes in their present occupations as the New Earth energies begin to ground and take shape.

You will clearly feel these new energies in October, after the equinox. But September is a month of prelude in which people around the planet will join their energies to create peace on the planet. In this month you as humans will truly come to experience the reality of the Oneness of your planetary connection. The common goal of Peace, Love and Harmony will be the golden thread that links you all together.

You will truly see for the first time how powerful you are, and how your combined energies can create miracles. And you will gain confidence in using your combined energies as a powerful and creative force for love and peace. And that creative force will channel intense and wondeful light to the earth.

Those of you who are first wave lightworkers are now strong enough to hold the global grid of light that constitutes the Crystal planet. In September you are being called to fully activate that grid with prayer, meditations, sound, music and dance. Celebrate with us the coming to pass of the New Earth. Join your energies more closely with those of the Crystal Children. Together you are creating the New Earth by transmitting the powerful vibrations of the Gold Ray from the Galactic centre via the Sun and through your new Crystalline Bodies, and then into the new Crystal Earth Grids. The Golden Crystal light accelerates evolution into Peace and Harmony through Love.

The darkness is diminishing as the light increases, and as the light you receive and transmit enters the new Crystal Grids of the Earth, the planet will radiate light out into the Cosmos like the brilliant and powerful gem that she is! YOU are the LIGHT and you HOLD THE LIGHT! That is your work as Human Angels.

Welcome the New Earth. It is Here.

Message Two: "Feeling the Changes". Archangel Michael through Kate Spreckley.

The Fall/Spring equinox will bring about a change in the intensity of the energy coming in. The energy of change will be felt by all of you and you will be guided to make the necessary changes in your lives.

Some of these changes may be drastic and others subtle, it will all depend on where you are on your path. Many of you will be guided to move to different cities or countries as you will need to be in a place where you can best do your work. You will find that you will begin to discover your soul mates and your soul families as they will give you the support that you need to fulfill your purpose.

Many of you will begin to let go of old relationships that no longer serve you as you begin to relate from a place of soul resonance rather than karmic debt. As you are aware karma does not exist in the higher dimensions nor will it exist in the New Earth.

We ask that you do not fear these changes as they will be positive and made from a divine place. Should you begin to fear call on us to give you the strength and the courage to follow through with your truth.

We ask that you join together in celebration on the 21/22nd September to bring through this energy in love, light and happiness. The times ahead are going to be filled with promise, joy, abundance and so much love as you begin creating without fear of destruction.

You have rewritten the future, yours and your childrens, and with the help of many leaders working with you you will begin to see the fruits of your hard work. Already you have begun again to see the beauty of the world that you live in and to feel a sense of childlike wonder at all that you see and feel.

As many of you go through this next phase please seek the support and love that you need as this will help you to understand and to work through this transition with ease.

Connect with your creativity and you will bring joy and playfulness into your lives.

We are so very please with the work that you have all done and know that we are working with you on all levels to create a new way of being!

With love and many blessings

AA Michael

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