The 3 November Solar Eclipse

Restructuring into Light....and Africa Rises!

by Celia Fenn

We are right now in the transtion from a Lunar Eclipse (18th October) to a Solar Eclipse (3rd November). Coming on the heels of the powerful energy wave of July/August, this has created some very intense Energy "weather". The Lunar Eclipse in October was in Aries, and was impacted by Uranus in Aries, meaning that much unpredictable energy was let loose into the Grids. As you may know, eclipses are always a time when the Earth Grids are recalibrated with new incoming Light Codes, and while this may be turbulent at the time, the outcome is always positive.

So it is with these two eclipses, one Lunar and one Solar. The Lunar Eclipse allows for shifting deep inner consciousness, and a Lunar Eclipse in Aries with connections to Uranus will certainly shake loose many of our old ideas about Leadership and the "Warrior" Energy and make way for something new. It is therefore no surprise that at this time the US Congress decided to "shut down" creating questions about government and the economy globally. The stage is setting for something new to emerge into the Deep Consciousness of the Collective.

The effect of Mercury Retrograde at this time is also to slow us down and give us a space to integrate these energies and allow the New to emerge as we move towards the second Eclipse on 3rd November. This is a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. The Solar Eclipses allow for the recalibration of the Grids with Light Codes that bring in new ideas and information about the outer world and how we perceive this world. So, a Lunar and a Solar Eclipse work together to clear away old ideas, bring in new ideas and activate them in the Grids, or in the Collective Consciousness of the Planet. In this case the Lunar Eclipse in Aries ( a solar/fire sign) and the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio ( a water sign) makes for a creative tension and synergy that is moving energy on a very deep level both within individuals and within the Collective.

The focus of this piece is then to look at how this upcoming Eclipse will affect us individually, and also on the Collective Level.

So, firstly some information on the nature of the Eclipse itself. The Eclipse is in Scorpio, the house that deals with very deep inner issues, intuition and also, with business and finance issues in the public realm (according to traditional astrology). So, again, no surprises in that finances are a key global issue right now, and also may be for many of you reading this piece. So, at the time of the November 3rd Eclipse, the New Moon will be at 16 Scorpio, Mercury will be at 7 Scorpio, Saturn will be at 13 Scorpio and Venus will be at 28 Sagittarius. Now that last little piece of information is important, because Venus will be sitting in alignment with the Galactic Center in relation to the Eclipse energies. The Key Energies are the New Moon, bringing the seeds of the New, Mercury focussing on ideas and mental energy, and Saturn activating the forces of Restructuring. Also, just as a bonus we have the Moon's north node at 7 Scorpio as well, adding a dollop of deep "Karmic" release to the mixture.

So, by now you can see that there is some very deep energy brewing around money, leadership, change, very deep feelings within individuals and the Collective. But, the effect of Venus aligning the Galactic Center is to introduce Light Codes from the Galactic Council via Venus, which will impact on the Venusian energies of Beauty, Harmony and, yes, Money!

So, looking at this powerful mix it seems most likely that the "reboot" or "recalibration" that is taking place involves the Economy and Finance, and how we as individuals relate to Abundance and how we source that abundance in our Society.

On the individual level, this means that we will be taking a deep look at our "old" beliefs about money and finance, and allowing ourselves to think differently. As we accept new "Light Codes" from the Galactic Center we will be guided to a more compassionate understanding of Abundance and how it can be created in our lives as individuals. In this process, we are sweeping away old ideas and allowing for the New. We may have to give up ingrained ideas that we grew up with about "hard work" and "rewards" as we realize that these no longer hold true. In the 21st century those who work hardest are often those that have the least in life. So, it is time to reconsider the way in which we manifest abundance as individuals, but also how we share that abundance as a society, for the two are connected.

In the Fifth Dimension we are all connected in the Circle of LIfe, and so the Economy and Financial issues affect all of us to some degree. Even if we are "comfortable" we do not stand outside of the interconnected Family of Life on Planet Earth. It is an issue that affects all of us. So, we can expect that we will be facing deep issues relating to our own finances and to how we relate to the greater Global Community. Change is inevitable, as Archangel Michael says.

The Path of the Eclipse...Africa Rises

The nature of this Eclipse is what is called a "hybrid". It is partially a Total Eclipse and partially Annular, which is a kind of partial eclipse. The Total Eclipse follows a path across Central Africa, from the Rain Forests of Gabon through the Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo, into Uganda, Kenya and then into the Horn of Africa and Ethiopia and Somalia. The Partial Eclipse covers most of Africa. This is an African Eclipse and it is awakening Africa!

First of all, the area of Total Eclipse is primarily deep African Rain Forest, some of the most pristine environment on the Planet. It is a time when the "Forest Codes" for the New Earth will be powerfully activated in Africa. But, on another level, these Light Codes will release Africa from the deep darkness that was thrust on her in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and allow her to rise again into Light.

Africa is probably the most "ignored" continent on the Planet. Not much is known about the history of one of the largest continents on the Planet, other then it is said to be the origin point of Human Life. It was the original "Mu"....the first continent that expanded to become first Lemuria and then Atlantis. It holds the powerful original Codes of Creation, which were held by the Keepers of Creation, the "Elohim Guardians" of Africa. These Creation Codes are ready to be released back into the Grids at the time of this Eclipse. This Release will allow the Earth Keepers and Creators who work with the Elohim to once again access the Holographic Library at the Center of the Planet.

But, to go backwards in time, in the late 19th Century in the time of the expansion of the Anglo/European/American Empire, there was what is known as a "Scramble for Africa" in which the European Colonizers "grabbed" as much of the continent as they could. South Africa, after being explored by the Portuguese, was passed from Holland to Great Britain and became a British Colony, as did Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The Portuguese settled for Mozambique and Angola. The Germans took Namibia. The Belgians took the Congo, while the British also took Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. While all this was going on, the "Elohim Keepers" together with the African Grid Guardians closed down the Grids and locked the access to the original Creation Codes. And so,from being the original Place of Light and the "Mother", Africa became the "Heart of Darkness" and has continued to be ever since.

Now is the time when the "Heart" of Africa will be activated and the Light will return.

When I was younger and was involved in anti-apartheid politics, we had a saying : "Africa Mayibuye!". It means "Africa...May it Come!". It was a way of saying that Africa would rise back into Light. I think that this is the moment when Africa will begin to Rise into Light!

The Solar Eclipse codes will dissolve the dark shadows projected on Africa and she will begin to awaken to who she truly is as a Continent. The new Light Codes will bring new ideas about the Rain Forests, about the original Garden of the Planet, about the Mother and about nurturing Society and sharing abundance.