with CELIA FENN AND THE STARCHILD TEAM.....27th June to 5th July 2014

This year our Starchild Sacred Journey will take us to the shores of Lake Baikal in Siberia, to celebrate our reconnection with Nature as we enter the New Reality. We are the Rainbow Warriors, the 21st Century Shamans who will return the Sacred Spirit of Nature to the life of Humanity! In this time together we will celebrate our coming together as a Family of Light in the energy of Archangel Michael and the Masters of Light, while also celebrating the Sacred Divine Light of Nature. We will participate in many gatherings, channels and Ceremonies of Light.

Siberia is the acknowledged "birthplace" of the Shamanic tradition, and the area around Lake Baikal is very sacred in this tradition. In addition, Archangel Michael tells us that in the New Earth, Lake Baikal is one of the places on the Planet where the "Creation Codes" are very powerful, and where the new creations and the new energy are being birthed onto the Planet. Now, in 2014, it is a very powerful time to be here on the Earth and sharing in the grounding of the Creation Codes as Conscious Creators with the Diamond Light from the Great Central Sun.

Also, this Journey will be the first part of a two year series, next year we will visit Mongolia and China, exploring the roots of the Past as we create a New Beginning that incorporates the wisdom of the Ancestors and their connection to the Earth and the Elemental Energies of Nature.

The Journey ...8 days of Sacred Communion

Day One : We will begin our Journey with a Gathering in which we will do a Ceremony of Blessings and welcome the Angels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors and Spirirts who choose to walk with us.

After that we will take a trip to Shamanka Rock where we will make a connection with the Elemental and Nature Spirits of the Area, and begin working with the Lake Baikal Stargate, a portal to the Higher Dimensions and the Creations Codes.

Day Two : This will be a quiet day for integration of the energies and restoring your own personal connection with the Spirit of the Earth...the Spirit of the Forest and the Spirit of Nature..... You are invited to bring a Journal so that you make keep a record of your meditations, dreams and experiences on this once in a lifetime journey.

Day Three : On this day we visit the Khoboy Cape, one of the Sacred Places of Olkhon Island, the place where the Spirit of the Island dwells. According to legends, the first of the Buryat Shamans was empowered here. Perhaps you will also feel the calling to walk the path of the Shaman in a new way.....There will be time for a group Ceremony to connect with the Ancestors and ask for assistance in building the New Earth and activating the Creation Codes for the New Reality.

Day Four : A Day with Archangel Michael and the Spirit of Air.....Activations and Meditations to link Heaven and Earth in this powerful environment. There will also be time for private meditations and healing work.

Day Five : This will be a highlight as we journey over water to Ogoy Island. here we will make a deep connection with the Spirit of Water, and will connect this out throughout the Planet. Lake Baikal is the largest body of fresh water in the world, and a Unesco World Heritage site. The water is clear and pristine and carries the "signature" of Light and Energy for Creation. This will be transmitted to all the water bodies on the Planet at this time of transformation.

Here we will also visit a Sacred Buddhist Stupa that is dedicated to the Divine Mother, and will connect with the emerging energy of the Divine Feminine as it rebirths on our Planet as the Sacred Divine Feminine.

Days 6 to 8 : Here we will have time for seminar sessions, private work and meditation, consultations with Starchild Team members, and free time just relaxing and enjoying the energy of this Sacred Place!

Every morning you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sunrises over the clear surface of Lake Baikal, and if you don't mind cold water, you can swim amd cleanse in the Lake itself! There will also be an opportunity to experience the cleansing of the Siberian Sauna, with a steam bath and cleasing with a birch branch on the beach and then a dive into the lake!

For those who would like the experience, we will also have Shamanic bonfires and "walking on the coals" to reconnect with the Element of Fire...but only if you want to!

The Journey will be in English and Russian. The food will be Vegetarian where possible.

As this is a Sacred and Deep experience, there will be no cigarettes, alchohol or marijuana allowed in the communal areas. We ask you to respect the sacred space and experiences of others. Thank you!


The Journey will be led by Celia Fenn who has many years of experience as a Group Facilitator and Seminar Leader, as well as Shamanic Ceremony practitioner in Europe, USA and Russia.

The Journey is organized by Daniel Rudakov who is the Starchild Representative in Russia. Daniel also has many years of organizational experience in Russia.

The English/Russian Translator is Olga Basova Maxheleau, who many of you will know from our International Webinar gatherings. She is an experienced translator and Spiritual Voyager. Her husband, Canadian Nicholas Maxheleau, also an expeirenced Spiritual Voyager, will also be present to assist with the Journey. Here we are together in 2012 in Moscow!

I am also hoping to bring in one more team member who is also a Shaman and Teacher, we will let you know who that is soon!

Bookings and Information

The Cost of the Journey, which includes seminar information from Celia Fenn on "The Path of the 21st Century Shaman" and Activations with Archangel Michael and the Elementals, is $1500. This includes accommodation and meals. Air tickets and visas not included. You will need to make your own way to Irtrusk to join with the group.

Please mail Daniel Rudakov for more information and for bookings : [email protected]