Starchild in Spain 2008

Barcelona and Montserrat

by Celia Fenn



Barcelona is one of the biggest and most vibrant cities in Spain, and it was here that we began our first Starchild events in Spain. Barcelona is well known for many things, most recently for hosting the Olympic games, but also for the beautiful and often eccentric design and architecture of Antonio Gaudi. The pictures above were taken in the Guell Park in the hills overlooking Barcelona, where Gaudi designed a beautiful retreat space for a wealthy family, but which is now a public park.

After a last minute decision to change venues on my part, we held our event at the Hesperia hotel in downtown Barcelona. It was here that Spanish Family of Light came together to work with Archangel Michael, Mary Magdalene and the Beings of Light. We worked to anchor the New Codes for Peace and Abundance, and to anchor the holographic form for the City of Light for Barcelona. We did a Group Channel with Archangel Michael and a Sacred Water Ceremony for the Montserrat part of the work, and Manfred and Brigitte and Marcus joined us from Germany to provide music and meditation. Here as some images from the event. The first shows me with Paloma, the Spanish Translator, and some of the people at the event:


Here is one of my favorite participants, a gorgeous golden labrador guide dog!


After we had completed our day in was on to Montserrat the next day for the Water Ceremony at the Monastery of Montserrat, high in the mountains of Catalunya. Montserrat is famous as the home of the "Black Virgin", a depiction of the Madonna with a Black Skin. There are many explanations for the Black Madonna's of Europe, but Archangel Michael shared with us that this particular energy was the "Cosmic Mother" and that the black skin was to depict the black Cosmic night from which all life is born. The Cosmic mother is the one who holds the Cosmic Balance, and in her Egyptian aspect she was called Ma'at. This was particularly relevant to our work, as our Water Ceremony was aimed at focussing on brining back the balance of Peace and Abundance to the Planet.

Here are some images of the Monastery at Montserrat. We were told that the Christian monastery was built on the site of what had previously been a Pagan sacred site. As you drive up towards the Monastery you are indeed awed by the power of the Sacred energy in this place. We were there on a Sunday as well, which is peak time for Montserrat as many people attend Mass in the Basilica, as well as the tourists and the several hundred people who were there for our Ceremony. It was somewhat crowded and busy way up there in the mountains!


Here you can see how high up in the mountains the Monastery is situated:

But, we were guided to the Chapel of St Michael for the actual ritual of our Ceremony. According to our guide, Montserrat Goni, this site was formerly a Temple of Venus and was Sacred both to the Divine Feminine and to Archangel Michael. This had to be the ideal place. Here is an image of the gateway leading to the Chapel:


And we are ready for the Water Ceremony..standing room only....


And, in the center, the Sacred Water from the Barcelona event, and water from the participants.....


So, some real group energy and a fun part of the Ceremony...some singing...a Catalan song:


Then some Shamanic Drumming with Marcus:



....and some dancing.....


Another beautiful New Earth Sacred Ritual!

Afterwards, our Starchild Team headed into the village at the foot of the mountain for a well deserved lunch:


Here Manfred and Paloma check out the menu, and Paloma catches a quick nap before its back on the road and heading for the South of France! Next stop....Montsegur!