Private Channel Sessions with Celia Fenn

Celia Fenn offers Private Consultations and Channel sessions, both on her tours and from her home. In the Month of October 2014 there will be TEN Channel Session slots made available. If you would like to book one of these, please contact [email protected].

These sessions can be experienced as direct Conversations via Telephone, Skype, or in our own Starchild Webinar Room, where we have Internet Conferencing Facilities. It can also be delivered as a Written Channel via E Mail or in mp3 recorded format. In the case of the Live Conversations, an mp3 Recording of the Channel is provided.

The Channel sessions are designed for people who would like to experience the Energy of a Channel and who seek Guidance and Support from the Higher Realms. The Primary Channel is with Archangel Michael, but Celia also channels Mary Magdalene and Athena Solara and the Dolphin Angels. She also transmits Angelic Fire Healing Energy from Archangel Michael and Cosmic Frequencies from the Dolphin Angels. These energies all assist in the Healing and balancing process.

Many people around the World have benefitted from sharing in these Sessions filled with Light and Compassion. You are invited to book your Session in the month of October.

The Cost of a Session is $ 250.00 (USD). Payment can be made through Paypal.

Please do not pay until you have booked your session with Celia