The New York Diary : 12/12/12 to 21/12/12

by Celia Fenn

Welcome to my New York Diary...a place where I would like to share with you the excitement and adventure of the New York events for the 12/12/12 and the 21/12/12.


The day began early in Central Parl. It was a clear, crisp day when a group of us gathered on the 5th Avenue side of the Park near the Obelisk and the Metropolitan Museum. Our purpose was to open the 12/12 day with a Ceremony to connect with the Elemental Energies in New York City as the first work towards the Activation of the Multi-Dimensional City of Light.

It was for this reason that we chose to hold the Ceremony next to water and with the group standing on a flat shelf of rock to connect with Crystalline bedrock beneath on which the City of New York is built.

It was a beautiful Ceremony....and as soon as we had completed the Ceremony with 3 "Oms", the clouds began to gather and there was a shower of rain as we made our way towards the United Nations. It was as if the Elementals were very gently participating in the cleansing and renewal of the City. Here is an image of the Group in Central Park on the morning of the 12/12/12.

And so it was on to the United Nations for the next event of the day. Here I am outside the United Nations Headquarters prior to the Lecture and Channel that I did for them with Archangel Michael. is our venue in the North Lawn Conference Center...and the title of my Lecture "A New Time and a New Beginning". I am underneath the Peace Commission in the smaller letters. It was fun!

Some quiet time to prepare for the talk...with a strong cup of Joe from the UN cafeteria.....

And here I am with the New York UN team....

From Left.....Sharon and Denise from the UN, Myself....Zoe from the UN and Vera who organizes for Starchild and is also associated with the UN Group that invited me to speak at the UN on the 12/12/12.

It was a powerful presentation and channel with Archangel Michael. In the course of the channel and activations the group participated in the Creation of the Star of the United Nations. This is a Mutli-Dimenisonal Start of Light that anchors Higher Consciousness and Divine Compassion above the United Nations, where it is available to be a conduit for the Higher Frequencies and Energies of Divine Intelligence for all those who would care to connect with them, and who seek Higher Guidance in their Global work for Peace and Abundance. I was able to record the Talk and Channel and will try to make it available for you when I am home.

The Evening was devoted to an Event at the META center on 29th Street in the Downtown area. At this event I also did a Channel and Activation with Archangel Michael which was designed to assist those present to fully align with their Divine Presence and their Godself. I don't have any images of this event....but if I do find any I will share them with you! We were able to collect almost 350 US$ from the wonderful participants who agreed to support the Fund for the People who were displaced by the recent Hurricane Sandy storm. Thank you to All who donated!

Here is an image of me waiting for the beginning of the event....

......and so after a full day of wonderful events...we have passed the marker of the 12/12/12...we are in the 2012 Portal and in transit to our Alignment with Galactic Center on the 21/12/12!

The Week-end Intensive : The "Star of New York" and Initiating New York as a City of Light with Archangel Michael.....and dancing and drawing the energy into Manifestation!

Our week-end Intensive Seminar was spent in the shadow of the Empire State Building...on the 16th floor of a tower block just off 8th Avenue. A small group of dedicated Light Family from the USA, Europe and Africa gathered together to anchor the energies of the newly formed Councils of Light in New York City, to co-create the "Star of New York" as part of the New Earth Star Grid, and to anchor the Multi-Dimensional Light Codes for New York as the first of the New Earth "Cities of Light". It was exciting stuff, and for me it was the High Point of the New York work!

After we had created the "Star of New Tork" we shared our Energy and Love with a Group of Light Family in Riga, Latvia, who had created a special Video message for us. At the same time, a Group of 80 Light Family met via Webinar in Moscow, Russia to support the Creation of the "Star of New York". I would like to share with you here the video messages, first from the Family in Riga, and then our response from New York. We truly are a Global Family supporting the work of the New Earth. Some of the dialogue is in Russian, but at least half is in English. I invite you to just enter into the energy of the Moment with us...celebrating Global Light Family and a Special Moment in New York.

And here is the Response that we recorded live.....

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