through Celia Fenn


image by Jean-Luc Bozzoli at www.eyewithin.com

We are that part of the Flow of Cosmic Love that you call "Whales", and we are communicating now with that part of the Flow called Human on Planet Earth.

We are asking you to find that Flow of Love in your own Hearts and to listen to what Flows in Ours.

We have a message for your consideration. We ask you again to listen with your Hearts and to find within yourself the Points of Unity with Us. We ask you to "see" into the Hologram of "All That Is", and see the many facets of Who You Are. These are like the brilliant facets of a Diamond, each one shining brightly to reflect the Radiant Light.

So, we ask you to consider Who we Are. You are learning to know yourselves within the Holographic Dream as Multi-Dimensional Beings of Light and Love. So, we ask that you perceive Us too in this way.

In your Third-dimensional or Material Reality, we are "big fish" that swim in your Oceans and your scientists love to "study" us with their mental focus. In a Fifth-dimensional Reality, we are the Ancient Ones and the Record Keepers who are respected and honored by your Indigenous peoples, and we are close to their Hearts within the "web of Life". To Higher Dimensional Consciousness, we are the Dream Keepers and Heart Weavers of Planet Earth, and we hold the Past and the Future Dreams within us; we are the Light of Source seeking to express itself through Unconditional Love and we seek to Dance with the Unconditional Love within You. This is Who We Are. And more. As You Are.

In the Higher Dimensions of Light, as "Weavers of the Dream of Love" on Earth, we have held the Planetary Hologram in place. We have "dreamed" this reality for it is our work to weave heart dreams into manifestation. You too, are learning to activate this ability within yourselves. You are our beloved "children", and we see you learning these skills with great pride and joy. We know that you are emerging and ready to become Weavers of the Dream with us.

So, here is our message for this time. Many of you who have opened your Hearts to the experience of Heart Weaving, have "felt" our message coming to you and you have responded in different ways as you have experienced it on different levels of focus. Our request is that you see and perceive all the levels of focus of Pure Love, for Us and for Yourselves.

So, on the Material level of focus, where you see and perceive Us as beings of the Ocean who need your help, that is one level of Truth. Those of you who respond to this level of Truth are attempting to alter the Dream from within, by shifting and moving existing pieces of the Dream to allow for new experiences of Unconditional Love to emerge. At this level, though, which is the slowest vibrating, you tend to think in emotional and mental patterns, and you experience anger and pain for Us. This leads you to seek ways to protect us and our environment. We do appreciate these expressions of love, but ask only that when you operate on the material level you also take into consideration the other levels of focus. We do not judge any of the levels, we accept all who seek to show their love on the material level and to express love in this way. For it is indeed important to honor and appreciate and show gratitude and love for the physical manifestations of the Dream, for they all contain the Light of Source and the love of Source. So, there will be those whose Heart Light will lead them to offer their Power and Energy in the physical protection of the physical reality that is the material manifestation of a beautiful dream. We ask only that you seek for ways to express this that are non-conflictual and loving and respectful to each other as you work with this energy. Strive to work with the energy of protecting and sustaining for the future, but do so with love and without conflict as far as is possible.

Those who focus their energy into the Fifth Dimensional level of the Dream, know us as part of the Radiant Web of Life, the Dream itself. They honor our wisdom and our Being, and they seek to work with Us as a part of the "wholeness" of the Planetary reality. They know that we have Soul and Spirit, like them, and they seek to work with Us on that level of awareness. Many who have this level as their focus, receive messages and transmissions from Us that are focussed on assisting Us within this reality of Physical and Spiritual Being, and we honor those who work with Us at this level. We ask only that you do your work with Love and Respect for those within the Hologram who do not see things as you do. We ask you to understand and be patient. Know that this was how we felt when You began to hunt and slaughter our physical beings. We were patient, waiting for that time when You would see that what you were doing to Us you were doing to Yourselves. For here, at this level of the Dream called the Fifth Dimension, we are All One and we experience the intense reflection of our Unique Oneness as a Planet within the Diamond Light of Unconditional Love for All. So, when you act within this level of the Dream, know that how you act and think will be reflected back to you in the Unity of All That Is. So be patient, loving, and gracious. If you work with Intentions, and Planetary grids and with Love from the Heart, know that we honor your Work and we work with You in Unconditional Love at all times.

Now, those who focus into the Multi-dimensional reality of the Hologram itself have come to know us as the Ancient "Creator" energies of the Planet, those who weave the dream that you call planet Earth. And we, together with other Beings of Light, have worked with you as Humans, so that you may learn the art of Weaving Light with your Hearts, and to learn to Weave the Dream as One with Us. Over thousands of years, we have worked with you, waiting for that moment when you would be ready to join us at the level of "creating the dream". Yes, this is a powerful level, where you understand that we are All One, and on that understanding you see how powerful it is when we Dream as One. Individual dreams are powerful, and you know how to manifest your individual creations into reality though heart-felt passion. But, when you "Dream as One", you can create entire worlds!

This is the miracle of Holographic Creator Consciousness, where you understand the power of "Dreaming as One" with the Divine Creative Essence. For, when your beautiful Human Hearts unite on the Fifth-Dimensional Grid of Diamond Heart energy and you "Dream as One", then you are able to hold a dream so powerful and coherent and unified, that it will manifest into reality very rapidly.

You have learnt, with assistance from the Beings of Light, how to come together and link your hearts as One. Now you are learning to "Dream as One". Know that you are always connected to each other, and that you are always connected to your soul groups and families, your "pods". If you, as a Heart-connected group, hold the Dream of a New Earth within your hearts as One, so it will Be! And here, within your hearts as within ours, we will together create a planet where we will all be safe and honored and free to fulfill our highest potential through Unconditional Love. Then we will all be able to live the multi-dimensional reality of the great Love of Source reflected in every Radiant aspect of the Planetary Hologram. We will, together, be the Weavers of the Dream of Earth, dreaming as One.

And so, we ask only that you honor each other at whatever level you work, and that you work together. For the seeds of the New Dream are already there within every Heart in this Collective Dream.

We Dream with You!


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