Images from the Fifth Festival of Spiritual Awakening, Athens, Greece, August 2009

by Celia Fenn

I have already written an Earth Log about my experiences at the Fifth Festival of Spiritual Awakening, organized by Angels House University in Athens, Greece. Many of you were interested in these images that I took at the Temple of Aphrodite in the Delphi complex.

delphichalice delphichalice2

Now, I would like to share with you some more light filled images from the festival, which was to me, really a Festival of New Earth Light. This image was taken on the last night of the Festival, at our Ceremony to honor the Light Beings and Masters who had worked with us at the Festival, and as a prelude to our Fire Ceremony to honor Archangel Michael. The room was in complete darkness except for a candle that is in front of the three people at the altar. These are myself and Pachalis and Frixos of Angel's House University: festival

I love the dome of light that is formed over us, and the intense blaze of light that is present over the ceremonial prayers that were being offered.

These images were taken outside, on the beach where we held the Fire Ceremony. Here you can see the ceremonial fire with a curious visitor! I have left these images large as it is easier to see the details:


I have never seen Orbs that look quite like this. They look like discs with a hole in the center!

Here is one of the first part of the Ceremony, with me in the white and Paschalis with his back to the camera. The person in the strange clothes on the right is Carol who was performing a Peruvian Fire Ritual in her Peruvian ritual garments.


Paschalis and Frixos had been told that there would be lightships in the area of the Festival, and it looks like they decided to join us!

And are never alone......


It was definitely a Celebration!