August 2009

Adventures with the Michael and Mary energies, the CircleMakers, the Shining Ones, and the Timekeepers...and some Dragons and Fairies too.....

by Celia Fenn


The title may suggest that there is much that was experienced by our Group in our four days of work in Glastonbury and Avebury, and this was indeed the case. For me personally, it was also the high point of a personal journey in which I was able to use the "Golden Key" that had been given to me in a dream many years ago.

For all of us, who gathered in Glastonbury to share the energy and the work, it was a powerful personal adventure. It happened at such a pace over the four days, that each of us had to let go of our individual expectations and allow ourselves to enter into the flow of events and energies that was so obviously being orchestrated by a higher will and consciousness than our own. For all of us, this was not easy, as we relinquished control and allowed the Higher to lead us on our adventure.

It is also true that for each one of us in the group of twenty four who were called to Glastonbury and Avebury to be the cell group for the work, as well as the many other people who joined with us in our work and processes, this was felt and experienced in different ways. This would be according to the individual "truth" of each person, their Higher Guidance and the work of their souls on the Earth and as a part of the work of the group at this time of the influx of powerful Galactic and Cosmic energies to the Earth.

It may seem anomalous to be going to an ancient sacred sites such as Glastonbury and Avebury when we stand on the brink of a New Earth and our first steps into the Cosmos as Voyagers and Starchildren. And yet, it is only be claiming our past and creating a synthesis of light that we can move forward in our journey back to the Stars.

So, it is my privilege to share with you my experiences of this four days of work when I was able to use the Golden Key that had been entrusted to me many years ago by the Shining Ones who knew that I would return one day to use my Key as part of the process of aligning Heaven with Earth and opening the gateway to the Stars for the Human Angelic Star Travellers of the Third Millenium.

And so, I will share this story as a diary of the four day process so that you can share in a feeling of the events as they unfolded for our Group.

Day One : Stonehenge and Glastonbury

On the Friday morning, I left London with my friend Sarupa Shah, who was co-creating the Retreat with me, and her partner, Michael. We had chosen to travel via Stonehenge, so that I could revisit this ancient Stone Temple. Our time was limited, as we needed to be in Glastonbury for the start of our Retreat at 4pm.

I could "feel" the energies of Stonehenge even before the ancient stone circle had come into view over the hill that you crest as you approach the site. I could feel excitement and the sense of joy that was a surprise to me. The previous year, I had enjoyed being at Stonehenge, but I had felt very little from the site itself. It seemed rather tired and very quiet. Not a "hum" on the psychic level. But this year, the "hum" was so profound that it preceded the structure itself.

When we arrived at the Henge, the feeling of joy and excitement intensified, and although we had only planned to stop briefly for a quick look, we decided to pay and go into the Henge itself.

What an experience that was! The ancient Stones seem to have come alive and they were "transmitting" information and love and excitement like the guardian beings that they are. To my psychic vision, I could see a huge Golden Dome of Light that had formed over the site. This had not been there last year. Archangel Michael informed me that the site was being reactivated and brought "online" to be part of the next satep in the evolution of Humanity. And indeed, there was great excitement in the Higher Realms as the next part of the Plan was revealed and those who had offered to do the work were put into place.Here is an image of me with Sarupa with the stones in the background.


I took some wonderful pictures, and then my camera just refused to work any further! It crashed! It was as if Spirit was saying to me, pay attention and stop being a photo-journalist. Well, old habits die hard, I guess, and so I have had to rely on others to provide the pictures this time, and I am providing the words.

We spent some wonderful time at Stonehenge, and also some quiet time to meditate, and then we had to be back on the road for Glastonbury. We were equally as excited when we first saw the Tor with St Michael's tower on the summit, in the far distance. It is always a magical experience to approach Glastonbury, as if drawn by a magical current towards the Isle of Avalon. This "magical current" is of course the "Michael and Mary" lines of Earth energy that meet under the Tor.


The Ley Lines gets their names from the many churches that are devoted to either Michael or Mary that fall on the line. But, it also carries the powerful spiritual energy of Archangel Michael, who guided the path of the Christ energy on Earth, and Mary Magdalene, who was the Feminine Christ and Teacher who carried the seeds of the Christ consciousness to Britain from France, and whose presence can still be felt today in Glastonbury. Right down to "Magdalene Street" which is the main approach to Glastonbury.

We were to meet our Group at the Daisy Retreat center, which lies just behind St John's church in the High Street. We were there to meet with the twenty four wonderful people who were to be our companions over the four days. For me, I began my work by introducing the group to Archangel Michael and sharing a history of the work that I had done with Michael and Mary Magdalene in Europe and South America. The presence of Mary Magdalene was very intense that evening.

Later that night, just before I went to sleep, I saw an etheric "vision". It was very similar to the one I had seen in Sao Paulo before I had worked with the Rio de Janeiro stargate ascenion portal at the "Christ the Redeemer" site. These "visions" are energetic "pictures" that form out of slivery energy, and they rotate and move at high frerquency. In Brazil I was shown three vortexes and the face of the Ascended Christ, to show me that this would be the site of the stargate and that there were several vortexes associated with this gate. Now, in this vision I saw a single vortex, and it was shaped like a rose or a flower that pulsated and whirled, creating a time/space portal or stargate. This, I was informed, was the stargate that was situated above Glastonbury Tor. It was the Magdalene Vortex, the Sacred Rose or the Flower of Life, it was both an access to the Cosmos and a Creation Point for the New Earth. Our work was to activate it for the New Earth energies by channeling the incoming Golden and Diamond Light energies through our Group Heart and into the Earth.

This is an image of a Crop Circle that formed in Oxfordshire on the 12th of August. It carries a very similar energy to that of the Rose Vortex that I was shown on that Friday evening.

This is an image of a Rose Window from the Cathedral at Chatres, taken by my friend Suzanna Kennedy on her recent trip to France. The window carries the Light Codes for the Magdalene vortex, a powerful Divine Feminine vortex of energy that encodes the Flower of Life in its heart.


The number twelve that is so obvious in thee forms is made of up three times four. The four is the energy of the Magdalene cross which balances Heaven and Earth and Masculine and Feminine energies. The Twin Flame Cross is made up of two Magdalene crosses, or two souls that unite to create the eight pointed star. This is suggested in the decorations of the Crop Circle:


Of course, if you add one more set of four to represent Spirit, then you have the three-fold mystery of the "trinity" or "triality" that births Higher Consciousness and the New Reality. It was indeed a powerful vision and a powerful energy that we were to work with as a Group on the following day.

I remember in one of the books I looked at about Glastonbury, that a writer from previous centuries had referred to Glastonbury as the "Matrix of God", and this seemed to me to be one of the reasons why. Apart from the powerful matrix of Earth ley lines that converge in Glastonbury, there is also this powerful Vortex or energy engine that pulsates and whirls above the town in the Higher Dimensions of Light. It is indeed a Creation Point for the area, and is why this small town in Somerset is still so important in the creation and grounding of the New Earth energies and the reactivation of the Connection to the Stars as we prepare for the Third Millenium and our roles as Star Travellers and Starchildren.

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