On the Second day we began our program early in the day, with the intention of devoting the latter part of the day to experiencing a Crop Circle as a group. In the morning session I took the group through the "Sacred Heart" meditation with Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene, working further with the Michael and Mary energy.

After that, we also worked with awakening the Dragon energy, both within ourselves and within the Earth. This is an important process, for as we move into this period of synthesis and "oneness", we are learning to reconnect with aspects of ourselves and our past that have been lost or misunderstood. The Dragon energy is the fiery power of creation that is watched over by the elemental energy of the Dragons. For long periods of time, the dragons were feared and repressed, but the time has come for them to be reunited with the Human Collective Consciousness as those who are the guardians of the Creative Fire within. On the individual level, as we open to the dragon energy within, we are enabled to fully connect with our inner creative fire and to raise this to the Heart, where we are birthing the new "heart dragons" to carry the compassionate love of the dragons to the human heart.

So, with this preparation as well some exercises to connect with Mother Earth from Sarupa, the group had lunch and then set off to become "croppies", those who frequent Crop Circles. This was not as easy as it might sound. Try to imagine trying to get 24 people to the same place in the English countryside, given that none of them are native to the area and the English country roads are not the easiest to navigate! We spent a long time looping around the countryside trying to find the "Silent Circle", the official information office for Crop Circles in Compton Basset in Wiltshire, who would direct us to a circle. They were on the point of closing their office for the season, as the farmers were in the harvest process, but they agreed to stay open for us. Eventually we were directed to "our circle", and what a magnificant gift it was! It turned out to be at Windmill Hill, near the village of Avebury Trusloe. It was one of those Circles where the farmer was happy to allow visitors, as long as we donated for the privilege, which we did.

What I didn't realize until we were in the Circle, was that this circle faced onto Silbury Hill and then onto the Avebury Stone Circle itself! It was a most magical place that we had been guided to by the Higher Powers in charge of our work. This is the circle. The image was taken by Steve Alexander who is a well known Circle photographer.


This was my second time to experience Crop Circle energy, and it is always a thrill to walk down the "tram lines" (paths through the corn), to discover a new formation and to walk through the "rooms" and "corridors" of these "temporary temples", as Steve Alexander calls them. This one packed quite a punch in energy terms. I found myself a small private circle and lay down to meditate, but had to get up again. I felt a rush of energy into the Pineal gland, followed by a head pain and nausea. overload. I had the headache and pain for most of the time I was in the circle, but I recognized that it was just my extreme sensitivity to the energy in the circle.

How are they made? Well, there are theories, but I tend to think that they are made with light and sound and microwave energy. There are "hoax" circles, but the genuine ones are made by the "Circlemakers" as they are known, and they are complex and beautiful expressions of mathematics and sacred geometry that carry messages to Humanity and assist with the Evolution of Humanity into the Light. The Circlemakers are our guides and our friends, and they come to bring us messages from "home" as we journey on our path back to the Stars.

It is always a privilege to view their work, even more of a privilege to be able to stand within one of these beautiful Temples and receive the Light Codes that they transmit. Here are some images taken by our Group as we visited the Windmill Hill Circle.



I love these elegant swirls as the crop is laid down to form the circles, and the very central few stalks are left standing! Here is Carol, from the USA, enjoying her Crop Circle experience:


I called this particular Crop Circle the "Timegate", for as it turned out, this glyph was to be the introduction to the work that we would do at the Tor and in Avebury. If you look at the design you can see that it features a multi-dimensional vortex, a clever illusion that makes the center look either raised up or depressed, depending on the angle from which you view the image. Here is an interpretation of the work of the Circlemakers that was created by Nyako Nakar:


It really is a beautiful piece of work. It is one of those circles that is Cosmic or Galactic in nature, with the "orbits" of planets suggested by the outer circles. The inner design suggests communication between Heaven and Earth with specific focus on the Earth. This is suggested by the "dumbbell" glyhps on the sides that represent the flow of communication between heaven and earth and between earth and inner earth.

As I strolled in the circle, I realized that it was facing directly onto Silbury Hill. Now Silbury Hill is one of my favorite places. It is a Sacred Site, a man made hill or mound that was created as part of the Avebury Temple Complex. It is a symbol of the original "mound" of Creation, the place from where all begins and is spun out into manifestation in so many creation myths. I was also to discover that there are a group of Light Beings called the "Shining Ones" who are the guardians of Silbury Hill.

I sat down facing Silbury Hill and allowed myself to go into light meditation. At this point I saw a group of about eight beings. They were big, about 3 or 4 times the size of humans, and they were transparent and shining. Although their shape was humanoid, they had no features as such, they were simply shining energy. They transmitted a simple message : "We are waiting for you". And indeed they were, as I was to discover in the course of the next few days. At this time, I thanked them for the message although at that point I had a bad headache and I did not really know what they meant. This work is not always easy!

At this point my attention was drawn by a small group of people who had been drumming in one of the circles. I had the urge to play and party, and so I joined them! They were new to drumming, and so when they offered me a drum, the party was on. We went into celebration mode, and more people joined in until we had a circle.


It was during the drumming and singing that I had the wish that I could record this experience somehow, and I wished I had my camera! Then I remembered that I did have my mobile phone with me and that it has a video camera, so I took it out and filmed the following extract. It may make you seasick, there is a reason why movies are not made with hand held cameras, but you may be able to capture the spirit of the event in this short clip. Thanks to Rich of Pewsey and Linda of London for letting us join their circle. It was fun!

So, after our experience of the Circlemakers art and our participation in their creation, our group made its way home to Glastonbury to prepare for the work of the next day. There was a sound concert that night in Glastonbury, and Tim Wheater was performing, but we arrived home too late and I was sorry to miss that. Always something happening in Glastonbury. Instead, we settled for pizza and bed, ready to begin the next day's work on the Tor.

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