by Celia Fenn



The Church of Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem: The Power of the Feminine Christ Energy

The Russian Orthodox Church of Mary Magdalene is probably one of the most beautiful buildings in Jerusalem. It is a fitting home for the Beauty, Grace and Love of the Magdalene energy. It is situated on the Mount of Olives, close to the Garden of Gethsemane.


Here Ana and I make our way up the hill to the Church. Behind us is the Old City of Jerusalem:


This was a very special time to be at the Church. It was Friday at midday, and not only were the Church Bells ringing, but the muezzin from the nearby Mosque was also singing, and it was as if the angels were welcoming us. Inside the church, a group of Russian pilgrims with their priest was singing in Russian. It was a real experience! Here is a picture of Ana inside the church of the Magdalene, radiating the beauty and light of the Magdalene:


For me, it was the Beauty and Power of the main fresco of the Magdalene that caught my eye and allowed for the continuation of the awakening of the Christ Light within. In this image Mary Magdalene stands before the Roman authorities and speaks:



Here she is seen as I imagine her to have been, the powerful woman who was a Teacher and Healer and who was capable of speaking her truth before the highest authorities in the land!

The Feminine Christ Light is powerful and clear and radiant. She is not afraid to speak her truth and hold her light, even if it is not well received. She is what she is, pure and clear and radiant.

So, she was a compatible soul within her Twin Flame relationship with Yeshua. She had the power and the love to equal his, and she was a woman who was respected and honored. She was never a "prostitute", nor was she simply the wide eyed woman with the long hair who was associated with Jesus. She was the Teacher who took the Christ Light to France and ensured that the seeds were planted in the Human Collective Consciousness that would flower in this time in which we now live.

She was a role model for women who wish to carry the Feminine Christ Light.

Here Ana and I celebrate our initiation into the Magdalene light outside the Church;


After our day in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, Marcelo and Ana left to fly on to Italy, and I returned to Tel Aviv. I was then collected by a friend and taken to the Sea of Galilee, where I would spend a wonderful week-end with a group of Israeli Family of Light.

The Sea of Galilee : The Country of Miracles

The Sea or Galilee is one of the most powerful and beautiful Sacred Sites on the Planet. There are no man made structures that indicate that this is a premier power point, there is simply the most beautiful and serene energy that radiates out from the Lake. It is one of those places that you feel long before you arrive, as the energy reaches out for you and is embraced with Joy by your Higher Aspect.

The first time I saw the Sea of Galilee I was enchanted by its Radiance and Beauty, It is a Cosmic vortex that anchors the Platinum Ray with its White and Gold hues, and these can be clearly perceived and felt in the area.


The Sea itself is a "living consciousness" that responds to the vibrations of Love and Sacred Service. It expresses gratitude in very physical ways, as I discovered when I did a ceremony on the beach at Ein-Gev. The lake suddenly broke into waves and there was a wind, which subsided just as suddenly. I also "experimented" with creating waves with my consciousness and directing them with my hands. I could quite understand that it would be possible to walk on water in this place. I am sure that the loving consciousness of the water would support you if you were fully aligned with it.

It is, of course, the place where Mary Magdalene learned to be "wild and free", and where Yeshua performed his miracles and began the Christ Light teachings. It is hard to tell whether the incredible and miraculous power to manifest comes from the land and the Sea itself, or whether they carry the imprint of the Miracles that were performed here. It is probably a combination of the two factors resonating together! It is very easy to feel the Light of the Christ Consciousness here on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

I also did another experiment. I asked for something that I had been asking for a while now, with no result. It was delivered to me within a few hours. Yikes....that was miraculous manifestation! At this place you really need to be careful what you ask for, because it will show up very quickly.

So, here I was, staying at Yavniel in the home of a lovely lady called Dorit who runs a Spiritual Community center in her large home. She was our host for the week-end as I worked with a small group of Israelis that had gathered to join me in my last two days in Israel.

We began our first day on the banks of the Jordan River, close to where Jesus was baptized as he began his work. What a magical energy we shared as a group, just being in the energy of Love and Service, and sitting together as a group. After a while we sang together and then did a simple cleasing ceremony to release the past and open ourselves to the new energies.


After this we, as a group, climbed into our several cars and headed for the Sea of Galilee. In alignment with the new energies, we had no particular plan or expectation. We were simply together and going with the flow, expressing our love and support for each other and the environment. We did whatever spontaneous ceremonies, channels and singing and dancing that came to us within the moment and that seemed appropriate to that place and that moment. As it turned out, under the guidance of Spirit, we drove right around the Sea of Galilee, starting with Ein Gev and the Golan in the North, and then on to Tiberias and Capernaum and back to Yavniel.

At Ein Gev, we spent some time in the waters of the Sea of Galilee, watched over by a beautiful Archangel cloud.


We did a circle and a channel, and then moved on to Capernaum and to a place called Tabagha that anchors the Shekinah energy very strongly. Here we also did ceremony and a circle to honor the energies.


Then it was back to Dorit's house for dinner. Since it was Friday, it was Shabat, and we all shared a beautiful and abundant Shabat meal together. Here Celia gets instruction on how to light the Shabat candles from Dvora:


A beautiful experience shared with Love among Family of Light:


The next day, I spent the morning with the Group. We worked with the energy of Mary Magdalene as the Feminine Christ. We celebrated the Christ Consciousness and the message of the Light as taught by the Magdalene, and we bathed in the Light of the Shekinah and the Golden Rose Flame of the Christ Consciousness. It was a beautiful and loving morning for me as I was able to share all the Love and Power that I had received from Spirit and from the Christ Light on my Journey in Israel. I had the opportunity to speak my truth and share my love with Family who were loving, receptive and supportive. These images are very special for me, for they are the "reborn" me, reborn into the Feminine Christ energy of the Magdalene Flame and radiating love with the beloved friend, Eko, who acted as my partner and carried the Yeshua energy with me on that morning.


And thank you to all of you who held the Joy and the Love that beautiful morning, sharing in the Peace that Passes understanding but is felt in the Heart and Soul:

morning hspace=15 vspace=15

And so, after that it was straight to Ben Gurion airport to take the flight home. But what a Journey!~

In my work in Israel, I made two videos that carry the energy of both the Divine Feminine and the Christ Consciousness of Love, Compassion and Sharing.

The first one is of my beautiful friend Beata Hardes interpreting the energy of the Divine Feminine or Shekinah at the Gathering in Jerusalem:

The second is the interview with a young Israeli, ILana Meallem, who is a powerful Indigo Warrior of Light who embodies the Love and the Compassion of the Christ Light: