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COMING SOON....THE DIAMOND CODES 2 : THE ART of CONSCIOUS CREATION E Book by Celia Fenn with Activations from Archangel Michael. Release date July 2014.....

The Indigo Crystal Adventure

"The Indigo Crystal Adventure" is the first E Book by Celia Fenn, with channeled materials from Archangel Michael.

This is the English version of the book that was published in German and Italian, and was a Best Seller in Germany.

The book will introduce you to the concepts of Indigo and Crystal Children and Adults, and will help you to understand the changes in your life and in your children.

Recommended for anyone who really wants to understand this phenomenon. It is based not only on channeled material from Archangel Michael, but also on Celia Fenn's personal experiences of working with Indigo and Crystal Children.

COST : 10 US Dollars

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CD's and Music Meditation

We invite you to experience the music and meditation of "Dolphin Dreaming"....Celia Fenn and Johann Kotze. The CD inserts are in English and German, and are published in co-operation with Amra Verlag in Germany.

You will purchase the Cds through the Amra Verlag site in Germay.

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