SPIRIT OF THE FOREST Adventure In Scandinavia and Northern Europe, July 2012.

This picture was taken one summer evening in July in Latvia. I am leaning against one of the oldest trees in the Latvian forest, said to be about 400 years old. This encounter was part of my recent journey in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, in search of the Spirit of the Forest.

The Journey began in Finland, and then continued on to Norway and then Latvia. The purpose was to begin the work for "The Earth Keeper" series that will be my focus in 2013. I have been guided to begin to explore the way in which we will relate to and connect with the Earth as we enter fully into the New Earth and her Multi-Dimensional Reality.

What an adventure that was! In Finland it was a Joy to work once again with the Finnish Family of Light, and to enter into the Forest World. In Finland, which is a large country with a fairly small population, the Forest is the dominant energy, with its lakes and rivers. The Finns have a close connection to their Forest heritage and to the Elemental world. The Rainbow Bridge that anchors the connection to the Sixth Dimension and the Magical Realms was first activated in northern Finland and Norway, and the Finns live with a sense of the closeness of the Spirit of the Forest and the Fairy Realms that exist within the Forest.

Are Fairies real?...In Finland they certainly are. This image was taken as part of a fashion shoot for my friend Mai Niemi's clothing range. The background of the Forest and the Lake evoke a world where Nature and Humans live together with a consciousness of the Elemental World and their place in Nature. This was the "original plan", when the Fairy peoples lived in the Forests along with Humans and before they retreated into the Higher Dimensions to escape the destructive energy of emerging humanity. It is time for us to learn how to respect the Forest World and invite the Fairy energy back into our lives. The New Earth will be determined by our ability to reconnect with and reintegrate the Forest energy, whether it be in Northern Europe, Scandinavia, South America or Asia......we will need to learn how to co-exist with the Spirit of the Forest. This is simply because the Forest is the original pattern of Abundance and Co-existence between Nature and Human Life....

The Forest is an EcoSystem where Trees dominate, and where the pattern of life is determined by the energy and synergy of Trees. Trees are living and sentient beings....they live, breathe, feel and communicate just as we do, although in different ways. They are older than Humanity, and they are Guardians of Life on the Earth. That is why many Spiritual Traditions speak of the "Tree of Life", for the energy and dynamics of the Tree World are intimately connected with Human Life. Human Life only thrives when the Tree world thrives, and it suffers in direct proportion to the suffering of the Forests and the Trees.

It was in Norway that I first became truly aware of the nature of Tree "People". I began to see, as the Native Americans and Indigenous peoples see, that the Trees are the "standing people", that they are our relations and that they have consciousness and "being". The energy of a venerable old tree, such as the one above, is different from the energy of a young tree, or a mature tree. There are "nurseries" of baby trees, and convocations of adult trees, and when you listen carefully you can hear the messages in the swirling leaves on the breeze. It is an exciting world for someone like myself, for whom the Great Forests were always something only read about in books.

I have been fortinate enough to work in the South American Forests as well as the Scandinavian, Northern European and German Forests. It has been a great privilege to learn to connect and communicate with these energies and to receive the blessings of the Spirit of the Forest. This image was taken at Solsetra in Norway, where I was privileged to hold a Seminar deep within the Norwegian Forest. It was a pristine area of Forest, about 20 minutes drive from the nearest town, Elverum.

Here, in this beautiful space, we were given the opportunity to work with the new incoming Light Codes for our Galactic Reconnection, while being held in the Loving and Nurturing embrace of the Forest. I cannot tell you what a Joy it was to live and work in this environment and to feel the answering energy of the Forest!

Of course, it was more than that! For many years now I have heard the call of the Spirit of the Forest, and its desire to be reconnected with Humanity in a Loving and Productive way. While I was in Norway, I visisted the "Forest Museum" in Elverum. One of the things that struck me as I saw the documentation of the relationship of the Norwegian people with the Forest, was the violence and aggression from humans. Of course, it was a difficult world, filled with dangers such as wolves and bears. But the wolves and bears are no longer seen, hunted and killed almost to extinction, and the trees are seen simply as resources. I watched how a tree was felled and stripped of its branches and turned into a "log" in about 20 seconds, and I thought how sad it was that a living being could be treated in such a violent and yes, disrespectful, way. It reminded me of an abbatoir, where we turn animals into "resources" in the same way. Indeed, we have a long way to go as we begin the first steps in reconnecting with the Spirit of Life in our New Earth.

The Spirit of the Forest is working with us, and calling those who are Earth Keepers and Forest Keepers, to become part of the Spiritual Work of Reconnecting Humanity with the Sacred Energies of the Natural World.

It was with this in mind that I travelled from Elverum, via Oslo, and then on to Riga in Latvia. Latvia is a jewel of a country situated in the Baltic Region. It is a Forest Country, with large areas of Forest still in pristine form. But even here, exploitation of "resources" and human abuses are beginning to take their toll on the Forest. My purpose in Latvia was to hold a Seminar and work with Family of Light in grounding and anchoring the incomin Light codes for the New Earth. We also activated the "Riga Star", which is a Geometrical Light Vortex that transmits the Forest Codes from the North into Europe and further South. This was activated on the First Day of the "New Year" according to the Mayan Calendar, the first day of the New Earth Cycle.

But my purpose in Latvia was also to begin work on a Video presentation which I have called "Spirit of the Forest" and which I am creating withg the assistance of the Starchild Latvia Team. We were privileged to spend two days travelling around Latvia and filming material for the Project. Here is an image taken as we prepare for an interview in the Latvian Forest.

I guess this picture embodies the mix of technology and nature that is going to be our future on this planet. We are having to learn how to create technologies that will support and sustain our Earth and her Forests, rather than pollute and degrade them. The interview that I was conducting was with a Latvian woman who had bought a portion of Forest and was establishing a home and a vegetable garden to create a synergetic relationship between humans and the forest. It is these brave pioneers who are on the frontier of the New Earth way of life.

Our second day of filming took us to a Church that marked the site where ancient Nature religions were incorporated or taken over by Christianity. Unlike other such sites, this one has a gentle energy, and it is today used by a multi-denominational group whose energy is very high frequency. Their love of Humanity and the Forest is evident in the Church and its grounds. This image of me with my Latvian friend Tatjana was taken outside the Church.

Our filming culminated in the garden at Turaida, near Sigulda, where there is a natural Temple of Trees. We filmed a Meditation/Activation there that I hope to share with you in the Video presentation.

So...just time to hug a tree.......

and then it was back to the City to prepare for more work with the Forest. Here is our Starchild Latvia Production Team :

From left, cameramen Eric and Alexey, Celia, cameralady Agita behind, Daniel, Tatjana and Viktor. And some very impressive Tree People.

I am looking forward to sharing "Spirit of the Forest" with you in 2013.

For now, here is a Video presentation of the the ceremonies that were conducted in the Forest with Latvian Family of Light on the 25th of July, the Day out of Time. The video was filmed and edited by the Starchild Production team members Alexey and Agita.

We hope you enjoy!