by Celia Fenn

People have asked me recently why I have not been writing for the website so frequently in the last months. Well, I have been "out there" living my truth and experiencing the New Reality. In this next phase of our Journey into the New Reality, the ability to ground and manifest will be important. And yes, it is and can be exhasuting to really be Awake and Conscious and live the New Energy through the physical body. In the last 5 months I have visited Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Portugal, Colombia and Turkey, working with Family of Light and experiencing the New Energy on a Global scale. So, this article is in a way a report back on where I have been both literally and spiritually, and also a personal manifesto for the New Energy and the New Year. I am back "home" and ready to share my perspective on the Journey.

Life is an ongoing journey or adventure of Discovery, of self-discovery and of discovery of others and how others intersect their journies and creations with yours in the act of co-creation. We are never alone, in the new Fifth-Dimensional reality every choice and every Act of Creation has consequences both for yourself and for others. The experience of Life is an infinite and intricate web of creation and experience that we make according to our beliefs, thoughts and perceptions, and through our desires and passions.

But.....living these actively is very different to talking about them and dreaming them. Dreaming and talking are the first steps, the act of grounding our dreams and passions requires energy, commitment and focus. And determines whether these dreams remain dreams or whether they manifest into fifth-dimensional Physical Plane Reality.

And yes, with these new accelerated energies the ratio of possible and probable creations increases and it becomes more and more important to be discerning and focussed. You cannot create everything all at once, nor should you want to. It is only by giving priority to what you want to create and focussing the energy there, that dreams can become reality and you can "land" your dreams without exhausting yourself or seeing dreams fragment or disintegrate because their foundation is not strong enough in the material world.

And yes, the New Energies require new ways of thinking, perceiving and grounding. The New Earth dreams are not going to manifest on the Old Earth foundations. This is what happens to many dreams and desires in this time of transition and transformation, the dream cannot find a "space" to "become" because it cannot ground in the Old Energy Reality structures that are crumbling anyway.

This has been my experience in the last few months and I would like to share with you my insights and the perceptions that came to me in my travels. It is about new perceptions, new ways of thinking and being, and about really manifesting a New Earth reality through making New Earth choices.

This journey was not easy for me on any level. I arrived home exhausted both physically and emotionally, and with bronchitis and sinusitis. But, I experienced a deep inner "reality shift" that has assisted me in the unfolding of the ongoing adventure of Reality Creation as we move into 2011 and onwards to 2012.

I thought that in a playful reference to popular culture I would write my own version of "Eat, Pray, Love". These activities seem to be so central to the experience of human existence that they have caught the popular imagination. However, this is not the Hollywood version starring Julia Roberts, which is mostly about the inner journey.....the Celia Fenn version is about the importance of the outward expression of Community and Sharing and Support as a balanced expression of the new Fifth-Dimensional Reality of interconnections and Unity Consciousness. Experiencing the outer reality of connection and love is as important as the inner journey of healing and self-realization, and the one cannot really be experienced without the other. And as we embrace this fact as part of the New Reality, we are confronted with the need to make choices in our lives that reflect this.

So, the Celia Fenn version of "Eat, Pray, Love", December 2010, is a rethinking of the concept of the "Journey" as a shared creation or expression of Human Experience, as Co-Creation with Angelic and Higher Spiritual Essences, and as a manifestation of Love and Gratitude for all Creation. It is about "us" and "we" as much as about "I Am", and how we define ourselves collectively in this New Paradigm of Reality.

EAT....Naples and Sorrento...November 2010

Sunset over Sorrento

The Bay of Naples...looking towards Sorrento

I arrived in Naples on a cool, crisp and chilly autumn day. It had been more than 20 years since I had last been in Italy, and the Naples area. I remembered Naples as a vast and dirty city that was dangerous and not very pleasant to visit. I was surprised to see that Naples had transformed herself into something approaching beauty - or maybe it was just that I was older and more able to see the beauty in the ancient city.

The peaks of Vesuvius, the still active volcano that destroyed Pompei thousands of years ago, still form the backdrop to the city that hugs the coast along the Bay of Naples. The Bay itself is the most deep and intense blue, and as you drive out to Sorrento, my destination, you are seduced by the splendour and beauty of the rocky cliffs and coves and the fishing villages.

What I noticed almost immediately was the amount of growing food and small gardens - everywhere. Even in between city apartment blocks there were green patches of gardens and plastic tunnels where food was being grown side by side with modern urban lifestyles.

The Italians have a love affair with food. Their particular Mediterranean climate, and their passion as individuals has produced a culture based deeply in emotional and sensual experience. It is a culture that celebrates its antiquity through its history, but its connection to the present moment through the celebration of food, family and community. And, the food itself is a celebration of the elements that create it, the sunshine, good soil and water and wind.

In Italy, it is almost impossible to have a "bad" meal. The food is fresh, tasty and well prepared because this is a point of honor with Italians. It is served with love and passion, music and conversation and good wine, and it takes time. Yes....La Dolce Vita. No fast foods, processed foods or artificial foods. And the Italians are proud of their cooking skills. I was touched at the seminar event that I held in Sorrento, when a lovely lady called Guiliana who worked at the center, baked a lovely fresh "Caprese" chocolate cake for the birthday of one of the participants. It was hot out of the oven and baked to perfection, and tasted wonderful. It was elegant and simple, not overdone, no icing and no "goo", just the pure fresh ingredients and love and skill. What a birthday surprise for all of us !

After my time in Italy, I travelled onwards and expereienced much food that was the complete antithesis of this - heavy, processed, greasy, tasteless, artifical, fast and awful. So the difference between eating in the old energy and eating in the New Reality became clearer to me.

In the last few years, food and our relationship to it has become a central point of the Ascension Journey to Higher Consciousness. Responses range from those who wish to stop eating altogether and live on "light", to those who believe they can eat anything and it doesn't really matter. There are vegans and vegetarians, and there are those who eat meat and are proud of it. I remember a few years ago being lectured by someone for supporting a vegetarian lifestyle, as this was considered by this person to be whacky and irresponsible for a "person in my position". The fact that most of Asia is vegetarian and has been for thousands of years was just dismissed in favor of mainstream eating habits and addictions.

But, it seems to me, with my new perceptions and the new energies, that humans were designed to eat. We have teeth and a digestive system perfectly designed to process food. But, it also seems to me that it is not so much what we choose to eat that is the issue, but how that food is produced and or raised and how it gets to our tables and into our meals!

In an interconnected world we are responsible and aware and conscious. Our choices are not individual acts but have implications for others on the Planet. Choosing to eat meat, for example, implicates you in a chain of, lets face it, cruelty and abuse of animals. I am quite certain that of the average person were to visit and abbatoir or see how animals are raised in agri-business enterprises, they would loose their enthusiasm for consuming meat in the way that people do in the modern world. It is only the "disconnection" of the old energy that allows people to make absolutely no connection between the food on their plates and the suffering that produces that food. And, if you are aware and conscious, can you continue to eat in that way? Can you celebrate food that is filled with suffering and pain?

Well, if you are unaware and unconscious, then you can. Then, all you see is meat on a plate, and you respond according to emotions and appetites. The higher and finer impulses are shut down in favor of "food addiction" and the continued intake of this kind of food. There is no thought, no conscience and no awareness, just the basic act of eating and the satisfying of appetite on the physical level.

I think that this way of eating and living has been a result of the "disconnection" of humans from the land that supports and nourishes them. Before the industrialization and mechanization of society, people had a much larger role in the growing and preparation of their own food. In my grandparent's childhood, every home had fruit trees and a vegetable garden. Sometimes there were chickens, kept for eggs and food. If you did not have your own chickens you could buy a live chicken from the street merchents. Sunday's family Roast Chicken was slaughtered, plucked and cooked by the housewife herself. There was an understanding that food was part of the cycle of life and death and that it was a blessing from God. That is why Grace was always said with conviction and gratitude, and food was eaten with joy.

In our disconnected state we often do not see food as a Grace and Blessing from the Divine and an integral part of the Cycle of Life. We see it as something "out there" that entices us, makes us fat, is an irritation (shopping and cooking) or just plain boring. We have forgotten how to celebrate food, community, sharing and the Grace of God as expressed through sustenance and nourishment for the physical body. The Grace of God is a part of all life if we allow outselves to see that, even to the food that we eat every day.

That is where the Italians come in. They still know that food is a celebration and a joy, that fresh and authentic is best, and that food created with love and passion is a gift for the senses from God. Yes, indeed! They also know that sharing these gifts and blessings as a community is an aspect of Grace and Love. In the older traditions, that is. In the villages and towns of Italy, and even in the cities like Naples, where growing your own food creates a feeling and a knowledge of being and essential part of the ongoing cycles of Life and Death. It creates a reverence for the life and death of plants and animals within the food chain. And it is this respect that shifts our relationship with food from "addiction" and "consumption" to "grace and gratitude". I find that when I eat from my own garden I tend to cook and prepare the food with more respect and to enjoy what I eat more. Right now I am waiting for the tomatoes to get ripe, but that is another story.....

It is such a simple thing, known to our grandparents, but lost in the consumer excesses of the late 20th century. There does not need to be hunger in the New Earth, there needs to be education, or re-education and another way of thinking about the relationship between humans and the land and the water that sustains us.

The New Earth is about Grace and Gratitude and Integrity, walking and living in integrity. Honoring food and its life cycles, being part of the processes of growth and production, and celebrating the harvest, is both a part of our ancient history and a necessary part of our future on the Planet. It is about being Aware and Awake and fully Conscious, and about making choices that reflect that awareness. It is about seeing food as a gift of Grace and a pathway to Grace through Gratitude when the energy of the food we eat is clear and clean and filled with compassion and honor.

The chef at the vegetarian restaurant owned by my hosts "Magie della Natura" in Sorrento

The food of nature prepared with love and compassion!

My friend Anna discusses her food choices with the Chef

PRAY....Bogota, Colombia and Istanbul, Turkey

From honoring food through Grace and Prayer we move to the subject of prayer itself. Prayer, we have come to recognize, is not a list of requests made to the Divine, but a celebration of Gratitude for what is given by the Divine. We know from our reading of Quantum Physics that God and the God Force is not outside of us and needing to be petitioned, but is an Energy that moves through us and is part of us. In the New Reality, we honor the God Force within us through the expression of Love and Gratitude. We know too from the work of Masaru Emoto that Love and Gratitude are the highest frequencies of feeling in the crystalline world of thought forms and conscious creation patterns.

We have learnt too, from the Eastern teachings, that prayer can be an attitude and a daily meditation in which Gratitude and Love can be expressed in the small actions of daily life such as sweeping the floor, drawing water and preparing food, It is in these seemingly mundane rituals that consciousness can celebrate with gratitude the provision of a home and physical sustenance for the physical form. The frequency of Prayer and Meditation combined with Love and Gratitude, create an energy of Deep Peace and Compassion that allows us to experience Unity Consciousness and the Connection of All Hearts in a Grid of Unconditional Love that is the Basis of the New Reality Paradigm.

But, at this point, we stand between the old energy forms where Prayer and Meditation are seen as individual experiences in which things are asked for or "ordered" from the Divine Presence, and the New Reality where Prayer is an expression of Gratitude and of Collective focus on bringing Peace and Healing where it is needed most. In recent years, we have learnt how to work together collectively to focus powerful meditative energies into places on the Planet that are in crisis. I think that as we enter more fully into the experience and understanding of the power of Prayer and Gratitude as a Healing Force, both individually and collectively, we will begin to see how powerful we can be when we focus energy in this way. We create a clear space for the flow of Divine Energy and the manifestation of Miracles.

One of the most disruptive forces on the Earth today is the old energy form of religious fundamentalism and intolerance. These forms see their own expression of Prayer and "truth" as the only one, the only truth, and they are willing to kill and die for that truth and their perception of that truth. This is the old third-dimensional energy of duality, where even the Divine Energy is split into "good" and "bad" forms, allowing for antagonism and aggression in the name of God.

In the New Earth Reality, the power of Unity Consciousness and the experience of interconnection and of being One Family on the Earth can move us through intolerances and divisions into a celebration of diverse spiritual paths and traditions in their pure and clear forms, beyond the manipulation and distortion that occurs when power politics sees religion as a tool to control people and their lives. In this place beyond fear, manipulation and control, we can begin to see how the impulse to honor the Divine Spirit within has been expressed in many different ways and by many different traditions. At the root of each is the desire to "know" God and to live in alignment with Divine Will as it is perceived and understood.

In early November of 2010 I travelled to Bogota in Colombia to participate in a "Peace Pilgrimage" that was organized by the Grace Foundation of Tamera in Portugal under the leadership of Sabine Lichtenfels. Tamera is an international peace community in Southern Portugal, based on the idea of creating a social form that can express a society beyond war and conflict. Their pilgrimages are opportunities to take the seed energies of Peace and Grace into places of deep conflict and trauma on the Earth such as Israel/Palestine and Colombia. Breaking through the dark and heavy energies in these places requires commitment, courage and focus from those who participate. The pilgrimages are challenging on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels.

My experience in Bogota was of the power of Grace, Gratitude and Prayer to be a bridge and source of healing in a conflicted and traumatized community such as that in Colombia. The Pilgrimage was organized in co-operation with the Colombian Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado at Mulatos. The Peace Community has suffered from the conflicts in Colombia, and part of the purpose of the Pilgrimage was to raise awareness of Peace as an alternative to the deeply embedded conflicts in Colombian society. It was a joy and a privilege for me to walk and work side by side with the particpants from San Jose, as well as those from the international community. I have to admit that I was unable to complete the entire Pilgrimage due to conflicting schedules, jet lag, exhaustion and lack of sleep. But I was fortunate enough to experience the walk up and over the mountain at Ciudad Bolivar in the south of Bogota, and I will never forget that day. We were protected by the Peace Brigade and the the marshals from the Bogota Activa organization, but it was still a difficult and challenging experience.

What I remembered as high points in that experience, after the Ciudad Bolivar walk, were two Catholic Masses that I attended. I was raised in a Protestant form of Christianity, but I have always enjoyed the Grace and Ritual of the Catholic Mass. The first mass was in a small church in Bosa, also in the south of Bogota, in which the local Priest invited us to join the local community in a Mass to honor the Pilgrimage and its aims. It was a beautiful experience in which I really felt their gratitude and acceptance of who we were and what we wanted to achieve. It was a meeting of Colombians and Internationals in a Prayer of Gratitude for Peace and those who came in the name of Peace and Grace.

I have to say that I was also deeply impressed by the courage and commitment of those who participated in the Pilgrimage. It was never easy, and yet there were moments of joy and intensity in which Love and Compassion were the energies that created a sense of Community and Unity. I remain deeply grateful to a kind and beautiful woman called Emma from Israel, who held my hand and "carried" me over the mountain with her love and support. When I said to my inner guidance that I felt inadequate at needing such support, the reply I received was that I had supported so many, now it was my own turn to feel what it felt like to be supported through a challenging "ascension". Yes, what can I say other than to express the gratitude that I felt and to say that I cried, and I still get tearful when I think of that day.

The second experience was the Mass of Celebration at the end of the Pilgrimage, in the La Calendaria area of central Bogota. This was a beautiful experience of the sacrament of the Bread and Wine in a communal celebration of what had been achieved together. The Priest gave a beautiful service that was followed by the traditional breaking of a loaf of bread that was dipped in the wine and taken by each person who participated in the ritual. It was a ceremony of deep joy and gratitude by a community of people who had shared together and worked for a common aim - to bring Peace and to create a society beyond fear and conflict. And yes, I cried there too!

The people who attended these services were by no means all Catholics. There were Jewish people from Israel and people who were not familiar with Catholic tradition. But, the energy was one of family, of sharing in a ritual of Prayerful Gratitude that went beyond religious dogma and history into a realm of Light and Unconditional Love. Prayer is certainly a powerful force for uniting a community of people in a common energy of Peace, Love and Gratitude. In the New Reality, we will truly understand that Prayer and Spirituality are a reflection of what is in our Hearts, and if Peace is in our Hearts, then Peace is what we will experience in our expressions of Service and Love, no matter what "faith" or "ritual" we use to express these energies, for the Grace of the Divine flows through all things and all forms where there is Peace and Love.

Sabine Lichtenfels speaks during the Mass

The Priest giving the Mass with the Spanish/English translator

Colombian participant from San Jose de Apartado

Europe and Latin America.....as One.....

After Bogota, I flew home via Paris and Istanbul, and I spent two days in Istanbul getting to know the city with Family of Light friends. It was a different world and a different culture. From Latin America to the Middle East, from a Catholic culture to a Muslim culture. I had always wanted to see the ancient and beautiful Church of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, and so I had chosen a hotel in the Old City close to Sultanahmet, where the Hagia Sophia is located with its "Twin", the famous Blue Mosque.

And so, on a beautiful mild autumn afternoon and evening, I was able to explore the energy of Prayer in these two beautiful and gracious buildings. First, Hagia Sophia, which is now a museum. Because it was first converted to a Mosque and then a Museum, the energy of the Sacred has been fragmented is hard to detect in Hagia Sophia. It is a grand old lady and one can imagine how beautiful it must have been when it was serving its original purpose to be a Church of the Divine Feminine Wisdom, the "Sophia". It was also built to represent the Cosmos as it was understood at that time, and to be the most impressive Church in all of Chrsitendom and so to bring the faithful to Constantinople, as Istanbul was known when it was the center of Byzantine Christianity. But then, the city became Muslim and the Hagia Sophia became a Mosque.

The whispers of the past, of past energies of Faith and Love are still there, even though it is now a secular building. The energy of Prayer and Devotion often remains as an echo after a Sacred Space has been secularized. Here is a picture of me with my friends Mahasti and Nazli at the center point under the Dome of Hagia Sophia.

Nazli and myself with the Dome of Hagia Sophia in the background

Moonrise over Hagia Sophia...two ancient symbols of the Divine Feminine Wisdom

And so, then in the early evening it was on to the Blue Mosque, a "twin" building in a similar style that is located close by. It is an important and active center of Muslim worship in a city that is predominantly Muslim. It is a very imposing and beautiful building. Visitors are allowed to enter the Mosque, but as a woman that means covering the body and the head. So, on with the headscarf, and into this center of Prayer and Devotion.

The energy inside the Mosque can only be described as Peaceful and Beautiful. The energy of many people praying is felt as a deep Peace and Love. I spent some time in the "tourist" area, but as women we were not allowed into the main area of prayer. So, we went into the women's section. Yes. It was a beautuful experience for me. The energy of women meditating and praying together was special. Also, it was much more relaxed and informal, there were children playing quietly as well as women engaged in deep devotion and prayer. The three of us sat quietly on the carpet and meditated, and then Mahasti read to us from the Koran. I have no idea what she read as it was in Arabic, but the energy was calm and beautiful. It was an experience that I will also remember, feeling what is was like to participate in a Muslim center of Devotion.

Of course the issue of the separation of men and women in worship did come up, as of course it must. This form of "separation" is one of the things that will be removed as the New Energy becomes stronger. Nazli suggested that we should just walk into the men's section as a way of breaking through and making a statement. Since I have already been manhandled out of a Sacred Space in the Al Aksa Mosque Complex in Jeruslem, I was in no hurry to repeat the experience. It felt right to suggest to her that we should wait until we were invited into the space.

And, it will happen. Archangel Michael showed to me a future vision of this area of Sultanahmet. The two buildings are like Twin Flames, the Hagia Sophia holding the Divine Feminine and the Blue Mosque holding the Divine Masculine. It is part of the Divine Plan of Transformation that these two buildings will one day form a single complex where they will represent the energy of the Sacred Heart and Divine Union. There will be extensive gardens created around the buildings, all the way to the Bosphorus, and people will come by sea to walk to the Temples of the Sacred Heart and engage in Prayer and Meditation in this ancient city that links Europe and Asia, East and West. Istanbul will be the "Heart" of the Middle East.

It is good to remember that there is a Divine Plan for our Evolution, and that according to Archangel Michael many of the Sacred Buildings that exist now are planned to become centers of Golden Light and Solar Temples for the New Wisdom and the New Earth. There will come a time in the future when the Human Family becomes One, when they will look back at this time and think how barbaric we were in out forms of faith and expression, and they will celebrate the energy of the One Heart and One Family in these beautiful buildings. There will come a time when men and women will walk and pray freely in this area, and will honor the Divine Spirit that guided humans to create Sacred Spaces to express the Divine Essence.

Looking towards the Blue Mosque from the gates of Hagia Sophia

The inside of the Dome of the Blue Mosque

Mahasti and myself outside the Blue Mosque

Love.....Berchtesgaden, Germany and Zurich, Switzerland

The Shift, Transformation, Ascension or change of Perception, is centered around a shift from a primarily mental way of being to a heart centered way of being based on feeling and intuition as well as mental processes. In this New Earth way of Being, it is Love that determines our choices and our actions in the World.

And yet, it is extremely hard to define Love. In our western cultures, we tend to have only one word "love" that covers many different ways of feeling and expressing that which we call Love. The ancient Greeks, who thought about things a great deal, came up with about 30 different word to define different kinds of Love. The idea is that Love is a very big concept, a very fluid concept, and that it embraces much, maybe much more than we have been conditioned to associate with the word "Love".

In western culture Love is primarily a Romantic concept, the center of much of the productions of the entertainment industry, with a strong sexual and erotic content. Then there is family love, that is shared by people within biological family groups. And that is about it. We have very little connection with Compassionate Love and Humanitarian Love, which is love expressed for all members of the Human Family, for the Earth and for Sentient Beings. We don't normally celebrate such love in our popular culture, and so it becomes marginalized in our lives.

But, in the New Earth Fifth-dimensional reality, as we experience the nature of connection and unity consciousness, we will become more aware of the nature of this kind of Love. It is Divine Love, the great and unconditional love of Source for all creation because all creation is good and beautiful. It is a Love that recognizes that we are One Family, and that we are responsible for ourselves and for each other in the Web of Life. It is a Love that says we cannot live our lives just for ourselves, because we are not only unique individuals, but we are also an integral part of the Web of Life, and what we do and what we choose makes a difference.

It is also true that as we move beyond the old third dimensional forms of duality consciousness and into fifth-dimensional unity consciousness, we will have to understand Love as an all pervasive energy and light, and we will also have to understand better what happens when that Light and Love is distorted or blocked by the choices that people make. To explain that, maybe I can share with you my experiences in Germany in October. I enjoy working in Germany and with German Family of Light, and I visit Germany often. I enjoy the focus on "Green" energy and organic lifestyles that is so strong in Germany, and the hard work that is undertaken with such devotion by so many of the Family of Light in Germany as well as Austria and Switzerland. This time, my friends suggested that since we were working in the city of Munich, that we could make a trip to Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps, as I had previously expressed an interest in seeing this famous place.

Berchtesgaden is famous for its association with Hitler and the Nazi movement, and for the "Eagle's Nest", the house built for Hitler high in the mountains. It seemed interesting to me that I should visit this area before travelling to Bogota, where the dark and heavy energy of "no love" was also still present with the trauma of violence and death.

Berchtesgaden and the surrounding area is very beautiful, and it is hard to understand how a form of political energy that was so dark and evil could have arisen and thrived in these pristine mountains. The day we arrived there in late October, it had snowed the night before, and some of the trees were covered in snow but still had their golden and red leaves of autumn. The energy in the area is high frequency and clear, supported by Nature and a very active elemental energy. But, as we approached the area of the Eagle's Nest, the energy was dark and heavy.

The first snows of winter.....

Time out for some snowball fun near the Documentation center. I am happy to say that the one aimed at me missed.....

The Eagles Nest, shrouded in mist as if to reflect the dark energy of the past....

There were six of us who undertook this journey, and we were all strong and experienced Lightworkers who had worked with the energies in Germany before. We were all aware that the energies that we were called to transmute and transform at this time were very dark and heavy. We all felt it on an intense level, although we did not talk about it much. It is also of interest to me that my German friends generally don't know as much about the Third Reich and Hitler as I do. I had history at school and university, as well as "The World at War" which I saw on TV. After the war in Germany, the suppression of Nazism meant that the new generation of Germans really had very little access to the information about their past. One of the friends with me that day had made an effort to read and learn as much as he could about that period, in order to better understand his own past and that of his people.

But even then, the difference between the interpretations of the events in Germany is clear, and was made clearer to me when I visited the "Documentation Center", which is in effect a museum of the history of Hitler and the Third Reich and their involvement in the Obersalzburg area, as this area is known. I sat and watched videos of Hitler, and listened to his speeches at the Nuremburg rallies alongside Germans, and I wondered what they thought. For me personally, I was able to look and see and perceive the darkness and the heaviness, but also to move beyond the tendency in our society to "blame" it all on one person and his followers. I felt that what Hitler was expressing was a collective energy, a very dark and heavy energy that absolutely needed to be released and expressed so that the Earth could transform.

We have to remember that before Germany was a united country, it was the "Holy Roman Empire", dominated by the Catholic religion, and that Hitler was supported in his aims by Mussolini in Italy and Franco in Spain, also countries were the distorted Catholic energy was dominant. There was a history of distortion of power, persecution of victims, witch burnings and the Inquisition. Before that, there was the conquest of the Pagan peoples and the seizing of their sacred sites in the name of christian expansion. Yes, there were thousands of years of domination and control and dark energy, dark karma if you like, that needed to be expressed, in which the drama of victim and abuser would be played out in such a way that it would cleanse the Earth of that particular energy and make a space for the New Earth and higher frequencies. The Earth herself needed to release these dark energies from her grids so that she could realign with higher cosmic frequencies.

Yes, the energy of "no love" had become so strong that it had created a darkness that shrouded the continent of Europe and prevented it from evolving according to its Divine Plan and higher purpose. And so the dark energy was allowed to rise and was played out in the war. Wherever Love is replaced by ideas, ideology, fear and the desire for power, then these distortions can create a dark energy that also becomes a vortex that pulls people into its power. This is where ordinary and "good" people become pulled into these dark vortexes and become part of the dark drama of "no love". In clearing these dark energies, the way was opened after the war for many powerful and evolved souls to incarnate in Europe with the mission of bringing back the light, and this is why the Family of Light is so strong in Germany. These advanced souls brought the energy of Love, they hold it in their Hearts and they ground it in the Earth, to cleanse and restructure the Earth Grids and the Heart Grids so that the Light may flow freely once again. And of course, now the Indigo and Crystal Children are also there in numbers, making a difference to the energy and bringing the Light of the Heart.

It was that kind of work that the six of us undertook on that day, we were being used as channels to cleanse, transform and anchor the new Golden and Platinum energies that are creating the grids of the New Earth. These are the energies of the Christ Light and Unconditional Love for the Earth and the Human Family, and the high frequencies of the Shekinah, the Divine Feminine Love of the Great Cosmic Mother. It was a very hard day for all of us, but we appreciated that this work needed to be done at this time. Here is a picture I took at the end of the day. The sun had come out and there was a most beautiful golden light that enveloped the Eagles Nest, as if to indicate that the Golden Flame of the Christ Light had enveloped the building and cleansed it completely so that it could be integrated into the New Earth. By moving beyond duality and into unity consciousness, we can see how what happened in this area was part of a greater collective energy that needed to be expressed so that it could be released and cleared from the Earth. It was, however dark and destructive, an act of Grace that allowed the Earth to continue to evolve rather than to be destroyed by the accumulation of dark and heavy energy.


And so, to an experience of Love as Compassion and interconnection within a Group. This was in Zurich, where I gave my first week-end seminar event in Switzerland. The group of about thirty people was composed of people from the post war generation, as well as some Indigos from the younger generation, and the interaction between them was fascinating and beautiful. The people who attended were obviously drawn to my work, and they were comfortable with the meditations and activations that we did together as a Family of Light.

But, the frequency of the energy in Zurich is very clear, and the people who came were open and centered in their Hearts, in the energy of Love. This created an energy and an experience of Flow and of deep Love. It was a true experience of a group of people working in the Fifth-Dimensional energy of Connection and Compassion. Usually, when I give a seminar, I work very hard to hold the field of Love and Compassion for the Group. In this case, the energy was returned to me so powerfully by the Group that I felt uplifted at the end, and not tired as I usually am after a full week-end of work.

Nature was also a part of our work together, and on the second day we shared together in the most powerful rituals for water and fire, and in honor of the Divine Feminine energy. Again the flow of love was so powerful that each ritual just unfolded as a sacred rite of Love and Sharing. It was very beautiful, and I honor each person present who shared in this creation of Compassionate Love as a Group and worked not only for highest good of the group, but also of Humanity in its continued evolution into Light and Love. It is this kind of work that is clearing away dark energies and restructuring the light matrix so that the New Earth reality can emerge in the Hearts and Souls of all Humankind on the Planet.

Passing the Sacred Fire around the Group in the presence of water....

Each person honors the Light within and shares Light with the group.....

Honoring the Divine Feminine with Fire and Light

In the New Reality, our perception of Love will be greatly expanded to include this level of Compassionate Love. The ancient Greeks would have called it "Agape", love based on higher spiritual principles. I think that Agape will also be the predominant form of Love between individuals and in Intimate Love Relationships. We will move beyond emotional addictions and physical appetites, to an expression of love that is Spiritual and Soul connected as well as Grounded in the Heart and in Physical Reality.

I will end this discussion on Love with a consideration of Love in Personal Relationships. On the Spiritual level, we are all familiar with the concepts of the Soul Mate and the Twin Flame, although there are differences of opinion and definition. But, on the level of grounding these relationships in the physical plane, this is where most people have problems....how to express these New Relationships in ways that go beyond the old Romantic Love paradigms of the old energy.

I will admit that in Bogota I found myself having a conversation with a friend about the nature of Love and Relationship. This was a continuation of a discussion that we had begun six months earlier in Portugal. Both conversations were interesting for me because I found myself having to articulate concepts that I had been thinking about in the last few years. It is my understanding that in the New Reality all relationships will be "conscious" in the sense of being heart choices, and will be grounded in higher spiritual principles and at the Heart, and will be expressions of Love rather than sex, money or power as in the past. There will still be room for expressions of sexual and erotic energy, but these will not be the main focus of the partnership. Nor will the need to do some "work" together be the defining aim of the connection, as has been suggested in the past. It will be Love itself that will be the reason for the connection and the definition of the relationship. All else will flow from that point of Love and Passion expressed in the highest form possible. And that, to me, means with Honesty, Sincerity and Integrity at all times.

As I was passing through an airport bookshop on the way home from this trip, I picked up Paulo Coelho's latest book about his experience of the Pilgrimage to Santiago. I flipped open a page and it happened to be a discussion of love, of Agape, Eros and Philos, which is the love of friendship. It seems that an awareness or consciousness of the nature of love and how it expressed is becoming a part of the collective focus at this time.

I would also like to say that my friend and I agreed on our discussion about Love, but I am not sure that we did. We are all still working to define how we will express and honor Love between us at the highest level, so that spiritual principle, Agape, can become part of all the Love that we express in the World.

And so, at this time, I am taking time to rest and integrate all these experiences and perceptions. To celebrate the passing of 2010 and welcome the new energies of 2012. I know that the energy in 2011 will continue to demand that we be awake, aware and fully conscious of our choices and potentials in life. We are never alone, the choices that we make affect the people around us and the energy on the Planet. Perhaps 2011 will be the year of Responsible Choices as we work together to manifest a New Earth where every living being may live in Peace, Harmony and Love.

Namaste!...and Gratitude and Love to all who shared with me on this Adventure and Journey of Love and Growth!

Italian Family of Light group, with visitors from Canada and the USA, at the old fishing harbor in Sorrento after our group Water Ceremony for the Ocean...looking across the Bay of Naples with Vesuvius in the background. Love, Peace and Respect for the Earth! We are One!