by Celia Fenn

May 25th : Galactic Full Moon and Eclipse.......No Looking Back.....

Quite Simply, after this Galactic Full Moon and its final Lunar Codes, we will have completed the 2012/2013 Transit, and life will never be the same again on Planet Earth. This is a Good Thing, for we are firmly on track for the Emergence of the New in our Lives and in our World. We are moving through and past all illusions, and emerging into a time of Clarity and Peace.

This Lunar Eclipse is the third in a series, and a partner to the Solar Eclipse of 10th May when new Solar Codes were downloaded into the Solaris Sphere. Now, we have the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, which I have called the Galactic Moon, because the Galactic Center is also in Sagittarius at this moment. Also, this will be a "SuperMoon" Full Moon, meaning that the Moon will be the closest to the Earth that it can be, and this will have an effect on the magnetics of the Earth. It promises to be a powerful few days ahead.

The Energy will climax on Monday, and so for this week-end we will ne held in this energy that releases illusions and brings in Truth and Clarity.

The Solar Eclipse of this pair, on the 10th May, was in Taurus and highlighted issues of Home, Money and Possesions as well as our Creativity. Many of us were challenged to examine these aspects of our lives. This Lunar Eclipse links us into the Galactic Center and focusses on issues of Spirituality and Cosmic Balance. Oh yes...a big one......the New Codes for Cosmic Balance have been calibrated and are now quietly being activated on our Earth through the Moon's magnetics. This means that we are now coming back into "right relationship" with our Earth, with the Galaxy, with the Divine Light and Plan, and of course, with ourselves.

The "deviation" from the plan, if you would call it that, that occurred at the time of Atlantis, has been corrected and we have come back into balance with the Galactic Center. Slowly, we are learning to release the illusions and delusions that come out of the Atlantis experience and to move back into Balance with the Galactic Pulses and Transmissions. These Transmissions are coming though Loud and Clear since we reconnected with the Galactic grids and allowed the reopening of the major Stargates.

But, it will take us time to fully emerge from the post Atlantis "bad dream" and the illusions that came from this experience. One of the reasons why many people were unable to see any difference to the Planet after 2012 was that the Illusion was so strong that they could not perceive the changes. The Illusion is simply the trauma of the Atlantis aftershock. It can be summed up as "Apocalytpic" thinking....the end of the Planet, Judgement and Punishment, Death and Catastrophe, Manipulation of the Ecomomy, of Health Systems and the DNA of Humans and Animals and Plants, the degradation of the Planet and her Resources. If that sounds pretty much like 2012, then you may be surprised to know that this is in fact the "Atlantis Effect", the rising up of old trauma in the Collective Psyche as Major Energy changes occur in the Galaxy. What a pity it is that so many of us are so focussed on the past that we cannot actually see what is happening in the Present.

And, unfortunately, this Atlantis reverberation will probably continue for a while, as the Human Collective comes to terms with being in the Fifth Dimension and being once again connected into the Galactic Grids. There will be great challenges to all ways of Life and Thinking, as the Clarity of the New Light and Truth emerges.

As we accept these new Light Codes for Balance into our Sun and Moon, we are now ready to begin to live in Blance with the Divine Creative Intelligence and to create a New Civilization on Earth. But first, we will need to come to terms with our illusions and delusions and release them into the past where they belong.

In terms of our Earth, we will know that we are in illusion whenever we think about Lack and Scarcity and Control of our Lives by so-called "Dark Forces". We are in Clear and Open relationship with the Divine Intelligence, and we are not controlled by anyone or anything if we do not give our power away. This Eclipse would be a good time to remind ourselves that we are Powerful and Empowered, that was the lesson that the Indigo and Crystal Children have come to teach us. Whenever we encounter "Atlantis Illusions", we will have the power to break though these illusions and find the Truth. We will know that the Earth is our home and that we have a "birth contract" that ensures that we are cared for and supported for our time on the Earth. There is a Divine Cosmic Balance that ensures that all the Children of the Galaxy are held in Divine Love.

Then also, as we move through this Full Moon is Sagittarius, we will begin to understand that we have a direct and loving relationship with the Divine Intelligence. We have no real need of systems of belief and religions to connect us to the Divine. We are not damaged or broken or sinful, rather we are perfect children of the Divine who have "fallen" into illusion, and now is the time to move through that illusion and find our original perfection and light. We were "created" by the Elohim to be a reflection of the Divine Light in Material Form. When we can see that, we can live with that truth as our guiding light. We can throw off the illusion and live in the perfection and the light!

The step into "healing" is simply to release the past with all its trauma and illusion. We are not "guilty" and we are not being punished by God. We have not "lost" ourselves, we are not broken, we were simply caught in a web of illusion for a while. Now we can step forward and claim that part of us that hs always been clear and whole and connected to the Divine Light. And we do this by having the courage to release the past live entirely in the present moment. We will not find ourselves in Atlantis or Lemuria, or even Egypt or Peru or India, we will find ourselves wherever we happen to be at this wonderful Shining Moment of the Full Moon. It is now, at this moment, wherever we are, that we stand forth and allow our connection with Spirit, with our Higher Aspect, and with the Galaxy. WE ARE. and as we make that statement, we are ready to evolve forward into a Bright New Day, without fear and without the heavy burden of illusions from the past.

So, wherever you find yourself on this Galactic Full Moon, please wnjoy the moment and celebrate the Dawning of the Light in the New Age of Balance, Love, Peace and Abundance!

I would like to share with you an image that was taken in Adrasan in Turkey just after the last Eclipse. It was a moment in the Sacred Dance Event where the Group came together as One to allow the energy to flow through us and to reach to the stars to connect with the Divine Light. You see only one person, but you are aware of all the others as well. It is a moment of Celebration of the Energies of Now!

May 18th : The Chaos of Now and the (brief) return of the Atlantis Energy

So what is going on? People keep asking me that. There is chaos, turmoil, "bad" energy and everyone seems tense, anxious and ready for an argument about anything. Did you notice?.....

I certainly did!

And yes, I do understand what is going on. It all has to do with the Galactic Reconnection that ArchAngel Michael spoke about last month, and of course a few eclipses and a solar flare or two and a magnetic storm. But it will pass. I will explain it all to you, as I understand it, and also let you know about my recent work in Anatolia in Turkey.

I left South Africa for a place called Andrasan in Turkey on the 8th of May. Andrasan is in the South East near Antalya, and the purpose of the visit was to work with a Group of Lightworkers to anchor the Light Codes of Peace and Harmony in the Middle East area, as we were as close as we cold get to Syria, Iraq and Iran. No small task, and it was certainly not an easy one for any of us Spiritual Warriors. The second part of our task was Galactic Reconnection and the opening of the Stargates in the area. Also no mean task given that some of the most powerful stargates on the Planet are in this area.

I arrived in Andrasan on the 9th and on the 10th was a partial Solar Eclipse. Immediately we were into the Energy Shifts. The Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus (money, home and possessions) anchored new Light Codes that would culminate in the Lunar Eclipse on the 25th of May in Sagittarius (Spirituality and the Galactic Connection). So you can see that the energies that are being recoded all have to do with our immediate environment, our homes, our money and our possesions, and with how we relate to our Spiritual Path and the newly reconnected Galactic Energies. Everything is as it should be and it will all be ok!

This current energy will climax on the Lunar Eclipse on the 25th and we should feel some relief after that point. We should have a better feeling of Trust and Flow in our lives as we allow the new energies to carry us forward.

But why the intense negativity so many are feeling on such a deep level? Well, this is where the "story" of our origins comes in and why I was in Anatolia. Anatolia, in Turkey, is the home to the oldest recorded civilizations on Earth, human civilizations that is. It is, in other words, one of the first places where post Atlantis humans set up home and began the long process of creating their own civilization without the input or inteference of the Beings who had set up the Stargates and used them to create their own spheres of influence on the Earth. These included Sirius at Giza in Egypt, Andromeda in the Aegean area and Nibiru in Iran/Iraq. As ArchAngel Michael explains the story of our origins, we were "created" by the Elohim angels according to the Divine Plan, the "Adam Kadmon" template. As a project of the Angelic Creator teams, we were also of interest to the Star Nations who sent their "teams" to open stargates and begin the process of interaction with humans. In this process humans evolved from Mu, through Lemuria and into Atlantis. At this time, the Energies that began to come through the Stargates became manipulative and began to attempt to take over the creation work of the Elohim. The Atlanteans began experimenting with DNA and creating hybrid humans and creatures that were abhorrent to the Elohim. We need to mention that not all the Star Nations were engaged in this kind of experimentation, it was mainly the Nibiruan energies that allowed this.

The Elohim responded by closing the Galactic Connection and the Stargates. Humans were to be allowed to evolve in their own way and in their own time. No one was allowed to intefere. And so we, as humans, began our long post Atlantis journey towards our own Planetary Civilzation. In our deep memory we still carry the trauma of the Atlantis Disconnection and the closing of the Stargates. This caused physical destruction on the planet as some of the Star beings had been experimenting with Geo-Engineering and had left the Earth unstable.

The Elohim decreed that from this point Earth would determine her own fate according to the Laws of Free Will and Choice.

In this long journey forward, humans have had to work hard to release the deep trauma of the Atlantis disconnection, to reach the point where they could be free enough to allow Galactic Reconnection as a Free and Developed Civilization. The Elohim and the Angels have guided us for thousands of years as we have found our feet. We have stumbled sometimes, as we searched in our memories for help we imagined that the Star Beings who set up the Portals were Gods, and we tried to make stories about how they created us. Of course they were not our Gods or Creators. They were and are our Equals and our Galactic Family. We have met them in echoes of our Dreams and Meditations and in the still powerful echoes of the Stargates.

But 2012, the Stargates are set to open again as Humanity moves forward as Human Angels and Galactic Humans.! As the Stargates open, the Energy of Atlantis surges through the Collective Subconscious as part of the Releasing. So, there are two processes that are taking place....first the release of the old Atlantis energy with its darkness and fear, and the Reconnection to the Higher Consciousnes and Light of the Galactic grids and the Stargates. Yes, I think that would account for a fair amount of energetic turbulance and chaos, momentarily. It will clear as we move forward.

So, back to us in Anatolia, one of the Seed Points for modern civilization, and ready to begin the work of Clearing and Reconnecting. In this image I am here with Nalan, my Organizer in Turkey, and Zeynep, friend and translator!

Friday morning, and we set out to the ancient Village of Olympos, site of one of the oldest Temples to Zeus, an Andromedan Being who worked to guide the artistic and creative development of humans before the Atlantis Disconnection.

Some of the ruins and the mountains at Olympos. The mountains are very beautiful and you feel the majesty and clarity of the clear mountain energy. This is the home of Pegasus, and you can feel his presence and expect him to appear over the peaks at any moment!

It's Spring and the poppies are flowering in amongst the ancient ruins.....

Our Group poses under a tree before we head towards the Temple and our meditation.

This is the site of the ancient Temple that is being excavated. The later Temple was built over the older temple.

And here are members of our group after our meditation in the shady courtyard of the Temple! The meditation provided the basic energy for the rest of the week-end, and included a Solar Eclipse meditation at midnight of the same night. We were a hard working group of Lightworkers!

So, please be aware that this is a very turbulent time, as we add in some Solar Flares and a Magnetic Storm to the powerful brew of Energies. But it will pass and it is all for our Highest Good. We are Healing the Past and Connecting to our Galactic Future!