by Celia Fenn


Starchild Russia Team: Alex Obuhov, Celia Fenn, Alena Starovoitova and Daniel Rudakov

Channel from Archangel Michael at the Moscow seminar. Video by Alex Obuhov.

I was really looking forward to my second visit to Russia in August of this year, especially meeting with old friends in Moscow. I had heard some news about the fires and the heat, but I was completely unprepared for the challenges that would face me in this visit, both on the personal level and on the level of the work that would need to be done together with Family of Light in Russia.

When I landed in Moscow, the temperature was hovering around 40 Celsius and the visibility was practically zero as Moscow was engulfed in a thick soupy cloud of smoke and smog that was a combination of smoke from the fires that were consuming large portions of the countryside in Russia and near Moscow, as well as the normal city pollution. My eyes were red and sore and my lungs burned, and I lived in this "soup" together with the 10 million or so people who inhabit Moscow, for a week. This is the view from my hotel room on the 26th floor in Moscow:


Yes, it really was that bad. The fires were causing soaring temperatures and the extremely dry weather meant that the fires were burnung out of control. The Fire energy was doing its work of clearing and cleansing on a large scale, causing absolute misery and suffering for millions of people. Indeed, we were all feeling intensely the energy of the Earth Changes! The Planet and the Elemental energies were telling us quite clearly that things were out of balance, as as Family of Light we knew that there was work to be done.

But, although we tried to go on with life as normal, the circumstances were disruptive. Our venue was air-condiitoned and comfortable, but Moscow is a huge city and people would have to travel to get to the seminar, and I knew that this would affect the attendence. But, those that were called came, to do the work with the Elemental energy that would help to create balance and lift the oppressive energies. It was time for us to step into our power as Masters of Light and to use our Connection with the Elemental energies to work for the Highest Good of All concerned.

And so, I would like to thank those members of the Family of Light who made the effort to brave the chaos and attend the Gathering and work with the energies, even from as far away as Kiev in the Ukraine. We did make a difference, and each one of you added your beautiful and radiant light to the effort. I felt supported as we worked together to lift the energy and to bring balance to the Chaos. Here are some images from the Moscow gathering. In these images, members of the group work together to experience the love and harmony of the Fifth-Dimensional energies:



We worked together with Archangel Michael and with the Elemental energies to create balance through Meditations, Activations and Ceremonies with the Elemental energies. Part of this included activating the Earth Keeper crystals beneath the city of Moscow and aligning them with the City of Light that had been activated and brought on line the previous year. This aligned the energies with Higher Will and allowed for the unfolding of the Divine Plan in the City. The work was powerful and uplifting, and we shared two days of intensive co-operation and co-creation. Here is a picture of the group on the final day, which was the 8/8, the 8th of August in the period of the Lion's Gate portal.


And so it was, that on the final day of my stay in Moscow, the energy began to lift. There was some rain, and Moscow began to emerge from the gloomy shades of its temporary hell. Here is the same view from my hotel room, with the Moscow skyline now visible:


And so, it was on to St Petersburg with Alena. We travelled on the high speed train that took us to St Petersburg in a matter of a few hours. It was a comfortable and quick journey. Here is a picture I took on the train, with Alena having a quiet nap!:


St Petersburg was a very different experience to Moscow. Where Moscow had been about Fire, St Petersburg was about Water. The city is situated on the Neva River and close to the Baltic. Some of it is built on Islands, and there is a sense of shift and flow and instability about the energy in the city. It is of course, the city that was built by Peter the Great to be the "bridge" between Europe and Russia, and to be the home of the Romanov Czars. One of the most moving experiences for me in the city was the visit to the church where the Romanovs are buried, and to see the small chapel reserved for the last Czar, Nicholas and his family. I was aware of his presence and that of his wife Alexandra, when I did the Group Activation for the City of Light for St Petersburg.

Here is a picture I took of one of the most beautiful and famous landmarks in St Petersburg, the Winter Palace:


And here is a picture I took of Alena and Daniel as we had a coffee break in the famous Art Nouveau Cafe Singer:


We had reserved the Sunday of our week-end gathering to go into the local forest and work with the Elemental Energies and do ceremonies in honor of the Elements. We had chosen a spot close to a restored Church. This church was built in wood in the old Russian style, in which the logs are cut to fit into each other and no nails are used at all. There is a more natural feeling, as though the the building were part of the Forest around it. The Church is also situated close to the residence of Russian Prime Minister Putin. Here is a picture of the Church:


Working with Elemental energies in Forests in the North can be an unstable business, as I have discovered this year. The energies seem repressed and mistrustful, and liable to create emotional turmoil within people. This was my experience in the Black Forest in Germany this year, and this work in St Petersburg had a similar tone. The Ceremony began well, we chose our spot and we began the ceremonies with a Medicine Wheel Circle, and we honored Earth and Air, calling the Elementals to work with us. The response was not very powerful at that time, so we left for a lunch break with the intention of continuing the work later. Here is an image of members of the Group in the Russian Forest setting:


Well, it seems that the Elementals had heard that there was a gathering in the Forest and went to call all their friends and relations, because over lunch time the most terrific storm came over with whirlwinds and thunder and lightening, causing power outages in St Petersburg. Here is a picture I took as the storm clouds approach across the River Neva:


Whoops! We had to rapidly leave our Forest setting and adjourn to the home of Svetlana to complete our work. The Water and Wind Elementals had certainly heard that we were looking for them. We were just needing to learn how to reconnect in a more gentle and nurturing way.

The Elementals, and Nature itself, have not been treated well in Russia. The rapid industrialization of the Soviet era and the development that went with it, created a large population of city dwellers who have very little connection with the land or with nature. And it is this "disconnection" from nature that is being made known by the Earth as she seeks to activate her Crystalline Heart Grids and reconnect with Humanity. The Earth Changes and the Elemental imbalances in Russia are a pleas from the Heart of the Earth Mother for her Human Children to wake up and make the reconnection back into the Heart of Nature, so that all might live in Balance and Harmony.

These deep shifts and changes that are taking place in Russia, and that I was privileged to be a part of, are the beginning stages of a Deep Transformation in Russian society and in the Russian people themselves.

The Earth is making known her need to reconnect and to be a part of the lives and evolution of Humanity. In Russia, Humans can no longer afford to continue to develop and ignore Nature and the InterConnection of All Things. The Earth has moved into the Fifth Dimension of Light, and here the Connection must be honored and the Web of Life must be Sacred and held Sacred. If not, the imbalances will continue to create chaos and misery.

It is the work of Family of Light to be the Leaders in making this reconnection with Nature. Life in Russia is not just about making money and business in the new and more open society of the 21st century. It is also about acknowledging that we are all part of the Web of Life in the Fifth Dimension, and that what we do to Nature will be felt by us on a deep level.

Russia has a Sacred Role to fulfil in the New Earth. Russia is the gateway between the West and the East, and Moscow and St Petersburg are portal energies for this connective "gateway". The Spiritual energies flow from the East and the Middle East via Russia to the West, and the Western influences move through Russia to the East. This was the original vision for St Petersburg, to be a Golden City of Light on the Baltic that would connect Russia with the West, and then that energy would flow to Moscow and on the East. The Russian people are mediators of the energies, and have the privilege of being able to integrate all aspects of the Global energies in their culture. This gives them a very special place in the Manifestation of the New Earth, and a very special responsibility to the Global Family of Light.

So, I would like to express my thanks to all the Russian Lightworkers that attended the seminars, came for consultations and assisted me in Russia. It was indeed a privilege to work with you and to be a part of the tremendous changes and challenges that you are moving through at this time. I appreciate each one of you, and I wish you well on your journey forward. I also look forward to being with you again in the near future!


Video by Daniel Rudakov