The Energies of the 8:8 : An Update

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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The energies that are streaming through the Lion's Gate this year are very powerful and very intense. Archangel Michael has asked me to share with you some of the effects and experiences that are being felt by people all over the planet as they assimilate this powerful new energy.

This is the most powerful 8:8 energy that has been experienced by the Planet since 2001, when the first waves of Ascension began. We can expect major changes for the better as the Planet lifts into the new energy.

The primary Ray that we are experiencing at this time is the Orange-Pink Ray of Higher Consciousness. This Ray blends the Orange of the Sacral Chakra with the Pink of the Heart Chakra energies, and is an intensely CREATIVE energy. It is the energy that will fuel the creativity and heart energy needed to lift the Planet to a Higher Harmonic of Consciousness. It is what we refered to earlier as the "Solar Feminine" energy, a blending of the fire of the Sacral with the Love of the Heart.

The Sapphire and Diamond energies of the Sirian Christ Consciousness are alternating with this powerful Orange and Pink Ray. Together these energies will help to open the consciousness of humans to the need to care for the planet and create a peaceful and balanced society. They will open the hearts of humans to creative solutions to bring peace and to stop the "programs" that call for destruction and loss of life. The energies will also be the engine that allows for the manifestation of dreams and desires. They will facilitate manifestation by linking the powerful energies of the Heart with the Creative energies of the Sacral Chakra. And finally, they will facilitate Soulmate Unions, as the intense activation of the Heart and the Sacral chakras will bring many people together in relationships that blend these two chakras in Spiritual/Sexual relationships that unite the material and the spiritual in service to Higher Consciousness. Relationships activated under the energy of the Solar Feminine will indeed be blessed!

These are the symptoms that you may experience as you integrate these powerful energies:

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