Crossing the Bridge into the Age of Light

A Message for Lightworkers from Archangel Michael on the occasion of the 11:11 Stargate

by Celia Fenn

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Dearest ones, on this special day, the 11th day of the 11th month, we bring you a message of joy and upliftment. We have seen how tired many of you are, and the effort and love you have put into the work of transition, ascension and change.

The people of your planet have collectively chosen the Path of Rapid Transformation in this cycle of change between the two new moons of Libra and Scorpio. The Path of Slow Transition, originally favored, proved to be too slow and too exhausting for you as Lightworkers. And so, as a collective, you have decided on Rapid Transformation. In the next two years you will indeed experience this rapid transformation. We ask you not to be fearful of the challenges that will come, for the path forward is open, and you will lead others across the Rainbow Bridge into the Age of Light and Peace that will be the New Earth.

This message is to ask you to understand that the work of the Grand Quintile formations was to release the collective DNA codes of the Age of Pisces and initiate the new codes for the Age of Light.

Spiritual Mastery and the Piscean Age

The Piscean Age, which you are leaving, was the age in which the Human Species as a collective evolved towards Spiritual Mastery and Ascension to a Higher Octave of Consciousness. The Archetypes for this process were Jesus and the Buddha, amongst others. For nearly two thousand years the path of evolution has been to achieve the level of awareness and compassion achieved by these masters.

And it has been achieved. As you leave the Piscean Age, the Human DNA takes with it the record of Spiritual Mastery in Love and Compassion achieved by many in the process of Ascension. And soon, all will walk the bridge from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Light.

But first, you as Lightworkers, must be conscious and willing to release the shadow side of the path of Spiritual Power and Mastery. And this is the path of the Martyr. So many Lightworkers still carry in their psyches a fear of being harmed that often prevents them from fully entering into their work. This fear can now be released, for this path and its shadow archetypes are completed.

The New Archetypes or Codes for the Age of Light

The distinctive energies for the Age of Light will be ADVENTURE and UNFOLDING.

Spiritual Mastery and Personal Empowerment will be achieved absolutes and rights, as already seen in your Crystal Children. The Next phase of your evolution will be the exploration of the path of the Achieved Master in Playfulness, Adventure, Trust and Unfolding. The joyful love of the Universe will hold each Human Angel and Master as they explore their new potential in adventures of creativity and love.

But, before this can be achieved, humans will need to integrate their Piscean archetypes and allow the new energies to be activated. And to do this in a balanced way requires each human to be conscious and to make empowered choices for their own lives. This is the education process in which Lightworkers will engage with many people as the path of Rapid Transformation opens the way into the future for all. This work will be challenging in the extreme, as many seek to cross the bridge, leaving behind the old and embracing the new. Leaving behind control, power games and corrupt systems for the path of freedom and new possibilities.

The Energy of the New

In many ways the Age of Light will be the Age of the Magical Child, as humanity takes its first steps into this new realm of the Higher Octave of Consciousness provided by the Ascension process. It is a realm of miracles and possibility. The image of the Dolphin swimming with a child will become a key symbol for you. The dolphin signfies higher consciousness, the connection with the stars, especially Sirius, and the ability to shift DNA patterns and heal instantaneously with the sound and color aspects of energy. The child signifies the innocence, wonder and power of the newly birthed Multi-Dimensional Human Angel Consciousness.

The Magical Child within each one of you will be supported by the "parent" energies of the balanced Inner Male and Female. The male Energy will express itself in a shamanic role. In the Age of Light, the male energy will reconnect once again with the Earth and express itself in ceremonies of Light and Healing. You will walk in the Dreamtime as empowered beings of Light. New modes of healing based on energy, plants and crystals, will take the place of toxic drugs and invasive surgery. Communities will arise that will join together to celebrate the connections of Humans with their Planet. Your Male energy will rediscover the deep ecstatic and healing experiences of ceremonial connection with the Planet.

The Feminine energy within you will become the receptive channel for the incoming cosmic and galactic waves of light and information. The creative impulses of the source will once again be channeled by you through your bodies, and you will express your divine right to creativity. Every day will become and adventure of creativity and love in expression.

These energies, male, female and child, will blend together to create balance and harmony between the head and the heart. The Multi-Dimensional Earth will be a place of miracles and joy and peace.

So, beloved ones, as you cross the bridge be aware that the turbulence may be violent, but it will be short. You, as a planetary people, have chosen the Path of Rapid Transformation. And you chose it so that you might enter the Age of Light all the sooner.

We in the Higher Dimensions walk with you and support you as Masters of Light on the path forward that you, as a group, have chosen. We honor the courage and vision of your choice.

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