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Welcome to our page of information and ideas especially for Adult Indigo-Crystals.

The Indigo and Crystal vibrations are being carried not only by the New Children, but by adults who have made the soul choice to transition to these vibrations.

This is not always an easy process -as it involves deep changes that occur on the level of the psyche, including the mental and emotional, as well as physiological changes to the body.

The nature of these changes can sometimes be quite distressing. The aim of this page is to provide support and direction to those adults who find themselves experiencing the energies of the Indigo-Crystal transition.

The articles listed below will provide information to assist you in your changes. We suggest that you start with "The Indigo to Crystal Transitional Crisis" and then read the other articles.

The Indigo to Crystal Transitional Crisis

Re-Patterning our Sexuality: Preparation for Living on the New Earth."

The Keys to Heart-Centred Living: Sharing and Trust.

Entering into your Heartspace: Emerging into Authenticity.

Making your Physical Body into a Temple of Light: Welcoming the God and Goddess Home.

Reinventing Relationships in the 21st Century: Entering the Heartspace.

"Becoming Light(er): Your Crystal Body and the New Energies".

The Sacred Dance:Multi-Dimensional Relationships in the 21st Century.

The Indigo to Crystal Transitional Crisis

Why we Feel so Tired so Often

The Transition: If this is a Spiritual Process, why do we Feel Anxious and Depressed so Often......

The New Earth is Here Now!

Navigating Multi-Dimensional Reality: Tools for a New Way of Living.

Dancing with the Goddess: But Please Dont Dance too Fast, Just Yet....

Moving Past and through the Armageddon Scenarios towards Rebirthing the Earth."

Non-Sequential, Non-Linear Reality and the Role of Miracles in Your Lives.

The Disintegration of Traditional Family Structures and the Rise of Partnership Contracts, Parenting Contracts and Soul Families

New Earth Healing Techniques for the 21st Century.

Gods and Godesses of the New Earth.

"Soulmate Unions: Uniting Body, Soul and Spirit in the Fifth-Dimensional New Earth.

Avril's Aura Changes

Below are two images sent to us by Avril in the USA.

They were taken approximately two years apart.

The first image shows Avril with her Indigo Aura.

The second image shows Avril with her new Crystal Aura - the clear white transmitting the different color rays.

This is the change that you are going through.

Thank you to Avril for sharing these images with us:

avril1.jpg avril2.jpg

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