Letting Go of the Old and Grounding into the New: Some support

by Anja Ida Becker

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Dearest Family of Global Lightworkers,


yesterday, I translated the newest channel from Archangel Michael through Cela Fenn, "Messages for August 2006" (see http://www.starchildascension.org/starchild/channel32.html) into German and published it on the German Version of Starchildglobal.

While translating, I found a sentence that I felt was worth a very considerable thought.

Here it is:


The turbulence and chaos is a manifestation of the clash of energy as the old falls away and the New Earth Rises.

I started thinking about it because we don't have in German any word which expresses exactly the atmosphere of a clash.

The meaning of "clash" in the English language, as I understand it, is a collision, almost a crash of two different, incompatible or even totally opposing things, colors, persons, events etc. Clash is also the harsh, ringing noise of two metal objects hit together. Can you feel the atmosphere of the word "clash"?

Archangel Michael could have chosen other words to describe the same facts, but the choice he took was the word "clash". It is not typical of him to choose a word with such a stark meaning, namely a word, which has the focus on contrast. So I felt there must be a deeper meaning of this sentence, since he did choose this expression. I considered the sentence and I tried to feel the deeper meaning of it.

Then it occured to me, that, at the beginning of this year, in January of 2006, he announced some events for this year that would be exactly like a clash:

He told us, there would be something very new and unusual to deal with for a lightworker. Namely, that there would be irreconcilable differences in regard to the Old and the New Energy. And Archangel Michael told us that we would have to learn to deal with this in order to have a pleasant year this year.

Let us read again the passage in which he made the announcements for this year:


You will find, dear ones, that 2006 will be challenging in many ways. The Old Earth grids and the New Earth grids will no longer "overlap" as they have in the past. Now, you will not be able to live with a foot in each world, so to speak. Now is the time when you will have to make a firm commitment to this new way of life.

The Old Earth grids will continue to crumble and disintegrate, and as this happens, people will become more and more angry and frustrated. There will be unrest and continued economic instability. In some places, it will seem as though complete chaos has taken over. In fact, chaos will be a key factor in the disintegration of the Old Earth energies. Wherever Old Earth energy predominates, you will find chaos. The New Earth energies will be characterized by Peace, Calm and innate Order or Flow.

Where you find yourself will be your choice in the next year.

(see http://www.starchildglobal.com/starchild/january2006.html)

From many of our lightworker family I have heard recently, that they are feeling a great lack of energy, like many poeple who aren't yet lightworkers. I have heard, that many lightworkers these days are feeling tired and exhausted. That they feel anxious or angry about their life.

Well, but who of us would still really consider to choose the Old Energy and the Old Paradigm? Nobody would, wouldn't we? Have the batch of lightworkers, who aren't very well and happy this time, made a wrong choice? I doubt that anyone of us would have done that by intention - this is very unlikely, isn't it?

Or could it be that not all of us know exactly, HOW the choice is to be taken - in a way that it has a real effect on our daily life?

I think this is the case.

Let us have a closer look at it. You know, in the Old Energy, people took energy from others when they felt they were not getting anywhere. This was very common and it happened all the time, most of it uncounsciously. I am sure, you all know exactly, what I am talking about.

For the ones of us who have already been able to open the chakra of the Third Eye, this energy-taking is clearly visible. It is visible to me. There are kind of energy wires or grids between two persons or between a person and the communtity in which he/she lives. Maybe it is not visible for all of you dear readers. And maybe not all of you dear readers know about these energy wires or grids, at least not in the everyday life consciousness.

So let me tell you something more about that kind of energy grids between people. People can use those energy grids to share their energy lovingly or to interchange energy. But a high amount of energy can be also drawn from you via those energy grids, especially when there is a big lack of energy on the other side of those wires. Well, this is the case right now for many of us as being a lightworker, if we are unconsciously or habitually still linked or "wired" with people or communities, which are still grounded in the Old Energy and follow the Old Paradigm. Their anxiety and depression is now at a high level and it is still rising, because the Old Energy is falling away and they do have an increasing lack of energy, since the Old Energy won't sustain people any longer and it's pointless to expect anything else from it except fear and depression.

In a channel through Ronna Herman this month, Archangel Michael even made reference to it and pointed out, that it would be very important to learn about these energy wires and let go of them:


Beloved masters, for thousands of years in your third/fourth-dimensional reality, humankind has focused on gaining love, power and satisfaction from those around them via etheric cords attached to the solar plexus in order to siphon off the energy of others in a horizontal fashion. The game of duality has been a push/pull dance, or an endeavor to incorporate from others that which you lack or thought would create love and a sense of self-worth in your lives. Without even realizing what was taking place, it became the norm to seek positive emotional energy and advantage by attaching these etheric cords to those closest to you, whether it be family members (especially children or mates), friends, acquaintances or co-workers. When in truth, by doing so you were enmeshing yourselves more deeply in the karmic game of cause and effect. This life-line that you created or allowed others to create with you worked both ways, and whereby you thought you would receive that which you needed, more often than not, you were/are being drained or manipulated by others (depending on who is the strongest mentally and emotionally).



You must begin by severing all the energy cords and attachments you have created with others throughout your many lifetimes, and by breaking all agreements which no longer serve your greatest good, agreements made past, present or future, in this or in any other reality.

(see http://www.ronnastar.com/latest.htm)

Do you understand? This is why the Old and the New Energy are no longer compatible as they were for us ascending lightworkers in the years before. Now, we as lightworkers can't live any longer in both realms of energy, since the lack of energy in the Old Paradigm has turned out to be immensly high these days and it is still getting worse. And if you stay connected with the Old Energy, even if it is just habitually or unconsciously - this will draw all your energy from you and leave you feeling exhausted and depressed and wondering, why you feel this way although paradise has been promised to you.

Indeed, we do have to make a clear choice in this time. For your benefit, I'd suggest you to walk this path: Break away from the Old Energy or cut the cords which link you to the Old Energy.

In recent time, I have asked myself, why I feel so gorgeous and happy, while many others aren't able to claim this for themselves, unfortunately.

Well: I already cut the cords which linked me with the Old Energy, since some time.

Our beloved Archangel Michael will help you with this also, if you ask him for it. In a channel through Natara two years ago, Archangel Michael already has given a meditation which is very helpful in this regard. I have modified this meditiation slightly and I have worked with it to break away from the Old Energy successfully. I will give it to you as a gift subsequent to some further explanations.

You can work with this meditation easily. It is very effective, I can tell you, since I and some close lightworker friends worked with it repeatedly and very successfully. Why did I work with it repeatedly? Well, sometimes there is an aspect of our personality, who refuses to REALLY let go ALL of the cords which link us to the Old Energy. Those will stay then, although you have worked with the meditation. So, it possibly makes sense to repeat the meditation after a while. But beware, there will be changes in your life and your relationships then, definetely. Good for you, because, nothing that will let go of you after this meditation, will be worthy to be hold on to while you are entering the New Earth. Know beforehand, that this meditation can be very effective and then make your choice. If you choose it, it will bring you freedom and will make you feel as light as a feather.

And last but not least, something veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery important:

After you have let go of the energy grids which linked you with the Old Energy (as I have already mentioned, this may last a while and may take some repetitions of the meditation, but this doesn't really matter since the effects of the meditation are very positive and very high everytime), please develop your etheric ties to the New Earth. Do it EVERY DAY, after you wake up in the morning. Send golden, etheric cords from your feet and your base chakra to Mother Earth and do this with all your respect and love for her. It is sufficient to ask for this, they don't have to be visible for you. Trust that your prayers will be listened to and ask your angels to ground your golden, etheric cords into the crystalline New Earth grids. That's all. Just do this every day, again and again. Then, your golden roots will grow larger and larger and will provide and nurture you with the New Energy and this will bring a new fundation of happiness into your life.

Try this, dearest ones..... and the gates of paradise are going to open to you this year, you will see.

Love, light and blessings to you, dearest siblings of light.

Anja Ida

Meditation to Let go of the Old and Ground into the New

Sit in a comfortable position and envelop yourself in a light which has a light blue color. Ask Archangel Michael for this light.

Inhale this light deeply into your chakras from 1 to 12 (chakra 8 to 12 can be found above the head, it is sufficient to simply ask for this), and take care that you inhale the light with the light blue color nine times in each chakra. Your fingers may help you to count your breathes while you stay in a relaxed state of meditation: Start with a tip of your left pimkie for your first inhalation of Archangel Michael's light, go on with a tip from your left ring finger for the second inhalation and so on, and if you stop just before you're about to tip your right pimkie, you should have inhaled the light nine times, right? Then go on to the next chakra.

Now, visualize the light with the light blue color in every chakra from 1 to 12, one after the other.

When you have reached chakra 12, ask Archangel Michael to cut all ties to the Old Energy, if possible. Leave it up to his wisdom which ones and how many ties he is really going to cut in this meditation. Of course, he will do whatever is the best for you at this time.

Now, envelop yourself in a golden light, the golden light of a quiet, nurturing love. You can ask the Christos or Metatron for this. Inhale this light deeply into your chakras from 1 to 12, nine times each.

Visualize this golden light in every chakra from 1 to 12, one after the other.

Ask the golden light to fill all the energetically hollow spaces inside of your being and ask the golden light to nurture you lovingly.

Enjoy the love and the stillness within.

And if you now would like to begin a new day, start sending your golden, etheric cords like beautiful, golden roots into the crystalline New Earth grids. Share love with Mother Earth. Align lovingly with her and ground yourself into the love of the crystalline New Earth grids and have your wonderful new day.

Anja Ida Becker

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She also maintains the German Starchild Website.

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