The Energies for April 2005

Hold on...Everybody...Here we Go!......

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dear Lightworkers, April is going to be one of the most momentous months in the Ascension and Transition Process. We can only say...Hold On....because everything is moving....and fast!

This is a wonderful time for the Planet. In this Sacred Space that has been created between the Fetsivals of Easter, in late March, and Wesak, in late April, you as First Wave Ascensioners have agreed to be part of a huge energetic push or surge that will anchor the Second Wave of Ascensioners at the same level as yourselves. That is, ready to enter the 5th and 6th Dimensional consciousness levels of the New Earth. This means that a considerable group of Lightworkers is ready to enter the New Earth. This in turn means that the next wave is ready to go. And by the laws of attraction, this wave will be HUGE! There are enough of you at New Earth level to attract and draw the next wave, who are now ready. All we can say, Lightworkers, is be prepared. There will be much work for you to do in assisting the next wave in the next eighteen months.

You will astonished at the way in which people will begin seeking the knowledge that you have as they awaken and begin their ascension journey.

And we know that already many of you are in place for the next phase of your work. You feel already that there is much to do and you are ready.

The Miracles of 2005 continue! But let us speak now of the energies that you will encounter in April and their significance.

The Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse

There are two smallish eclipses in April, but with enough potency and energy to assist in aligning and integrating the New Energies into place and helping with the energetic transitons that are under way.

On the 8th of April, at New Moon in Aries, there will be a Solar Eclipse. This will facilitate changes in the Aries Solar energy on the planet. Aries symbolizes the Individual and the Child, or the Ego self. It is ruled by Mars, the planet of masculine energy, which is placed in Aquarius at this time.

This Egoic energy is being realigned to bring it into harmonic with the incoming Divine Feminine energies and the rebirthing Divine Masculine energies.

It is a time in which the Inner Child or Ego will finally heal all issues with the Mother and the Father, in order to accept and integrate the new Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies. What this will mean is that those who are ready will move into complete harmony and integration with their Higher Aspects. They will learn to trust the guidance of the Higher Self as it expresses the Divine Masculine and Feminine energy of Source, and will no longer follow the fear based insecurities of the Inner Child.

This means a complete shift into Unconditional Love and Acceptance, which means finally living beyond fear and manipulation. If there is nothing to fear, then you cannot be manipulated. It is that simple!.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 24th will be the Wesak or Buddha Full Moon. With the moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus, and Venus in Taurus, this will be a powerful time for a Lunar Eclipse. Sun in Taurus focusses energy on the Home and Possesions, and Moon in Scorpio shines energy on the deeper aspects of the psyche. It will be a time when those who are ready will be welcomed Home, to the New Earth and to levels of Consciousness and Joy that are their birthrigth and that were demonstrated in the life of the Buddha.

Easter and Wesak

Dear Ones, this is indeed a sacred month and a sacred time. This period in which you are now is a "gateway" between the sacred festivals of the Christ and the Buddha. It is a time when the heightened sacred consciousness on the planet allows for a huge shift of this nature.

In the Christ story you have the model for the ascension into higher consciousness, also known as Christ Consciousness. And it is also a time on earth when many of you are reading about the Goddess energy, and the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalen. And at this time, the Pope of the Catholic Church has also passed away.

This in turn creates a space in the Catholic Church for change. For the church to begin to open to and acknowledge the Feminine energy that has been suppressed for so long.This will come. Those in the Church know that they can no longer keep the Divine Feminine in chains. The balance must be brought back.

And as these changes occur in the Christian world, the consciousness of the Buddha also assists in bringing in the qualities of the Divine Feminine which include Compassion and Acceptance, which were the primary lessons of the Buddha.

Lady Quan Yin watches over this aspect of the Higher Consciousness as it anchors on the Planet at this time.

The Next Wave

And so, dearest Lightworkers, we have prepared you for the huge task that lies ahead. It will be a wonder and a miracle as you see the critical point being reached and the consciousness on the Planet really changing and rising to higher levels.

This is because Pluto, the engine of transformation, is now conjunct the Galactic Center. The powerful transmissions from the Galactic Center or the Divine Mother are being amplified through Pluto, so that change is unavoidable and rapid.

Pluto will soon go retrograde, however, and will not actually cross the Galactic Center until early 2006 and then late 2007. At these times the shifts you will see will be magnificent. You will look back and understand that this was the point of no return, the moment when Critical Mass was reached and the Journey of Ascension for the entire Planet became something that was not only possible and probable, but a fact that has already been accomplished and now but needs to manifest into the physical.

Move forward in Joy.

What you have worked so long for is about to birth before you.

The New Earth is manifesting into Reality.

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