Emergence and Communion

The Energies for April 2006

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image by Jan Custers

Dearest Lightworkers, together we have reached a point of great and profound Shift and Change. The last few months have seen the rapid reconnection of Planet Earth with the "Galactic Neighborhood". This process was completed with the recent eclipses, when the Sun and the Moon were re-calibrated in relation to the Earth. The Earth came "online" with the pulsations of the Galactic Heart through transmissions from the Sun and the Moon. With these changes in the Galactic geometric grids, you can truly say that you are experiencing a "new heaven and a new earth".

At this time, dearest Lightworkers, we have reached the point that we have worked for as a Collective, and that includes those of us in the Higher Dimensions. All is in place for the Great Shift that will move the Galaxy and the Earth with her into a new level of Light Harmonics and a new Perception of Reality.

Your Galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, and the Andromeda Galaxy are coming together in a grand merging of Twin Flame energies. It is a celebration of Love and the two great Galactic Hearts are entering into a "marriage" of passion and joy. The waves of passionate communion are reverberating through both galaxies as the two begin their merger.

Every being in both galaxies will be changed in this Galactic Communion. It is a transformation of intense Passion and Love as the Source energy experiences the alignment and merger of the Masculine and Feminine energies at the Galactic level. And in resonance with this energy, each of you will begin a journey of Passionate Communion that may take you through time and space. Love will be intensified and passionate. Love will burn through each and every thing in both galaxies. The waves of communion and passion will sweep through your reality taking you to higher levels of awareness of the nature of Love. And because you are a part of the All That Is and a part of the Source, this will be your experience as well!

For thousands of years we have prepared you for this moment! All the Masters and Teachers that we have sent to you have taught the path of the Heart and Compassion and Love. Even the Crystal Children have brought you the Message of the Heart. You are prepared. The time is Now!

We on the Higher Dimensions do not know how or what will happen. The Mind and Heart of the Source will create the Shift and Merger to the next level. As we have said - all is in place. Each one of you is either in the place you need to be or will be moved there very rapidly. Many of you are already working hard to hold the "light bridges" that have been set up should they be needed. Your Galactic family are here as well, to ensure that they can assist where needed. And so we all wait for the unfolding of the next steps.

There will be profound change. Remember what you have learnt. You are all cells in the Heart and Mind of the Creator, Cosmic Crystals that reflect the Divine Essence and Will. You all carry the energy of the Divine Creative Flow within you, and you are all connected. As a Lightworker Family, you have created a Global network, and you will be able to draw on this network for love and support in the coming waves of energy and the changes that will follow.

Dearest Lightworkers, do not be disappointed that we cannot tell you the "details" of the next phase or cycle. Even those of us in the Higher Dimensions surrender to the guidance of Source and do not seek to know more than is given. We too are crystalline cells in the Great Heart and Mind, and together we enter into this adventure for which we have so long prepared under the direction and guidance of the Source.

Let it unfold with all of us as Master Creators following the Divine Will as it is transmitted to us in the waves of Cosmic energy that come from the Galactic center as the two Galactic Hearts merge to create a new level of Love for us All to experience as crystalline bodies within these realities. The Source is ready, we are ready, it only remains for us to allow whatever shifts must come in this glorious communion of Hearts. It is an adventure of Light in which we are all co-creators. For, dearest Lightowrkers, you are all Masters of Light,and you will co-create the changes for your Earth as part of the Cosmic Mind and Heart. You have been prepared for this great adventure over many lifetimes, and you are ready!

Let the adventure continue.....

We will continue to bring you information as it becomes available and is necessary to share with you. Let us assure you of our profound Love for you, dearest Lightworker Family. For we are all One, and we are a family of Light and Love.

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