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Dearest Lightworkers, you have indeed reached a pivotal moment of Global choice in your current journey of Light. You can feel it, many can feel it, as the wars in the Middle East focus Global attention on the issues of war and peace.

Indeed, these events occur in a powerful time for your Planet. The New Year begins, the Sirius Star Gate opens into the Harmonic of the 8:8:8 on the 8th of August and is followed by the energy of the Full Moon on the next day. The gate remains open until the 12th of August. Then, on the 13th of August, Venus transits into the fifth house of Leo, governed by the Sun and the element of Fire. The Fire Goddess Comes - the energy of the Solar Feminine floods the planet.

The fiery energy of the Divine Feminine in her manifestation as Sekmet, the lioness, has been felt on the planet in recent weeks, but now, the Fire Goddess flames forth in the fiery and intense energy of Leo. She will transit through Leo in the month of August, following the path of the Sun and creating intense and fiery energy. On the 27th of August she will cross paths with Saturn at 14 degrees of Leo. This will be a pivotal date, for at that time her energy will be under pressure to transform and change as a result of the close conjunction with Saturn.

At that point, dearest Lightworkers, the Planetary Collective will choose between continuing on the current path that will lead to continued destruction, or transmuting the energy into Global Peace and Harmony. Whatever seeds are planted at this time will grow and flourish in the next year. We cannot stress enough how important it is NOW to hold the vision of Global Peace. Pray for Peace, Meditate for Peace - create that miracle! Feel that Peace deep within yourself and your heart and believe in it totally and completely. Hold the Vision and the intention for the Highest Possible Outcome - Global Peace - starting in the Middle East.

But we can also say to you now, that in the last few months you have struggled in your own lives, and you have felt tired and angry and lost and maybe even depressed, and you have said to us: "Where is the Joy that was promised in this journey of Ascension?". Well, we can reply to you now, dearest Lightworkers, that in your own personal lives you have been working with the energy of the Fire Goddess or Divine Solar Feminine to burn away and transmute all that is not Peace. And now you are ready to emerge into Peace and Joy, and to carry the radiant Divine Solar Feminine energy of Hathor, the Goddess of Beauty and Joy! And as you have worked in your own lives, so you have created an energetic template or model for the Collective Consciousness to make the same choice. So while we implore you to continue to hold the energy and intention of Global Peace, we can also say that much of the work has already been done by you. This is the culmination. Hold your energy and your intention and focus - and so you will create the Miracle that you seek on your planet now!

The 8th and 9th of August: The 8:8:8 Harmonic and the Full Moon

vivi2.jpg This will be a powerful period indeed. The 8:8:8 "harmonic" is a vortex of pure energy that holds a powerful archetypal imprint that is made available to all those on the planet. The archetype of the 8 is PERSONAL POWER - the essence of the I AM within each person. The conjunction of this Harmonic with the Lion's Gate Energy creates a powerful moment for Personal and Planetary empowerment.

The 8:8:8 is also what we would call a "Time Gate" or "Time Lock". It allows you as individuals to access fully your Past and Future self in the Present Moment as you experience the entirety of your "I AM" presence. Wherever you will find yourself physically at that time will be a power point for you. It is an opportunity to consciously integrate all that you Are and hold the balance, for yourself and the planet as part of your Lightwork.

The "Spirit" Lions that guard the portal of the Lion's Gate were known in ancient Egypt as the Lions of "Yesterday" and "Tomorrow". Enter in between the guardians of the Past and the Future, and fully claim your I AM power - NOW. This will give you great strength on your journey forward.

Then, on the 9th of August, this energy will be amplified by the energies of the Full Moon. The rising Moon will be in Aquarius, with the setting Sun in Leo. The energy of Aquarius is governed by Uranus, that planet of sudden shifts and changes. You can harness that energy to accelerate the transformation for PEACE as humanity stands at the threshold of the Age of Aquarius, or the Golden Age of Peace. You are planting the seeds for the Coming Age in your work right now!

The 13th of August: Sekmet Comes

On the 13th of August Venus enters into Leo. Here the normally soft energy of the Goddess becomes Fiery and Passionate. Sekmet was the ancient Egyptian Goddess of Fire and Transformation. She was represented by a figure of a woman with the head of a Lioness.

There is an ancient Egyptian archetypal story that tells how Ra (the Sun) sent Sekmet forth to cleanse the Earth, and how she caused much destruction until she was herself transformed and changed into Hathor, the Goddess of Higher Love and Beauty.

And so, dearest ones, the challenge now within each one of you, and globally, is to transmute the Solar Fire from its lower expression of greed, power, and destruction into its higher expression of Love and Beauty and Harmony. And then you will experience the Joy that Hathor brings to the Planet.

The 26th and 27th of August : Resonance and Reverberation

The 26th will provide a Harmonic link back to the 8:8:8 energy, since the 26/8/2006 is also an 8:8:8. Whatever energies and issues arise either personally or globally at that time will be the issues that will be worked through in the next year, until you reach the 9:9:9 harmonic on the 9th and 27th of September in 2007. This will be the final clearing and closing of this cycle that began in 1999.

But, more importantly, this will be another opportunity to fully embrace the power of the I AM within you as a Creator and Co-Creator of Global Peace and Harmony.

Then on the 27th of August, Venus in Leo will transit Saturn in Leo. This will be the important moment of Transformation and an opportunity to Restructure old patterns of hostility and transmute them into Higher Octaves of Peace and Love.

The Sun will have moved into Virgo on the 23rd of August, and the New Moon in Virgo, also on the 23rd, will allow you to GROUND your I AM power in order to create Global Peace and Harmony on the beloved Planet Earth.

Personally, and as a Planet, you can choose to transmute the Solar Fire energy into Higher Love through Global Peace. Call on the Divine Feminine through Hathor, to allow her energy to be felt at this time.

You are Human Angels, you are Christed Beings, you have worked for this moment. You are taking on your Mastery and becoming true Stewards of the planetary energy. You can make a difference!

Call Forth Peace and Joy.

And so - IT IS!

© 2006-7 Celia Fenn and Vivi Savitri

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