by Asha Ramakrishna

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As Lightworkers, our role is to bring light and truth to the world, and sometimes we forget that it also means shining light on our own lives. When our path gets really dark, we tiptoe away from our power and into the influence of those who we feel can protect us. I have lived it. I lived it four years ago when I gave birth. I bravely called myself a lightworker, and then when it was time to birth the way I had intended, I handed my power to my obstetrician. I was scared, confused, and willing to pass my decisions to whoever would accept. Doing her job, my obstetrician, did just that, took care of me in the best way she knew how; with all her medical, logical, and somewhat fear-based approach, she whisked me away into a disempowered birth.

I am grateful that my first daughter, Dharma, had this experience. From a soul perspective we chose to have this and other challenging experiences. Why I am grateful? See, the darkness of the unknown and the fear of pain beckoned me to seek deliverance in something outside of me, and the place where I found myself after this external deliverance was one of feeling no power. It left me wanting more, and it left me knowing that there was something more. At a very biological and spiritual level we know that our bodies are meant to birth with ease. The impact of not consummating the experience as our souls know it to be possible, leaves us empty, and never quite seeing the Goddess energy that resides within. Childbirth is nature's way of showing us our Divine-Potential.

sarada.jpg When I became pregnant for a second time, I surrendered so deeply to my spirit and my baby's spirit that I chose very differently. My second daughter, Sarada, named after the goddess Sarasvati (Goddess of Creation and Knowledge) received an entrance to this world worthy of Queens, Lightworker queens, that is. Our souls united in the pregnancy and birth journey to take us both from the beautiful, yet disconcerting darkness into the light of who we are. Naked physically, emotionally, and spiritually, we danced in the power of inner strength. I always say that if I could be that woman that birthed Sarada every day of my life, I will have reached Enlightenment. I know that strength, conviction, and knowing of how to walk with Spirit minute by minute, contraction by contraction, is not only possible, but has such sweet rewards of peace.

I am grateful for the journey that my girls have so graciously taken to share with me. I desire that every woman and baby feel the power granted to us by our physical and spiritual bodies. Just as the new generation of children is demanding that we become a new generation of parents, they are also asking that their genesis into this world have the same level of intention and consciousness. These Baby Souls are asking us to walk the walk when it gets tough, and labor is such a perfect metaphor and opportunity to do so.

Because of these Baby souls and because of the evolution and transformation that the Women Souls engage during pregnancy, I have created an e-course to empower women with science, emotional/ spiritual exploration, and practical tools, so that they can welcome their babies as the Kings and Queens of Light that they are!

I have gathered revolutionary & energetic tools into audio formats, so that people can listen and practice from the comfort of their home. I have also gathered scientific information so that our logical, left-brain mind can be satisfied with the process, and have formulated practical and tangible tools to use during labor, so that the physical sensation has a grounded venue for expression with ease.

To live moment by moment is a life-long practice, and the proposition of engaging labor (and parenting) as such a practice can be daunting to many women. What I have found is that to sell this proposition to the person takes marrying the right and left hemisphere of the brains. We access our right brain by feeling, and the notion of having a natural, powerful, and spiritual birth is appealing to all. However, when our rational, left brain engages in this dialogue, it requires proof, evidence, and tools to make the beautiful idea grounded in the physical plane. They each have their purpose and we benefit when both hemispheres are on board, especially when giving birth.

So, how do we present the information in a way that seems doable for women? Most importantly, the understanding that scientifically the laboring body is a perfectly balanced mechanism is primordial. We find today that science in Pregnancy has been boiled down to hospital statistics, and reasons for intervention, but we forget that there is science happening as the maternal hormones orchestrate the contractions and signals are sent to the baby to descend. Not only is dilation directly related to these maternal hormones, but so it is the opiate-like effect that can result in uninterrupted labor. For instance, the hormone, oxytocin, or "love hormone", is released during sexual activity, pregnancy, and peaks during the descent of the baby out of the vagina. This hormone not only is responsible for uterine contraction, but also triggers the feeling of love and altruism. Oxytocin is just one of four major hormones that are so brilliantly expressed in the laboring mechanism. As each woman understands the perfection of the system, they become more comfortable with trusting it.

At an emotional level a different kind of science also helps us understand this process. What I have seen in my own experience and in coaching other women is that the largest emotional obstacle is fear. In order to birth my baby at home, I needed to process each and every one of my fears, release them, or finally walk through the fears that lingered. I think our fears are emotional responses to cellular memory, therefore to heal, we must target the cell. What better way to do this than energetic tools (the other science)? The most accessible tools I have found are EFT (emotional freedom technique) and Reiki. I believe each woman should pursue whatever healing modality best suits her, but I find that most people are familiar and comfortable with these two techniques.

In the Birth of Your Life System, we have three EFT sessions directly related to the most common fears: Transition into Motherhood, Fear of Childbirth, and Past Childbirth Experiences. To further heal from past births or to address specific fears we utilize self-sessions of Painless Childbirth Using Reiki via our audios. The combination of the two techniques is very powerful and effective. I find that these sessions really allow the space for profound healing, even in areas not expected. Birth is not a linear process; it is a complex system that require synchronicity of wellness in the body, mind and soul. For instance, resentment towards your mother can very much inhibit wanting to birth, therefore the hormonal mechanism shuts down and prevents further dilation.

Finally, understanding the impact at a soul level is basic to birthing consciously. As women, we are so fortunate to access the Divine in this way. We are able to truly "see God", and experience the raw essence of true internal power. The experience of surrender, trust and gratitude in childbirth is a short course in how to live as pure vehicles of the Divine. After experiencing being a direct vessel of creation and climaxing at empowered childbirth, it is impossible to return to ordinary lives unaffected.

I am dedicated to showing all women the power that we harness. When we can personally experience moving by intuition, despite our fears, we come home to who we really are. What an opportunity for our babies to see who we really are the moment they land on this planet. They get to experience the beautiful cocktail of oxytocin, beta-endorphin and prolactin hormones as they listen to their Momma's voice, feel her heartbeat, and smell her skin. Baby knows that this is a beautiful world because he/ she can sense the familiarity of this Goddess.

The message that I hear everyday is how these babies want a new experience; they want to "walk into the world knowing that love resides even in the darkest of places, and that when we invite and allow ourselves to change the course of life, Spirit can only lead us back to love again."

Birthing intuitively, naturally, and in our sacredness is such a profound act of love.

May you listen to your body and heart, and may you be inspired to see the power and beauty that resides within your own Lightworker/ Goddess/ Momma self.

Testimonials from Asha's clients

Baby Zsa Zsa

zsa_zsa.jpg "I was never afraid of the journey I was on. Because of the work and meditation that I did with Asha, I was much more open to the universe of possibilities, even the positive outcomes! What was different about this labor as compared to the others was that I approached it as an act of love, as opposed to a physical challenge to be surmounted.

Thea N., PhD and mother of three children under 4!

Baby Maya

maya1.jpg "I've been thinking about the labor and birth of my baby, and wanted to tell you that the audios you provided really helped me have the kind of birth I wanted. The relaxation audio helped me lay the groundwork for relaxing during contractions and helped dilation go quickly! (yay) I also worked through some family issues using the Reiki recording.

It was all part of a very positive birth experience for me that lingers in my mind in quiet + happy ways these first few weeks of my baby's life."

Janet, RN, and proud mother of two beautiful girls

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