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Barbara's Diary for Indigo-Crystal Adults

No 4 : Co-Creating a New Paradise Economy with Nature Spirits

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Thank you to all who are or will be helping us build the new Garden by 2012.

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Can we create a new paradise in part by reviving small--even backyard-sized-prosperous local eco-farms with the help of the elementals, nature spirits and Faerie realm? Indeed, it's already happening for some. At the Center for the Micro Eco-Farming Movement,, you can see the January 2007 Micro Eco-Farm of the Month, which is Singing Brook Farm (Also called Wiseways Herbals™). On less than an acre, the owner enjoys farm abundance and sells flower essences and farm-grown bodycare products across the world. She has planted stunning chakra gardens, lotus water gardens and rose gardens with the help of visions and dreams. With the help of the nature realm, the owner supports herself while restoring the earth. And there are more, with stories of elves, paradise and fairies…

On Lily Hill Farm, (which will be Micro Eco-Farm of the Month for February,, Owner Penny Kelly produced 100 tons of grapes from a micro eco-vineyard, only thirteen acres, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, when she began to commune with a group of resident elves. The paraphrase her story: as a result of their deal, she entered the private world of plants, insects, animals, devas, and elementals where communication among them is common and ongoing, but the rules are all different. The elves taught her a series of intense and powerful lessons, and an amazing drama emerged between people and nature who are both struggling to survive in a world where communication between them has been lost. She details her story in the book THE ELVES OF LILLY HILL FARM (ordering from this link will help support the Center for the Micro Eco-Farming Movement:

And on the 1/3-acre Tree Frog Farm, (Micro Eco-Farm of the Month for March, successful owners Diana and John commune regularly with nature beings. "It's pretty simple," states Diana about her interaction with nature beings. "We talk. Like with people, it is important to know who you are talking to. When you pick up the phone it is helpful to know who is on the other end. I've learned to "dial" the nature energy that I want to talk to by tuning into its energy signature, calling its name and asking to connect. Then as the nature being connects with my energy fields, I confirm that it is the one that I called by recognizing its energy signature. Usually I'm the one asking questions - garden design, making a flower essence, product development, or business decision. I've learned to interpret the information that I get back from feelings, sensations, and electromagnetic shifts into words. I can tell the difference between my own thoughts and what the nature being is saying by the choice of words, cadence, tone, and emotional flavor. Over time I've grown to trust this process. We collaborate to do daily land clearings, then I offer flower essences - that I have made with their assistance - to participate in the process of balancing and illuminating the land."

( Michael Pilarski of Friends of the Trees uses many higher energy and "paradise" concepts for operating his 2-acre native plant and seed business in the USA. He further helps create the annual Fairy and Human Relations Congress held in the United States (see

Many people have used the elementals and nature spirits to produce stunning results. Celia has spoken of the pioneering work of Eileen and Peter Caddy and Dorothy McClean at Findhorn in Scotland, and the work of Machaelle Wright at the Perelandra Center for Nature Research in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in the USA.

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Science and formal research are even starting to prove the higher energies of nature that our most ancient ancestors just knew by faith. My Celtic ancestors knew that certain plants and trees carry helpful vibrations, and in honor of them, I have added Celtic Reiki and 'the Rose Treatment' ( to my healing sessions. And my native Caucasian ancestors shared this connection with other natives from around the world, including those from the Central and South American rainforests who knew the Pau D'arco (Divine Bark) tree had divine qualities. And now, The Herb Quarterly recently reported that researchers discovered this tree attracts alpha waves that exert a positive electrical charge on human cells. It's especially fun to watch science and spirit slowly march back into union in all areas, including in the use of co-creating Heaven on Earth with the elementals and energies of nature. And in Africa, those who follow the spiritual expression of Candomble believe that the iroko tree (sometimes called oloko) carries the energy of time, eternity and peace, and temples were built wherever they grew. What will science some day discover about this tree?

Barbara Adams


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