Blueprint for a Blue Planet : Activating your Galactic Lightbody


by Celia Fenn

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These notes are written to add to and provide further information, as I understand it, to Archangel Michael's channel on the Sirian Blue Star field. I have been guided to share these notes as a means of helping further understanding of the significance of the latest energy integrations on the Planet.

So, I will talk a little about the Geometries involved in this Activation, and how they affect the Personal and Planetary Lightbodies. Then I will discuss the exciting information that shows that the Blue Star field will bring significant changes to individual health and longevity. The Significance of the Water element will be discussed, and how it will assist us to hold perfect health. We will look at how Time has changed in this new reality frame, and then finally, a brief discussion of the significance of the Sirian/Pleiadian alliance in this Planetary Transformation Process.

The New Geometries: The Icosa-Dodecahedron

icosa.jpg With the activation of the Galactic Lightbody and the connection with the Sirian Galactic field of Electric Blue Light, the personal Merkaba or Lightbody of each person who activates is transformed, extended and "re-wired" for Galactic consciousness.

This means that the individual is able to "link" their personal lightbody geometry directly into the lattice or web of Galactic Consciousness, via the Sirius Blue Field. In order to do this, the personal Lightbody field is "upgraded" to the geometry of the Icosa-dodecahedron. This geometric form is the combination of the Icosahedron and the Dodecahdron. The Icosahedron representing the element of Water, and the Dodecahedron representing Ether or Spirit.

The Icosa-dodecahedron is also the underlying geometry of Planet Earth, and when Earth receives the Blue Light energy field from Sirius, she also fully activates her Merkaba to the 9th Dimensional or Galactic Consciousness level. The Earth and her Angelic Human population are ascending together! We are "online" for Galactic Consciousness! The New Earth is a world of Water and Ether/Spirit. The Mayan and Native Americans prophecied that the dawning "Fifth World" as they call the New Earth, would be a world of "Ether" or "Spirit". And so it is! As the Blue Electric field is established, the presence of "Light" or "Ether" has never been so strong. And both the planet and her ascended population are now "wired" to live in this new reality through the activation of the Icosa-dodecahedron Merkaba field.

Many of those who have ascended to this level report being able to physically see the waves of light as they pour onto the planet, as well as feel them moving through their bodies as energy waves. This is one of the meanings of Galactic Consciousness, an ability to connect with the waves of Cosmic energy or information that vibrate through the Galaxy. These waves of Cosmic energy are sourced in the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun, and carry information about the energies, shifts and evolution of the Galaxy. Those with Cosmic or Galactic Lightbodies are able to "translate" these energies into meaningful evolutionary patterns in their lives. This is done with the assistance of the Angelic and Star Beings whose work it is to "supervise" and assist the evolution of the Galaxy. This is the true meaning of "playing in the Cosmic Fields of Light".

And so, this rather difficult transition to the Icosa-dodacahedron geometry provides the structure to allow this wonderful connection with the Cosmic energies. The Planet and her Ascended population now have a direct channel or link to the Cosmic Blueprint for Galactic evolution, and Earth's place in that. We are "aligned" with the Source information, or Higher Will, or Unconditional Love and Compassion that emanates from Source. We have activated our highest potential in geometric terms, at this time.

And so, a personal story about my own journey with the Icosa-dodecahedron! I have an artist friend called Christina, who specializes in Sacred Geometry and who has an amazing link with the Higher Realms. She is something of a "messenger of the gods" as regards the relationship between geometry and the Earth changes, and so when she tells me something or gives me something, I tend to pay attention. At the beginning of January we had lunch together, and she gave me the cardboard model of the Icosa-dodecahedron that appears in the image. She had been guided to make it, but had no real idea as to why. At that point, neither did I.

I hung the model above my bed. I quite enjoyed lying in bed looking up at this shape that looks like a "nest" of stars! I also have to admit that when the big ascension "shocks" set in, I did wonder if the shape above the bed had anything to do with it! I had a difficult integration. I felt like I was being electrocuted. I found the Blue Electric energy far too intense to be held in the physical body. It was only when my guides activated a past life memory of working with this energy and with Sirius in another context, that I was able to activate the new geometries in my Merkaba field and activate the Galactic Lightbody. The new meridians were able to then carry this intense energy in the correct places, and I was no longer being electrocuted!

I think in the months that come, as we move into this new energy, we will come to understand more about the significance of this new "online" geometry that constitutes the Galactic Lightbody and the 9th Dimension of Consciousness.

The Relationship between Health, Longevity and the Blue Electrical Field

One of the things I was told by Archangel Michael about the highly electrical nature of the Blue Cosmic Light from Sirius was that it would create and maintain perfect health in Earth's Ascended population. People would live much longer lives and there would be no sickness, aging or death as we have known them in the Third Dimension.

Well. OK. But I needed to understand how this could be possible. Archangel Michael told me that "holding the hologram" would be far easier with the 9th Dimensional Merkaba in place. You would have access to the Cosmic "blueprint" for perfect health. Disease and degenerative illness occur when the "hologram" of physicality decays and loses its electrical or light charge. This is the cause of cancer and the reason why searches for causes and cures on the physical level have not been successful.

However, I wanted to understand more about the nature of electricity and health, especially since I have been feeling this energy in my body as a highly charged electrical frequency. After doing some research, I came across Richard Dannelly's book "Sedona: Beyond the Vortex: Activating the Planetary Ascension Program with Sacred Geometry, the Vortex and the Merkaba." Dannelly had done his own research into the relationship between health, aging and electrical fields. This for example, is a statement from the book:"The body behaves like a common battery in that it can be charged with electrons and also depleted of electrons. Most diseases, from the common cold to cancer, can only exist in a body that has a low charge. Unfortunately, most common drinking water (including purified water), processed foods, and polluted air, contains too little free electrons to maintain desirable electrical levels in the body." (p 151)

So, it appears that health and well-being are supported by a high electrical charge. My feeling, as Dannelly also expresses, is that the creative and loving energy of Source is contained in this electrical field, and that this maintains the Creator's "intention" for our health, well-being and love.

I can attest to this relationship between higher consciousness and dimensional awareness, and health. My first experience of being highly charged and "electrical" came in 2001, when I did what I termed the "Indigo to Crystal transition", or "enlightenment". I spent two weeks in bed "vibrating" from head to foot, without having a clue as to what was happening to me. My hands shook so badly I thought I had Parkinsons. People standing next to me started to tingle. I think I spooked quite a few people in my highly charged state. Actually, my guides wanted me to channel, so they pushed me up from 3D to 7 and 8D, while most people just went through tp 5D at that stage. Anyway, post my highly electrical transition, I have never been sick again. My body did an extensive detox for almost a year and my diet changed completely. I have had Ascension symptoms such as exhaustion and depression and nausea/dizziness, but no illness and no pain. I have maintained good health on the physical level. So there is something to the "electrical charge" that goes with shifting to higher dimensions of consciousness.

To back this up, here is Dannelly's discussion of the work of a Yale professor:

So, according to Archangel Michael's message, the Blue Electrical field energy of 9D will energize the entire being and create the high electrical charge that will prevent illness and degenerative aging in the New Earth human angel population. Well, something to think about and look forward to as we extablish this new energy field and build the New Earth.

As for death, I was told that it would be a very different experience. It would be a "translation" into light. With human angelic consciousness activated to the 9th Dimension, stepping accross the threshold into the Cosmic light of the 10th Dimensions would be like passing through a doorway when one was ready. The third-dimensional human pattern of aging, degeneration, disease and "death" will no longer exist. Human angels will remain healthy and translate into the light when they wish to move to new levels of experience. There would be no need to decay the hologram in order to release the physical form as there was in the third dimension. In the Higher Dimensions, everything is done with ease and flow. Even so-called "accidents" will no longer happen. According to Archangel Michael, an accident is a "vortex of descending energy that attracts other descending energies". When energy remains highly charged there will be no "descending energies" and no accidents. Just the grace of perfect flow in all things.

The Importance of the Element of Water

In the course of the channel, Archangel Michael also told me that the element of Water would play a key role in transforming the planet and contributing to the health and well-being of her people.

How would that be?

Well, Earth is a water planet. The greater portion of the planet's surface is covered by the water of the oceans. As humans, our bodies are made up of about 80 perecent water! So what is Water? Well, according to Archangel Michael, water is a sacred substance that carries the essence of life. You might say that ether/spirit/electricity is the "masculine" energy of Source, and water is the feminine energy of Source, and together they carry the Creator's intention for life on the planet. The Galactic Lightbody, formed from the combination of the Dodecahedron (spirit/ether) and the Icosahedron (water), reflects this combined energy of the intention for life on the planet. This reminds me of an Ancient Egyptian Creation story, where the original Creator Atum, or Aum, (the original harmonic of Creative Love) gives birth to Tefnut and Shu, who represent Fire and Water Vapor, the basic elements of all Life.

The Blue Star energy field will interact with water and begin to reprogram the planet's waters to awaken them to their original Higher Dimensional Intention as the medium that carries the information or memory of the Divine Blueprint for Planet Earth.

When I was doing some research to better understand the information that I was given about water, I visisted with Dr Masaru Emoto's book The Hidden Messages in Water. Dr Emoto has spent many years studying the qualities of water and the way in which water records and responds to human intention. Basically, water exposed to positive intentions of Love and Gratitude forms beautiful crystals, while water exposed to negative emotions loses structural ability and breaks down, and so loses the potential to create health and well-being.

water2.jpg Emoto's research has brought to the attention of a contemporary generation of readers the marvellous qualities of water. Water is a "living" crystalline substance that interacts with human consciousness to form a "mirror" of thought and intention. Water has a "memory", it can record feelings and it can transmit these memories and feelings to other water molecules across space and time. In fact, water behaves much like consciousness, and according to Archangel Michael, water is the consciousness of the Divine Essence on the planet.

Water is truly a miraculous substance. It sustains life. We would not exist without it. And yet we take it for granted and we do not treat it with respect. One of the newer theories about water outlined in Emoto's book is the idea that water comes to the planet from Space in the form of mini ice-comets that enter the planet's atmosphere. Possibly, water, like the energy of sun and starlight, comes from the Cosmos and is an "alien" or "extraterrestrial" substance. Can we begin to understand water as the purveyor of Cosmic Patterns for life and well-being that emanate from Source? Can we begin to have a new respect for this miraculous substance that sustains our lives in ways we are only just beginning to understand?

According to Archangel Michael, the water in our bodies forms liquid crystals that hold and transmit the intentions of the Creator for our health and well-being. Following Emoto's research, when we are in a state of Love and Gratitude, these crystals can form from the water matrix. When we experience negative emotions, the matrix breaks down and we become ill. If we translate this into frequency terms, higher frequency consciousness supports the patterns of life by holding the crystals within a matrix that carries and records the information of health, whereas lower frequency consciousness cannot "hold" the imprint of life and health because it cannot form crystals. So, following these lines of thought, the Blue Star field will assist us in holding the higher frequencies necessary for water to hold its crystalline matrix and maintain its ability to form coherent and life-sustaining crystals.

The Blue Star field, with its geometric seed energy of the Icosa-dodecahedron, has the ability to create the crystalline form of the dodacehedron in the planet's water matrix through the process of Morphic Resonance (creating a field that vibrates at the same frequency). According to Archangel Michael, this will begin to occur within the planet's oceans first, specifically the Southern Atlantic Ocean. This will create a "seed field" that will encourage other water bodies on the planet to "upgrade". This, in turn, will mean that water will carry a higher electrical charge or frequency. In other words, water will return to its original state of purity and will once again become the source of the intention of Divine Consciousness on the planet.

This will have implications for individual human health and well-being. Richard Dannelly quotes the work of Patrick and Gael Flanagan, who studied the relationship between water and electrical charge:"Our work with water indicates that the level of health in the body is directly related to the structure of water within the individual cells. If the water in the cells is maintained at a high state of purity, and has a high Zeta potential (electrical charge), the vitality of the body will remain high. If the water in the cells becomes mineralized or polluted with other toxins, its electrical charge is then neutralized, thus compromising the structuring of the water and reducing the vitality of the body." (p 147)

The Flanagans developed a process for creating highly charged water with a high "Zeta potential". They did this by allowing the water to form a matrix based on the Dodacahedron. "This liquid crystal matrix has the unique ability to capture and hold negatively charged Hydrogen Ions, that can deliver significant amounts of electrical energy to the body." (p 148).

So, it seems that Water holds one of the keys to the Transformation of consciousness on the planet. Working with the Electrical Blue energy, water will transform to become once again the sacred carrier of Divine Consciousness.

To conclude this section, two short stories. Firstly, when I was starting to work on this section of these notes, I woke up one night to find an Orb in my room. I have the ability to see Orbs at night. Well, this Orb contained a beautiful silver feathery crystal, much like those in Emoto's phtographs. I like to think the Orb was a message from the Water Deva of the planet!

And then, while I was reading through The Hidden Messages in Water, I came across a fascinating anecdote by Emoto. He talks about his "master", a man of 101 who remains fit and healthy. He attributes his well-being and longevity to a special breathing technique:"Master Shioya says that his secret for health is his own unique breathing method. This method invloves breathing in until air fills the lungs, providing oxygen to the entire body, while thinking about the energy of the Universe gathering around him and providing him with invigorating energy." (p 143). It sounds to me like Master Shioya has activated his Galactic Lightbody ahead of the rest of us and has been accessing higher cosmic frequencies. It is also interesting that as I was trying to integrate the new electrical energies, my guides told me to "breathe". I realized that what they meant was to breathe energy through the new Galactic Lighbody geometry and meridians, and when I started doing this, the energies began to be more balanced.

And one more quick personal story. I recently stopped watering my garden with municipal "treated" water and started using ground water from a well point. The difference in the garden was incredible. The plants looked happier, but I also have noticed an influx of "life"....more birds....butterflies...and even a squirrel that has moved in. The garden seemed to be thriving on "natural" water and providing a habitat for all sorts of creatures, and the answer why is obvious! The miracles of Water!'s not what is used to be!

One of the things that everyone has noticed with the Ascension transitions, is the way in which time has increasingly seemed to speed up and just get faster and faster. Never has time seemed to move so fast!

According to Archangel Michael, working with "time" will be one of the challenges of our transitional multi-dimensional reality. In the 9th Dimensional realm of the Magical and Miraculous, time does not exist as a concept. Beings exist in the ever-present "NOW" moment, and create according to their needs in that moment. The past and the future are not indicators of what can and will be created. But, in the 5th dimensional reality, with its still strong connection to the 3rd dimensional grids, the passage of time is still a "fixed" reality, with month-end bills to be paid and other time-bound realities to be honored.

Archangel Michael explained it to me as follows. In the 3rd Dimension, with its focus on the linear movement through time and spave, experience was "fixed" and pegged to certain expectations about time. These were most often related to age. As you moved down your own personal "timeline", you expected certain things to happen in your life - school, marriage, family, retirement, grandchildren etc....This imparted a certain structure and security to life, but left very little room for any other kind of experience.

As Archangel Michael noted, humans "locked" themselves into a very rigid way of life and thinking about life, and assumed that this was "how things were". It is a very "mechanical" view of human life, that works closely with the concepts of "cause and effect" - "if I do this then that will happen".

Now imagine, if you can, that this way of being is only one potential out of many. Imagine that reality is not "fixed" to any partuclar kind of experiential timeline, and that you are free to create what and where you feel so inclined. Imagine, that instead of being "fixed", reality is in fact very flexible and permeable. It can be moulded and changed depending on the desires and intentions of the person who is creating that reality.

Imagine that "reality" is nothing more than the flow of ideas and intentions that birth on the level of consciousness and then appear in manifestation! Nothing is "fixed", nothing has to be, and everything can be changed if there is enough intention and focus on the Higher levels of Consciousness.

And then imagine that manifestation is not "linear", but is more random and magical and happens when it happens. And so, there are no expectations in this reality, just "miracles" of manifestation and gratitude.

And, imagine, finally, that in this miraculous and magical reality, age has nothing to do with any of your experiences and reality. That your body would stay healthy and strong for as long as you chose to use it as a vehicle for experience on the material plane.

Well, this kind of reality is possible! Even science recognizes the "Quantum reality", where the nature of energy, light and intention or thought are the creators of experience. And, with the Blue Star field anchoring a high frequency of positive and creative energy on the planet, such a playful reality will become the norm.

Well, the question would seem to be, why do so few people experience this alternate reality? The answer, according to Archangel Michael, is that people are so "fixed" in their 3rd Dimensional experiences with their expectations and securities, that even in the 5th Dimension they have difficulty "letting go" and exploring the probabilities of a Quantum reality. A self-created and magical reality based on trust, acceptance and gratitude.

But, many are afraid to let go of "cause and effect" thinking along a linear timeline, in favor of magical manifestation in an ongoing "spiral" of existence. If you choose to consider life as a spiral of energy, then experience can manifest anywhere on that spiral. This may be one of the reasons why walking a labyrinth is such an effective way of releasing blocked energies. The spiral motions of the labyrinth may be providing a close equivalent of the spirals of energy that constitute the experiences in a person's life, beyond the "illusion" of linear reality. After all, the spiral or vortex is the most consistent energy form that we know, from the spiralling arms of the great Galaxies to the tight spirals of the DNA within our cells.

Whatever way you choose to deal with the new levels of reality and consciousness, you will certainly come to realize that time is not what it used to be!

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To be Continued....Work in Progress!

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