You and Your Crystalline Body: Part Two

The "Human Angel" Breakthrough: Re-Calibration into White Light

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by Celia Fenn

There is absolutely no doubt that there have been wonderful and miraculous transformations of the human body into a multi-dimensional vehicle for "Human Angels" or the Beings of Light that we all are. In Part One, with the help of Archangel Michael, we discussed how Light and Energies were being transmitted from the Lightbody to the Physical body. In this article, we will discuss that moment when balance is achieved and the Physical body and the Lightbody become One.

We have all felt the changes, but I was excited when I was able to actually see these changes in visible form. I connected with Sheila Moore of San Diego, California, USA, who works with Aura imaging. Sheila has many years experience in working with Human Aura imaging and interpretation. She sent me the images that appear here below, with her permission.

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The image in the top right-hand corner is the aura of the new "Human Angel". The Aura is filled with white light and the chakras are calibrated at one hundred percent active (see the colored blocks underneath the image). This is an energetically powerful being. I have worked with Aura Imaging as well, and I have never seen an aura like this before. This is an ascended being, a Human Angel! Sheila says she sees about one or two of these a month!

Archangel Michael explained to me that this person has recalibrated their Lightbody to the correct "spin ratio" to produce white light. Archangel Michael spoke about the recalibration of the Lightbody in his January channel for Starchild. This represents the moment when the Crystal adult or Human Angel becomes fully activated. This being is a powerhouse - ready to create miracles.

The image just below the Human Angel Aura image shows a person still in transition. The Aura is white/violet/indigo, showing a high degree of consciousness, but the chakras are low in energy. The other two images are also people in transition. The depletion of the chakra energy accounts for the exhaustion that is a feature of the transitional phase.

In the transitional phase, the Lightbody is being "re-wired" and activated. The Higher Self allows the activation at a pace with which the person can cope safely. But the "spin ratio" is kept low, to prevent the person from suffering the side effects of electrical imbalances in the Lightbody.

However, in January of 2006 it was decided by Spirit that the planet was ready for recalibration and reconnection with the Galactic grid. And so, those who were ready increased the spin of their Lightbodies to the extent that the chakra energies blended to produce white light in the aura! The recalibration also brought the chakras up to full power. The Human Angel expresses the full power and potential of the original Human Angel template created by the Elohim to be the vehicle of the Paradise Consciousness.

Holding the Balance

My own experience with this increased "spin" is that it is absolutely essential that you be able to stay grounded and hold your twelve chakra system in balance. Otherwise, you will experience the "power surges" and "power drops" that are experienced by those beings who are "coming on-line" to full Human Angel power.

If you are ungrounded, when the power increases you are likely to lose your "connection" with material reality and become focused into the higher dimensions. When this happened to me I had a most wonderful time with the Star beings and Lightships, even taking photos of Lightships around my house. But my "journeys" started going higher, and I realized that if I did not "ground" soon, I would be leaving the planet. So, my guidance ensured that I grounded my energy into the material plane to hold the balance for the Higher Chakras.

It was actually hard work to ground, but in the process I had to go through what I call the "final clearing" of the "grounding chakras", the Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus. A Human Angel is a Hybrid of Human and Angel. There is a tendency in the Lightworker community to focus on the "angel" or extraterrestrial aspect and ignore the human aspect. This process is not about transforming from a human to an angel, but about blending the human and the angelic in a perfect balance within our beings.

So, in order to support the Higher Angelic being, the lower chakras have to be absolutely clear and open and ready to spin at one hundred percent power. This means that each human angel is totally grounded and at ease with their material reality. Abundance is a reality and a right. Human Angels always have what they need in material terms. That is the gift of the fully powered Base Chakra. What is needed is drawn into their lives, there is no lack or struggle.

The Human Angel is also completely free of Emotional dramas. The fully active Sacral Chakra means that the being has moved beyond "sin" and "karma" to a place of total acceptance and inner peace with All That Is. Human Angels create peace because they know that the Earth is a gentle and loving place, supported by the Love of All That Is, and that emotional dramas and violence are "games of illusion" played by spiritual "children". When the Sacral spins to full velocity, all emotional dramas are "spun off" to create complete clarity and peace.

The Human Angel is also not dominated or controlled by the Solar Plexus energy of the mind. For many, this is the most difficult step,as the ego mind resists being "spun off" as the Solar Plexus reaches full spin velocity. At full power, the mind becomes what it was meant to be, a part of the whole and not the dominant energy of the Being. You may find that your mind goes into overdrive as it attempts to deal with the increased spin of the whole Lightbody. But it will settle and accept the new balance once it realizes that it is "safe" in this new energy field of white light.

And so, when this essential grounding is in place, the Heart Chakra can function as the "center" of the Being, giving access to the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

Facing Yourself: The Human Angel Breakthrough Moment

As you reach this place of full calibration, there is a "pause" or a moment in time and space when nothing seems to happen. This is a void or womb-like space in which you are able to be fully with yourself and who you are as you integrate all the new aspects of self and birth your new persona or energy as a Human Angel.

This "pause" can be several months long, as your inner vibrations increase and the outer vibrations seem to slow down. Many of you experience this as feeling exhausted and being unable to cope with your normal workload. In effect you are experiencing a rapid rise in your spin ration, and you do need to slow down in the external world to allow the internal recalibration.

In this void or womb-like space you will encounter yourself, your "original face" as it were, to quote the Zen koan. You will embrace your Divinity or your God self, and you will release the fears and insecurities of your lower being. You will discover that you are and always were, safe and protected. You will discover the Love and the Peace within you. You will find your Inner Peace.

At that moment, you will spin into White Light! Another Human Angel is Born into the New Earth!

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