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Message One: "Intense Personal and Planetary Healing at this Time." Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.

Dearest and beautiful Earth Angels, you are passing through a time of intense personal and planetary healing in the first moon cycle of this month. Please be aware that these are challenging times for you all, but the rewards will be great. So we ask you to persevere and know that you are being held in love and supported from the higher dimensions in love.

We will speak first of the Personal Healing Cycles that so many of you are now experiencing, and then we will explain how this relates to the greater Planetary healing that is now under way.

Because those of you who are part of the first wave of transitioners have worked so hard and held your energy, you have been able to release most of your present and past, and indeed future fears and anxieties, and been able to move your entire "presence" into the Present or Now moment. This is the final step. Your auras and energy grids are now undergoing a period of intense "re-wiring" and "re-balancing" as you prepare to step into the New Earth.

The symptoms of this re-wiring are as follows:

You will certainly meet yourself face to face in this period. Whatever patterns have followed you throughout your incarnations will be there for you to see. BUT, this is not all negative at all. Many of you will suddenly realize and confront gifts and talents that you never knew you had. You will see parts of yourself that had been hidden under layers of low self-worth and negative thinking. You will see your TRUE BEAUTY emerging in this period as never before. You will begin to feel the love that has been there since the beginning as it emerges into your life in this period of healing and rebalancing.

And know that just as you are experiencing this healing and rebalancing. So is the Planet herself. There are tears in the inter-dimensional planetary fabric and distortions in the planetary "wiring" that have been created by humans who have attempted to abuse and misuse the cosmic power made available to the earth for their own ends, which have usually included agendas of manipulation and control. But even this is being healed at this time, and the Planet is returning to its state of balance.

At first this will seem strange. Imagine that you have spent your whole life walking in an unbalanced lopsided way, and suddenly you are walking up straight. It will seem strange and difficult. But when you become accustomed to this new way of getting around, you will see it is so much better and easier. Just know, dear ones, that for so long you have been lopsided and unbalanced, but now you are coming into balance. It is time to create a balanced planet with balanced people. A place where love and harmony and the teaching of the One Heart at the centre of all things can be established.

We wish you love, peace and harmony at this time.

Archangel Michael

Message Two: Holding the Crystal Light - Now it is So Important. Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.

Dearest Crystal family, this is an important message for all of you who have shifted into the Higher Dimensions of Light. Today, the 12th of August, completes the transitional journey of the Planet into the 9th Dimension, and your own journey into that Higher Frequency Space.

We want you to know that very shortly you will need to work very hard to hold that energy and that light. We have mentioned earlier that the energy that pours through to the Earth through this stargate is powerful and creative. It is intended to advance evolution and create more light in the Cosmos. But, as we mentioned, there are those who, knowing this, seek to subvert this energy to their own ends. They seek to use it to create negative and destructive patterns on the Planet, and so to hold on to their own power and privilege.

Each of you will have to make a choice in the next few weeks. That choice will be related to the New Earth and the Crystal Planet. You will have to live the truth of what you believe. If you believe that we are ONE - then you will have to decide whether you choose be one in LOVE, or in Fear.

Many on the lower frequencies of the planet at this time will choose to create fear and panic and induce others to join them. But we urge you, THINK WITH YOUR HEARTS. Examine what you see and hear and ask yourself, is this consistent with my belief that we are all one in the Planetary family? And how can I react in such a way that my actions reflect my beliefs that we are ONE. Can I move beyond the conflictual thinking of duality, and into the harmony of Oneness and Unity Consciousness? And when you have your answer, send only LOVE into the Crystal Web of Energy that surrounds the Planet on the Higher Dimensions. For that love is powerful and will dissolve the negative energies on the lower levels. You who have moved to the Higher Levels need to own your power, now more than ever before. It is the Power of the One Heart. Use it - to create the peaceful planetary home that you seek.

For Love is creative and healing. And you of the Crystal Family have chosen to be those who create a Planetary society based on Love, Harmony and Peace. It is so close, so even if you experience events that seem to say just then opposite, know that these will pass and the Planet of Light will emerge. It is there already in perfect form in the Higher Dimensions. As the old crumbles away, it will replace that old energy with the perfect Love we have all worked so hard to create.

And remember, what will support you in these times in not money or possessions, but the love of those who are your Crystal Family on the Planet. Give the love and be open to receiving it. It is the most creative and powerful force that exists in the Cosmos. It is the energy of the Source.

We work with you to hold the Energy of the Crystal Planet!

Archangel Michael.

Message Three: "The Reconnection of your Heart and your Emotions". Archangel Michael through Kate Spreckley.

For many centuries now most of you have been too fearful to allow for the full range of emotions that you are capable of feeling. You have learnt from past experiences and from many past lives that to be fully connected with your heart and your emotions is too painful. For so long now your heart chakra has been disconnected from your solar plexus chakra, and your mind has had control over your emotions. At present many of you are releasing old emotional patterns and old negativity surrounding your emotions. You are all working on connecting your solar plexus chakra and heart chakra so that they can work in tandem. You are also working on renewing or rewiring the connection between your mind and your hearts so that you are better able to live from the heart and to experience from the heart.

Unfortunately, many of you have associated pain with emotions and therefore your mind has had the control over your heart in order for you to not feel, to not feel the pain. You need to release your feelings from the domination of your mind in order for you to properly experience the joy and ecstasy of your emotions. If you are disconnected from your emotions, you are unable to feel the huge range of wonderful emotions that you are capable of feeling.

Yes there will be some pain with all this releasing and reconnecting, but it is a sadness, a sadness at not having felt many of your emotions for so long. A grief at not being able to connect fully with your emotions for fear of being hurt. But there will also be great joy as you begin to see the benefits of living from your heart and the miracles that will become evident. We have told you often that fear is the opposite of love and you are not able to take any fear with you into the New Earth and so it will need to be released. This shall be the last of the releasing that you will do before the birth of the New Earth.

The next round of work that you will need to do will be connecting with the New Earth and grounding yourself and others into this Earth.

We hope that you are all enjoying this wonderful journey into who you are and we are eagerly waiting to embrace you once you reach home in the New Earth.

Many blessings

AA Michael

Message Four: "The Closing of the Sirius Stargate." The Hathors through Celia Fenn.

Dearest Family, we come to you on this day to speak with you of the closing of this present cycle of energy. The Sirius Stargate closes as of today, the 13th of August. From the 16th, with the rising of the New Moon, the Earth begins a new cycle of events.

The energy that has passed through this stargate, in this window of opportunity, has gifted each one of you with new gifts of creativity. In the next year cycle, until the next opening of the stargate, each of you will be given the opportunity to develop and work with these creative gifts that were given to you. We celebrate with you and ask you to enjoy!

We also want you to know that in the days that lie ahead, we will walk with you every step of the way. We will always be here! How can we not, for we are you and you are us. We are All One in the Cosmic Family, and we support and love you every day.

Sharing the Love of the One Heart

The Hathors

Message Five:"The Crystal Children: Transmitters of Multi-Dimensional Light". The Crystal Children through Celia Fenn

We greet you, beloved fellow inhabitants of the Multi-Dimensional Earth. We rejoice with you that so many of you have now completed your transitions and are now willing to help others to make their transitions into the higher frequencies of consciousness.

Our Work With You

We, as the Crystal Children, incarnated on Earth to assist you to raise the frequencies of consciousness on the Planet. At first there was only a small group of us, but we worked with those of you who were ready to make your transitions and ascend into multi-dimensional consciousness. And, as you made your transitions, we held you in our energy fields. We helped you to remember a time when you had experienced this energy before, in ancient Egypt, in Atlantis and in Lemuria. And we helped you to keep your balance as you made this difficult journey back to your true identity as Human Angels. This was difficult for all of us. For you, making the shift was intense and demanding spiritual work. For us, it was equally arduous. We had to deal with the demands of incarnation into a human body while also assisting the Planet in its shift to the Higher Dimensions of Light.

The Crystal Children and their Spiritual Mission

We need you to understand that although we are perceived as children, we are Masters of Multi-Dimensional frequency. When we incarnate into your families, we take the bodies of children, but our energies reach far beyond these limits. A Crystal Child has a huge aura, relative to the average person. The aura may extend from five to ten miles in radius. Sometimes even more, depending on the strength and center of the child. In our Higher Dimensions, we are constantly monitoring the energy levels around us, and using our energies to help to balance and shift these energies. This work accounts for why so many of us are over-energised and anxious at times. We are filtering through our awareness the energies of those around us. This was our choice and our mission to assist the planet at this time. But we need you, as our parents and caregivers, to be understanding of how much work we are doing of which you may not be aware .

Masters of Light

Crystal children are Masters of Light and Sound Frequencies. They balance frequencies in their immediate area, and globally, by transmitting through their bodies and their auras whatever colour frequency or ray is needed by the planet or by that area. Most often this is the Gold or Magenta rays, which are primary in the Ascension process. Crystal adults are also part of this process, but generally find it easier because once they have made their transition they have a better idea of how to balance their energies and care for themselves. Crystal children have to rely on their parents and caregivers to understand why their energy may fluctuate and why they have special diet and other needs. So, parents of Crystal children, we ask of you to understand how important it is to nurture us and care for us in ways that enable us to carry out our work for you and for the Planet.

Love and Support

As Crystal Children we require love and support. The more love you transmit to us, the more we are empowered to transmit our Higher Frequencies to the places on the Planet where they are needed. We, as Crystal children, always choose parents or siblings who are Indigos, because we need that energy of the Spiritual Warrior to support us. We need you to believe in us enough to support us by refusing to drug us or force us to conform to conventional 3D ways of being that are against our multi-dimensional natures. And if you can support our being - we in turn can support you in your changes.

August 2004

In this period the first wave of transitioners have stabilized into the 5th and 6th dimensions. This is good news for us, because it means that there is now a significant group of Crystal Adults to assist the Crystal children to hold the energies on the Planet and to help to create the New Earth. And because this group has achieved stability, many more people will be able to start their transitions in the near future, and many more will join us in creating the New Earth. But the good news for us is that we can now direct more of our energy and light into being what we truly are on the Physical level- Masters of Love and Peace. So, soon you will begin to truly experience the healing powers of the Crystal Children as Bringers of Peace and Love. We will speak to you of this next month. Thank you for being with us and working with us!

Blessings of Peace to You All!

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