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Parenting the New Children and a Message about Autistic Children. Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.

As Angelic guardian of the New Children, Archangel Michael offers this message for those who are parenting the New Children.

There are many of you brave and courageous beings who are parenting Indigo and Crystal children together, or just Crystals. And so many of you are anxious about how you raise these children and whether you are doing it "right" for them. Yes, they are different. They are stronger, more powerful and often more energetic than other children. Many of you who have both Indigos and Crystals struggle with the differences between them.

But know, that Crystal children will seek a family where there are either Indigo parents or siblings, for on the energetic level, the Crystal children rely on the strong warrior energy of the Indigos. The Indigos "hold" the energy for the Crystals.

However, both kinds of children are "hard work" for parents. As a parent you will be challenged to accelerate your own personal growth by the higher frequency presence of your child. Also, your parenting skills will be questioned in every way, and indeed this is part of the "mission" of your Indigos and Crystals. To teach you how to parent in loving, wise and compassionate ways.

How difficult this often is for you. Very few of you were parented in this way. Not because your parents were unloving, but because they knew no better. They drew on models of parenting based on fear and conformity. Your children come to show you how to put aside these patterns and create new ones.

But, to do this, you have to grow within yourselves. How exhausting this can be, to deal with old and new patterns and your own rapid growth while still parenting intelligent and high energy children.

We want you to understand that each of you who has taken on this role is a pioneer. You are creating new paths, and while this is difficult, each of you is doing just fine. Collectively, you are creating a New Parenting Paradigm so that New Earth children will be raised with love and respect.

Just know that on the higher levels, you and your children are engaged in a loving partnership in which both of you are learning and creating this new Collective Archetype.

So, as parents, know that your work is so vital to the planet's future. Every day you are helping to create the New Earth. So, be at peace with your efforts and know that your children value what you do, as they value you and your work. The future generations of Crystal people will honor you as the wise elders who created the New Earth Archetypes for others to follow.

About Autistic Children�.

Autistic children are the true "starchildren".

They are higher dimensional beings who have chosen to allow most of their energy to remain on the higher levels. In so doing, they are performing a valuable "service" for the planet. They are holding the energetic portals at the higher frequencies, something you yourselves have not been able to do so far since you have held most of your energy in the lower levels and frequencies. This is why so many of these "autistic" beings are coming to the planet right now. They are an essential part of the planet's ascension into higher frequencies. Their work is so valuable. They are valuable.

These so-called "autistic" children have chosen to hold energy at the sixth dimension and higher. This makes them fairly "uncomfortable" in the lower frequencies. Their soul frequency is so high that they struggle to be at ease in your reality. They cannot be like you, and you do not allow them to be who they are.

Many autistic starchildren struggle with the labels you give them. You call them "dysfunctional" and "learning disabled", and you fail to see the gifts they offer you. It is your privilege to support these beings who hold open the doors to the stars so that you might enter them.

We ask you to see how loving and beautiful they are. And how in their "strangeness" they are showing you that humans can be multi-dimensional and that to live mostly in the higher dimensions creates a very different experience to living mostly in the lower frequencies.

These children are a sacred gift from the stars. It is your gift to support them and love them. Cherish them and see them for what they really are. A reminder that the Cosmos is wider and grander and stranger than you can perceive from your limited and conditioned belief systems in the lower frequencies.

As you ascend to higher frequencies you will "meet" with these children and learn to honor them as higher dimensional star travellers. And, as you understand them, you will become more like them, instead of wanting them to become more like you! But this is a mystery and a teaching that will be revealed to you in the coming years as you open your hearts to these children who have come to be your teachers on the path to the stars!

Message Two:"Creating New Relationships": Archangel Michael through Kate Spreckley

This month of October has been a time of discovery. Discovering the way that you relate to yourself and to others. Many of you have been forced to face how you relate to those closest to you and are seeing for the first time the patterns of abuse, neglect and pain that have been so much a part of your relationships.

You are now being offered an opportunity to change these patterns with the coming of the Grand Quintile planetary alignment on the 28th October and the 11.11 stargate. You will be given the opportunity to consciously release and create new ways of relating that benefit your higher purpose as well as those around you.

Many of you are feeling much fear and anxiety about what you are �seeing� and are battling to find ways of changing these patterns and ways of being. We ask that you look closely at your lives and especially your relationships to self and others in the next two weeks and make the necessary choices to release and create. The old patterns have no place in the New Earth and therefore you will be unable to create healthy relationships without having released all of the �old� earth patterns. The time of choice draws near and we ask you to stand together and to accept the opportunity of change with excitement and joy.

Imagine, if you will, a place where there is unconditional love and acceptance of yourself and others, where there is no judgement, where there is no pain and this is the place that you are creating for all. We ask that you join in meditation on these very special days and work on releasing and creating new patterns for yourselves. These new patterns have been coded into the New Earth and are there for you to take on as your own; all that needs to happen is for you to choose.

We see that there are many of you who are lonely and afraid and it is time to move out of that space and reconnect with your soul families and find the support and love that will help you to follow your path with love, ease and joy. Know that we of the higher realms are here with you every step of the way and all we ask in return is for your faith and trust.

Your faith has been tested on many levels this past year and we tell you now that these tests where created by yourselves and you have a choice to move forward within yourselves and to grab hold of your power of love. The faith and trust that you need is within yourself and will be found at the source of your power. The solar plexus charka is the seat of your power and the last month has been a time of releasing and opening of this chakra you have felt it physically, mentally and emotionally and now it is time to feel it spiritually. Take back your power dear ones, you have the choice. We will stand with you and help you!

You are home our dear Earth Angels and all we ask is that you recognise this and accept it.

In love and light

AA Michael

Message Three: "The Key to Living in this Time of Change" Sananda through Jose Correia

Dear Friends.... Welcome to the New Earth, Greetings from this friend of yours, from this peregrine Being and who has accompanied you as you, yourselves reach your peak. The times are fascinating and I fear many of you are anxious because you are being confronted with all the things that you most fear, loneliness, sense of loss, sense of being adrift and looking for someone to save you. No more my dear ones, you no longer need someone to save you... everything is inside you... all the answers. You only need to be aware as the Universe gives you clues, as it alerts you to something and makes way for you... one more time the decision is yours... but this time there is a difference... most of you are making that decision with your heart... you are tired of living in fear, you are tired of someone controling you with structures imposed on your being.

It's time to fly I tell you, it's time for you to believe that there are no barriers, even though most of them where put there by you as a group. Try to think that your world is being freed from the energies it no longer needs and that includes yours... you are going through something with Earth... you are in unison. It is really a "great" time to be in the Earth currently, and although it doesn't look like it, your souls and hearts are rejoicing by the things that are happening. New forms of understanding, new forms of living... but understand and this is so important, everything starts with you, everything starts with your actions, so don't wait for others to take leadership, be pioneers, be daring, have the will to express what your soul has always wanted... to love, be loved, feel, laugh, cry, live, die.... all forms of this life, all forms of being and of feeling. Don't worry when I tell you that you no longer will have to rely on other forms of understanding, other forms of being, because today and from here forth there is only one... that of the heart!

I myself, rejoice with each step your courage takes you forward. There I will be and am to support and caress you... you only need to call. We, beings of the Higher Dimensions, have a small advantage over you... we can see a little ahead, we can see the enormous possibilities that exist ahead of you and so on the most critical moments, we are there, supporting and caring for each decision you take... because it is not easy. But you are defining a new form of living, you are bringing back the golden times that this Earth has previously felt. Be brave my dear ones, the best is yet to come!

With love

Message Four: "A Message for the Warriors of Light": Sanat Kumara through Dave James

Gentle Beings, and Warriors of this Earth, long have you awaited this day. It is here now so rejoice, and know in your hearts that you have done what you enjoined to do so many eons ago, when you were warriors of Mu.

Many have felt an unease and stirring in their bellies, a real gut wrenching pain, and will do so for a few days yet, as the key of life is unlocked, and new lines of communications formed, left long in disuse, as the time was not right.

Know ye, that those who you perceive as Spiritual helpers and guides, are real and not figments of vain and arrogant ideals. Some have chosen to take the roles of messengers and leaders, and have suffered the most in these recent times. If sentient, a sword would not enjoy the hammering, drawing and tempering needed to make it into its final perfect shape, nor does it indeed do so, for ALL life has energies yet unperceived, and being born of the Mother, they too have needs and feelings. Respect all things in all forms, no matter how humble, for possesing energies, they too are with life.

Gaia awaits, for she too is reborn in your eyes and hearts - many thinking that Shaballah is the ultimate, and yet Gaia and Shamballah are both but staging posts in your travels through the Realms of time and space as your perceive them. Many are troubled by thoughts at this time - are my helpers what they truly appear to be? The veils have been lifted, and they are showing their true light of old - not huddled and covered by masks of disguise. We know this is a shock to many, but know in your hearts, dear children, that these are indeed your souls, and now you can see those who help you in their true forms, and some will be shocked when they see the Masters among them, not 'normal' and 'banal' warriors of Spirit, and guides to the 'common', for those who have chosen this task and undertaking have needed more.

Dearest ones, you know why we have hidden our light to a certain degree, for if we had shewn our true magnificance, and you had spread word, you, and we would have been derided, as have been of past, chided for saying things not yet fully understood, and in ways self-centred and based on fear and mistrust. Ego has no place in this time, so shrug off the weight from your shoulders and loosen that burden which has there for so long.

If, in all humility and thoughtfulness, you can look in your hearts, and say 'I am ME!' then you indeed are who you think you are - Warriors of Light, come back to resume your sacred roles as teachers and helpers of this time.

Sacred not as in following any one faith, for those who have looked deep, know that we are all that and more, but teachings on 'paper', have not stood the tests of time and some have been lost through transmission by oral means. Look in your hearts to seek the truth, for you know it is there, as a sacred flame. Some are dimmed and some yet small, but these too shall shine with a light unbridled, as you shrug off the trappings of old and unneeded ways, to stand in ranks and be counted.

Those who can see, and have seen more than most have the hardest task yet before them, for they know this is right in their hearts, but as leaders, they have been tested the most, knowing that the challenges that have torn their hearts and souls, were needed to prove that it will be as was shown to them, for it is our wish, and the wish of all, that you receive the happiness and true love you have worked for.

These beloved ones have struggled the most, have fought and loved the most, and have lost the most, for they are true Seekers of Light, and could not explain why they did things in words, for as they were helping bring forth others to this pass, they were learning their lessons of stature as well - hard ones, that any other warrior would not, or could not bear. But yet, Dear children, they were with you in times of need, bringing you up to awakenment, as much as they could, and is time for their rest, for they have laboured long and hard in the Service of Love, and have need to recuperate their energies, but have taught you well, to stand true and tall and follow their lead.

Let them stand back, for although they love you with a love unknowable to many, they have fulfilled their role, and have tasks anew to fulfill, but knowest Dear ones and believe this as truth, you will never lose them, or they you, for they have left a seed in your hearts, the seed of Life and Love, and it is of a nature that can never die, not through neglect or hate, or even fear, for they have touched your soul, your essence, your hearts and love you with Love Unconditional

Rejoice and be merry my beloved ones, for the time is upon us to enrich this world with the Light of Love, a love unbroken, that which is truly ours, and as we glow, feel that which is needed come to us, to enrich and strengthen our lives.

Go forth in peace, and strengthen the Love that binds us all

in Love, Peace, and Harmony.

Kumara, Sanat.

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