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Message One: "The Economic Shift of 2005": Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.

Dear ones, in these dark and difficult days we wish to bring you a message that may shine light into your darkness. So many of you who are lightworkers are struggling financially. You wonder what has happened to the abundance that you were taught to expect would be yours. Instead, many of you are tired and dispirited, your lives limited by financial necessity.

The energy of economic flow on the planet is out of balance. The laws of universal energy flow no longer are able to work as they used to. But, we wish you to understand that in 2005 this situation will be corrected. It will be one of the miracles you will perceive as you look back on this time.

The flow of energy called money was shifted out of balance when the developed world of the North began to consume more and more of the energy of the Planet. This set up a vortex that pulled energy towards the north, creating affluent lifestyles for wealthier nations, but creating poverty for the poorer Southern nations. This imbalance has intensified over the past couple of years, to the point where the economic system is about to collapse because it is totally out of balance and there is very little flow or exchange ocurring within the system as a whole.

Some of you have spoken of immanent economic collapse, but we ask you to consider a quiet miracle that is happening to correct the situation. In the wake of the Tsunami disaster, money and energy are pouring out of the developed world and finding its way to those undeveloped and struggling countries worst hit by the Tsunami. This creates a flow of money and energy that is helping to correct the imbalance.

This money is not coming from governments or banks primarily. It is not impersonal tax money or "aid" money that can be manipulated by banks. It is coming from ordinary people and it is going to ordinary people to help to rebuild their shattered lives. The motivation is compassion, and the energy is coming from the open hearts of those who understand that their money can make a diffference.

Many of you asked why the Tsunami hit such impoverished areas. Maybe this is an answer. The lines of energy represented by money are flowing towards these countries, creating a miraculous flow in the reverse direction to what has been in past years. The balance is being restored and corrected by you as ordinary people as you open your hearts and use your personal power to heal and balance.

The more you, as lightworkers, give of your time and energy to creating this bridge of love and compassion, the more you are helping to create the planetary balance that will return abaundance to the earth and create stable economic conditions for all. Once these channels have been established, they will continue to be used to build energetic lines of compassion and healing between north and south.

So, dearest ones, you see that in spite of the high cost in suffering that the Tsunami has exacted, it is assisting the people of the planet to wake up to the nature of the imbalances that exist. As more lightworkers awaken and begin to lend their energies to the balancing effort, traumatic earth changes will become unnecessary. It is your work now to keep the energy flowing so that the future may be more balanced and more peaceful.

Message Two:"Conscious Contracting: Choosing your own Mission for 2005". Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.

Dearest Lightworkers and Human Angels of the Fifth-Dimensional Earth, you are truly blessed! It is time to gather all your energies and to begin creating the New Earth. It is time to open your hearts and to understand that the foundation of the New Earth, its founding energies, will be Compassion, Love and Creativity. As you connect with and manifest these energies, so the New Earth will be created through your work.

But, we have a special message of love and joy for you as Lightworkers. Because you have awakened and ascended, you are now in the glorious position of being conscious co-creators of your own reality. You are also now in a position to consciously co-create your new contract, or "mission" or "life purpose" in 2005. You no longer have to wait for your guidance or your higher self alone to determine this contract, you have a voice in the work that you will choose to do. All you need to do is to follow the Fifth-Dimensional guidelines we offer here to determine how to draw up your own contract.

As we stated earlier, the key elements are Compassion, Love and Creativity. And to that we will add Service and Passion and Free Choice.

You are given Free Choice to find a path of service. Your chosen service should be aligned with the principles of the Fifth-Dimensional New Earth and should be a living demonstration of Compassion and Love in action. Within these parameters, we ask you to seek your Passion.

What is it that makes you passionate? Is it the Earth herself and the Ecology? Is it children and their welfare? Is it helping those less fortunate than yourself or those who are in trauma?

What is it that you wish to share of yourself? What are your talents and gifts, and how can you offer them to the creation of the New Earth?

Now, more than ever before, it is time for Lightworkers to be truly grounded and offer their talents to their fellow humans. Engage in projects, community or global, that are aligned with your beliefs of what a Fifth-Dimensional Earth will be. The Planet needs the energy of each and every one of you at this time!

The important thing now is to use your individual power and energy to make a real difference. You are infinitely powerful as Human Angels. You can make a difference. Use that power to create the New Earth. And understand that if you are powerful as individuals, you are even more powerful as groups and networks. Seek out people who hold your values and work with them to manifest the New Earth that is ready to be born. It will be your creation!

This is the moment you have worked for and waited for. Make your choices, take out your contracts, and make the commitment to your work. The choice is yours, the passion is yours. We in the Spirit realm are here to support you and guide you to each other, once you have stated what it is that you will do. You need only state your Intention as your indication of accepting a contract, and we will do the rest. We are truly your Partners in the Creation of the New Earth!

Message Three:Message from Sananda and Mother Mary about the changes on the Earth, through Jose Correia

Hello everyone
Today I want to talk about a friend who brings you a beautiful message, Mary.

My dear sons and daughters,

Be careful with your intentions because they are now very powerful. With the increase of free will you can now create your ideal world that you have always wanted. Although you may still have much healing to do, and by that I mean that you have to take into consideration your past and your actions. This means looking inside yourselves and finding the answer of what you really want. Peace and love for everyone, or money and security for yourselves?

The Planet is chaging radically, and needs you to ensure that the new energy currents are manegeable for most people. You no longer have to paddle against the current because you have everything available to use the current. The main tool of course is the heart. Believe me when I say that the the contemporary worries of the third-dimensional world do not exist anymore. The focus now for Lightworkers is the alliance of all human beings, to bring to the people this new synergy, this new link, to show that we are all one and we can work towards a common goal, that of bringing harmony to the planet in a gentle way without abuses. It is the fear that people have of scarcity that makes them abuse the resourses of Mother Earth. Well then, no more, She has had enough of so many abuse and whether you want or not she is going to bring balance.

Then you have to show Her that you really care and that you really love her. Don't worry about anything else, because the answers will come to the fore in a gentle way.

And so this is the message from Mary, our Mother.

My message today, reciprocates your love for me. I want to tell you that you are not alone: The planet is now assisted by many beings of light, all of them to helping you on this journey and to this decisive point in your history. You are going to feel them and fell their love. Use it, receive it and feel that you deserve it because you really do!

Like horsemen in the desert when arriving at an oasis! ;-) (Sananda smiling)

My concern is that you will put in much effort, and then think that you have not obtained the desired results. But who tells to you that the results you get are not the perfect ones for that time? ;-)

I thank your for your efforts and I'm very happy to see the tide change, and that you are aware of it. Because it is going to change for the better. Although, this is the critical phase and because of it, Mother wants you to really concentrare. Your intentions are going to count for a lot now. Follow your heart, follow your intuition, act accordingly, because the doors will always open when the work is of the Spirit.

And that is all for today, the doves are going to fly and open the way! ;-)

I love you

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