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Message One: "The Gifts of Easter/Wesak 2005 : The Energy of the Great Mother activates the Planet": Quan Yin through Celia Fenn.

Dearest Ones, we bring to your Planet a great gift at this time. The energy of the Great Mother descends to the Planet from the Galactic Center, and I, Quan Yin, am here to assist you to open your hearts and your deeper being to these loving new energies.

Between the New Moon of the 8th of April and the Full Moon on the 24th of April, which is the Wesak Full Moon, the energy of the White Tara will manifest on the Planet.

Between the New Moon of 8th May and the Full Moon of the 22nd May, the energy of the Green Tara will manifest on the planet.

This is a great gift for the New earth, for the energy of the Tara is the enlightened and compassionate energy which is the Feminine counterpart of the Buddha energy. The Taras bring a gentleness and a love for humanity and the planet that will motivate and energize the efforts to create and establish the New Earth on the matrix laid down by the Phi Gate energies as the Paradise Grid.

As you have passed through the sacred festival of Easter, you have experienced a heightened sense of the Christ consciousness, and the path of the compassionate and enlightened being that was Christ. And at this time, the energy of Mary Magdalen and Mother Mary, streamed towards the planet to begin the work of activating the feminine in the hearts of humans. Now, as you move towards Wesak, you begin to experience the compassionate and enlightened energy that was the path of the Buddha. And you experience also the energy of the Divine Taras.

The energy of Tara has been on your planet for a very long time, but now she is rising in your consciousness to assist you with the changes that must come. Her name means "star"in Sanskrit, which indicates her origins in the stars. But her name can also mean "bridge" or "crossing", which indicates her role now as the bridge or crossing point for the Feminine Energy as it enters the New Earth.

tank3.jpg White Tara, the first energy to enter, is the goddess of Compassion and Mercy. She brings with her a great sensitivity to the suffering of beings on the Planet, and her gift is the gift of Healing. She brings health, longevity and beauty. True gifts for the New Earth. As her energy grounds into the New Grids, she will bring to your hearts a new sense of compassion and service. She will teach you, in the next cycle, the true meaning of service to others and compassion for all beings. You will once again understand the great joy of being in service to the purpose of releasing fear from the World and bringing in a world of Peace and Love.

And know, dearest Lightworkers, that as the next wave of Ascensioners moves into the transformation, you will indeed be called upon to live out these ideals of compassion and service. There will be much to do for those of you who have chosen to be the helpers for this next wave of beloved beings who will awaken and begin their ascension towards the light. Let White Tara be your guide and your support. Her energy will instruct you from the Heart.

Then, in the May Lunar Cycle, the energy of Green Tara will enter the Planet. Green Tara is the Great Mother in action. She cares for the Planet, and sweeps away all injustices and imbalances. Hers is the energy that will ensure that the Planet returns to balance, guided by the hand of the Great Ma'at (the aspect of the Divine Mother that holds the Cosmic Balance), Green Tara will activate the hearts of those of you whose work it is to return Paradise to the Planet. She will connect Lightworkers with the Elemental beings who are returning to assist with the creation of the New Earth. She will gather those who have agreed to be the pioneers of the "greening" of the Planet. And she will light their hearts with courage and determination and love.

So, dearest Lightworkers, we urge you to be aware, at this time, of the strong influx of Divine Feminine energy from the Taras. You will feel it as increased sensitivity and compassion. You may feel emotional and tearful very easily. Remember, the legend says that White Tara arose from the compassionate tears of the Buddha. This will bring increased gentleness into your relationships, and increased understanding.

Those of you who embrace the energy of White Tara, will also find yourselves going through a deep cleansing and detoxification, as this highly refined energy enters your being. And you may feel a loss of focus, as the gentle and diffuse energy of the goddess becomes part of you. But you will find in this, an expansion of your consciousness and an expansion of your mission and your service in the next cycle.

Those who embrace the energy of Green Tara will feel a passionate desire to bring back the "green world" that is fast disappearing from the planet. They will be the Lightworkers who will plant and grow and work with the natural energies to bring back the garden. For the Original Paradise blueprint that was called Lemuria was for a Garden world. And so it will be. But the challenge now will be to transform a planet with billions of inhabitants into a Garden Planet. It can be done, and with the assistance of Green Tara, many of you will begin the first steps in this project of global greening and transformation.

And so, dearest lightworkers, at this time I ask you to be open to the stirrings in your heart - of greater compassion and service, and of a desire to return to the Original Garden of Life, for these are the gifts of the Great Mother to the New Earth at this Time.

Message Two: "The Meaning of Compassion in this Cycle : The Teachings of Lady Quan Yin through Celia Fenn"

kwanyin2.jpg Dearest Beings of Light, this message is to bring to you the joy of experiencing and exercising Compassion in your adventure of life on Planet Earth. For you are here, beloved ones, to grow through service to others. And this service is based on Compassion.

And yet so few people truly understand the meaning of Compassion. In literal language terms it means "to feel with" another. Or to encounter another "with feeling". Many people interpret this in emotional terms, assuming that it means to feel pity or kindness. But this is not so.

Compassion means to see with the Heart, or to see with feeling. The Heart is not the place of emotions, rather it is the seat of Universal Love within the Human Being. It is the place of Intuition and Spiritual Connection. The emotions associated with the Heart are Joy, Oneness and Bliss. So - to see with the Heart means to see the Oneness that you share with others. And in this recognition, to feel the bliss of the Universal Source within yourself through this connection and service.

So, service based on compassion is not "helping" or even "teaching", so much as a "sharing" based on the joy of common human experience. This may be called "healing", since it awakens in others a sense of their common humanity and "oneness" within the human family.

Thus, to see with Compassion means to see Joy. If something or someone brings joy, fun, peace, love and serenity, then it is being experienced from the heart. If, however, you are experiencing or seeing sorrow, grief, and pain, then you are experiencing with the emotions. These are illusionary states produced by the ego mind that cannot understand Oneness. They are not real. Only Universal Love is Real.

But, on your planet so many understand Compassion to mean "helping" those less fortunate. And while this kind of work is indeed admirable and necessary, it is considered to be Charity, and is not the fundamental meaning of Compassionate Service. Your planet is addicted to states of pain and grief and sorrow. Your news services are filled with disaster and death, and so you confuse emotional responses of pity and fellow-feeling with Compassion.

Dearest ones, understand that Compassion is Spiritual Service. To find Joy and Peace within yourself and to pass it on to others. This means that you will need to release addictions to disasters and suffering and dramas of pain. Do not create them in your own lives and do not support them in the lives of others.

Rather - focus your Compassionate Hearts on bringing positive energies and love and the Message of Hope and Unity to all those you meet.

This is Compassion!

The New Earth will be based on the understanding on Compassion. On living this truth - that only Love is real and that only Love and Sharing are true and valid experiences.

We ask you, beloved ones, to remember this as you go about your service to the Planet in the next Cycle.

Message Three: "Understanding the True Meaning of Joy in Spiritual Service : The Teachings of Lady Quan Yin through Celia Fenn."

wesakmoon.jpg Dearest Children of Light, we bring you this message to complement the previous message on Compassion, and to enlarge your understanding and comprehension of these subjects at this time.

Many of you speak of Joy and wish for Joy in your lives, and yet you do not fully understand the true meaning of Joy in the context of spiritual service and the work of your soul. You confuse Joy with happiness, and because you cannot be happy all the time you feel that you have failed or that you are not good enough. But, we say to you, do not feel this way beloved ones, especially at this difficult time in your planet's transition. Perhaps, when I explain it to you further you will understand more fully how you can be in the state of Joy without necessarily being whay might be called "happy".

As we have said, spiritual joy is a state of the Heart and the Soul. It is produced when the Heart and Soul unite in the service of a greater good such as the unfolding of the Divine Plan on the planet. It creates within the person a sense of contentment, acceptance, and serenity. A deep knowing that whatever might happen, it will all be for the highest good and the greatest good according to Divine decree. This knowledge produces spiritual fortitude and strength, even in adverse and difficult circumstances such as those through which many of you are now passing. For we see your stress, and your exhaustion, as you struggle with the new patterns of being and release the old ways. And no, many of you are not happy, but you can experience spiritual joy in the knowing that this difficult shift is for the greater good. It is what so many of you came to the planet to experience and to work for, and it is now a global process in which all are involved.

But happiness is different. Happiness is a state of delight and emotional well-being in which you feel completely without stress and anxiety. You focus only on the good and the positive and you enjoy and celebrate each moment of life. Happiness is the ideal towards which all are striving, and it is the aim and end point of the New Earth. A planetary society that will create happiness for all.

But, do you understand, dearest Lightworkers, that happiness may not be within your reach right now. There is so much chaos and imbalance as everything shifts and changes. And so it is counterproductive to judge yourself because you cannot be happy all the time as you would like to be. You are processing not only your own issues and energies, but as Lightworkers you are often processing the energies and issues of the Collective Mind as well. Understand, dearest ones, that you are working as a group, and working as a group towards collective happiness. Within this framework, the individual is in service of the Collective, and must put individual happiness aside until the Collective can achieve this state. This may be difficult for you to grasp, since your culture and your ego-mind have taught you to think of yourself only and to seek happiness for yourself. But while this is still true, it must be balanced with seeking happiness for the Collective, for as you know, in the language of the Heart you are all One. So what the One experiences must be experienced by the Collective as well. This is indeed different from your previous way of living, where the well-being of others was not a primary concern. And so, gradually, you are learning once again, how to live with a true sense of Oneness and Group Responsibility. And you, as Lightworkers, are showing the way.

So, dearest Lightworkers, do not be so hard on yourselves if you are not happy all the time, and if you find life hard and a struggle. Know that right now, the qualities that will sustain you until you can create happiness in the New Earth are Courage and Serenity. This energy of quiet strength will do more for others than any assumed front of happiness, because you feel that as Lightworkers you should be happy.

Be honest with yourself, allow your feelings and emotions. Remember that your hearts are healing and you are having to cope with deep feelings and emotions that may have been repressed for many lifetimes. Be prepared to share your feelings, emotions and anxieties with those who can support you, without becoming co-dependent or falling into victim states.

Courage will tell you that this will pass in time, and that when the ascension and awakening of the planet is complete, you will find and create states of happiness. Serenity will enable you to remain calm and focused, even when the stress of the transition is great and you feel that you cannot go on. And Joy will be the result, because you know that you are contributing your energy and your light to the unfolding of a greater plan and in service of the Highest Good. This is the meaning of Joy in your Spiritual Service!

Message Four: The Lunar Eclipse of April 24th : AA Michael Channeled through Kate Spreckley

wesakmoon2.jpg Lightworkers are experiencing a time of rapid transformation and change on a physical level. The Lunar Eclipse of the 24th has been a time of great power and energy to aid you in manifesting your physical reality within the New Earth. Previously growth and transformation was occurring on a spiritual level and now the transformation has started within your physical reality. Many of you are experiencing extreme sensitivities to this moon energy and again many of the symptoms of the ascension process are being felt. For example stomach related problems, lower back ache, "shock" like sensations through the body, etc. This will settle down as you ground the energy and work with it on a physical level.

The week before the Eclipse was a time of deep inner work and a releasing and an acknowledging of where you have been and what you have achieved thus far in your ascension process. Those of you who have been transitioning for some time will have felt this energy to be challenging and another time of introspection. Again a time of stating your intentions of how you want to be and live in the New Earth. What are your dreams, hopes and desires for your life as an individual? During this last week many of your greatest fears manifested into reality in order for you to acknowledge and release them. By allowing the energy into these darker aspects of yourself you are better able to begin manifesting your hearts desires and to begin creating your reality with joy, love, peace and abundance.

The Sun has moved into the earth sign of Taurus which represents the physical body, the earth, your security, stability and pleasure. This is a time of establishing a relationship with the New Earth and of helping you to feel at home and nurtured in this new energy. It is also a time of bringing the soul into the physical body and of finding pleasure in this deep connection. The physical body and the soul are now intimately connected and you will begin finding a balance within the spiritual and material worlds. Your connection to your Higher Self is growing stronger and becoming clearer and therefore your dreams, hopes and wishes are manifesting at a faster rate. So too are you able to manifest your fears faster. The difference is that you are now able to see the old patterns you are trying to recreate and you are better equipped with knowledge and understanding to change these patterns and to release any fears.

The energy from the Scorpio Full Moon has given you the opportunity to illuminate your deepest desires and fears and to release any last vestiges of fear that you may have been harboring. Because of the Lunar Eclipse at the same time, you have been give the chance to look deeper into the shadow or hidden aspects of yourself. During this time your shadows, emotional patterns and unconscious beliefs will come to light and you will be guided to make the necessary changes and adjustments in your emotional body and any unconscious patterns or beliefs will have to be faced and released. You are being asked to take yourself to another level where you are able to manifest and create your life as an individual without being codependent and needy. Where you are able to find security, comfort and love within yourself. You are able now to experience the physical joining of Heaven and Earth within your own physical body and therefore you will begin to live from a place of knowing. Knowing that you are supplied with all your needs, wants and desires. Your soul is therefore illuminated from within at the meeting place of Heaven and Earth, a place of pure innocence.

In order to feel physically the joining of the energy of Heaven and Earth we ask that you sit quietly, draw the Universal/Heaven Energy down through your crown and into the space between your solar plexus and heart, your centre. Draw the Earth Energy up through your feet and into that centre space. Allow the energies to blend and then expand and extend the energy outwards through all your chakras and into your entire physical body. Allow the energy to radiate outwards until it has filled your entire energy field. This visualization will help you to feel the joining of your physical self with your soul, the joining of Heaven and Earth.

The energy of this past month will reverberate into the next few months and it will be a time when you consciously begin creating an individual life filled with only love, peace, joy and abundance. There will be no place in your lives for fears or old patterns and you will be unable to go back to a place where you experience life from a place of fear, distrust and lack of faith. Your prayers will be answered so make sure that you state clearly what it is you desire and work with us in love to create and manifest that desire.

The changes and transformations occurring will be impressive and will be felt by all within the Collective Consciousness. This will help to bring more and more souls to begin the ascension process. Part of your work as Lightworkers will be to help and support those who are just beginning. The process for them will be rapid and will take but a few months to complete. They will experience massive changes and sometimes trauma due to the rapid ascension and will need to be loved, supported and counseled during this time. Your work as Lightworkers is now to help those who are about to enter into what you have already experienced. With the awakening of your power as a true individual and your blending of Heaven and Earth energy comes a responsibility to share your experiences and therefore to ultimately help others to evolve to a higher level of consciousness. Accept this responsibility with pride and dignity. This will take patience and your physical limits will be tested. Begin by turning your ideas into a reality and find power in your own inspiration and creativeness.

There is a readiness and a great deal of energy available to you all to take the initiative and begin the process of emotional growth and the exploration and maturity of the heart through nurturing and having compassion for others. Energy resources are plentiful during this time and a redistribution of these energies needs to be undertaken by those who hold the energy. Stand your ground as to who and what you truly are and you will find success through the correct application of your inner strength and your will and you will begin to see the progress made in overcoming physical and psychological obstacles. Begin to find freedom in your instinctive and intuitive nature that will draw you to the greater meaning of this life, wholeness, enlightenment and teaching. Seek your wisdom and guidance from within and you will experience a greater peace and a chance to gather your own strength and power.

Enjoy the adventure!

With Love and Light
AA Michael

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