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Message One:"The Importance of Sharing and the Gifts of your Children at this Time" Quan Yin through Celia Fenn.

Dearest Children of Light, as you enter into another cycle of blessed change and higher consciousness, we bring you this gentle message to assist you on your path forward. It is a message about the importance of Sharing as a way of Creating Balance in the Fifth and Sixth Dimensional Realities that you now inhabit.

Sharing - of yourself and of your Gifts and Talents as well as your Material Abundance - is the key to finding balance and stability in the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

The One and the Many: The Principle of Fifth and Sixth Dimensional Life

In the Third Dimensional Reality that you inhabited previously, you were taught as children to focus on yourself and your gifts as a matter of survival. At school you were taught to compete with others for "grades", and the person who was the "best" come out top. This was the "gifted" child, the intelligent child, and the rest were seen as "lesser" somehow. Their gifts and talents were dimmed in the comparison, until they lost all confidence in themselves and settled for mediocrity and boredom.

Is that not where many of you are now? Frustrated ands bored, wanting to express your gifts but not knowing how or even what they might be? If you watch your children, you will see that before they go to school they have a natural confidence and joy in themselves. They are playful and creative and outgoing. But at school, they lose that in the competition to be the "best" and to "succeed" in very narrow terms.

In the New Earth society, dearest ones, you will once again understand the principle of the Many and the One. That you can only live well as a Group, and that this Group will only be as strong as its weakest members. If there are disempowered individuals within the Group, then the Group will be weak as a whole. It is only when each member of the Group is empowered by feeling confident to express their gifts, then the whole Group will be strong.

The "One" must be Strong, for the "Many" to be strong. And the "Many" must work to ensure that the "One" within the Group is also strong and empowered. And the key to the process of empowerment is the Reciprocal Energy of Sharing. For Sharing empowers both parties, for it is a reciprocal process of giving and receiving that creates balance and joy. If some are always giving and others always receiving, then there is imbalance and disharmony.

Sharing, Creativity and Manifestation

Each of you has a gift to offer to others. Each of you is a powerful Creator and Manifester. But it is only when you share your gifts with the Group, that you enter into the flow of manifestation. For manifestation is a shared activity, it is the transmission and sharing of energies in co-creative activities. For you cannot manifest a house unless you have a builder to build it. And the builder cannot build unless he has bricks or timber, and so it goes....Each one contributes of their gifts and talents to the final product.

For, dearest ones, sharing is expressing love. Sharing is a major part of your work on the Planet at this time. As you break through the last veils of the illusions created by the Third Dimension, you will see that you cannot just focus on yourself and on your own well-being. For your well-being is connected to that of all others. The more you share with and support others, the more support and love will flow to you.

And, dearest ones, sharing does not mean sharing your problems and your fears. These are illusions that you spin within the veil and they have no substance as such. Sharing means sharing of what is real, your essence and your "god-self", your creativity, your imagination, your joy, your encouragement and your material blessings, if appropriate.

The Gifts of Your Children at this Time

Dearest beings of light, the Gift of Sharing will be the gift that your children will bring to you at this time. As the radiant and blessed Crystal Children grow older, they will refuse to conform to the system of competition and grades. They will continue to believe in themselves and their gifts and talents, and they will refuse to compromise. Nor will they let you.

They will teach you that each individual is unique and beautiful, and they will show you how to receive this uniqueness and beauty as a gift. For indeed, being open to receive is the key to the process of creative manifestation. If you understand that each and every being has a gift to offer, and you are open to receiving that gift, then you will see the riches that life offers you. These are riches beyond material goods, but, as your children will teach you, your material survival is assured in the Higher Dimensions, and you are able to focus on the abundance of creativity and joy that is your "playground" on the Planet.

So, dearest ones, we urge you to add to your practice of gratitude, the practice of sharing as a way of demonstrating that gratitude. Allow your heart to lead you and to show you how to share, for each of you has that gift within your being.

Finding your Gift

The need to share is important in your New Earth Higher Consciousness, for if you do not you become locked into the illusion of separation and the creative energies cannot flow. If this happens, you become "stuck" and you cannot move forward. If you cannot move forward you will start to slide backwards, and your creativity will be played out in negative dramas of separation and isolation and lack.

So, how do you find your gift? Listen to your heart and look at your life. Where is your abundance at this time? What is it that you have more of than you need for yourself? If it is love, then share that with others. If it is money, then share that with others. If it is time, then give that to others.

What are your talents? Not everyone is a healer or a teacher, but everyone has something to share with others. Be proud of what you have to share, and share it with joy and confidence, knowing your gift is worthy and valuable.

And then, be open to receive the gifts of others. For the process of sharing is both giving and receiving. It is not only what you give and how you give it, but also how you receive. Can you receive with the joy and innocence of a child?

For you need only watch a child receive a gift to know the pleasure and joy that a gift can bring. So, dearest ones, follow your children and share your gifts with one another in this wonderful new cycle of New Earth energy that is emerging.

I am with you. I share with you.
Quan Yin

© 2004-5 Celia Fenn
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