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Ascension Special Message

Blue Print for a Blue Planet : Activating your Galactic Lightbody

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Lightworkers, you are living in grand and wonderful times. Wonderful shifts and changes are happening in your Earth reality. The recalibration of your Planetary and Personal Merkaba Fields or Lightbodies has enabled the activation of another level of your Lightbody Geometry as you continue the journey of Ascension.

The acceleration of your Lightbody, supported by the incoming Electric Blue radiance from the Galactic Center via Sirius, has enabled the Activation of your Galactic Lightbody. A whole new set of Geometries and Codes and Meridians is now activated to carry the Blue Fire Energy from Sirius and to connect the 9th Dimensional Human Angels with "home". This is the gift of light that you have long waited for, dearest ones. You have achieved full Galactic and Stellar consciousness while still on Earth. You are ready to live in the Light - beyond the old energies of polarity and suffering. You are ready to live in heaven and to bring "heaven" to Planet Earth.

Activating Galactic Consciousness

There are two steps to this process. Once you have become aware of yourself as a Crystal or Christed being, a human angel, you will seek and find your Angelic soul family. Only then can you activate your Galactic Light Body and move into 9th Dimensional Consciousness.

Finding your Angelic Soul Family enables you to begin a process that is known in the Higher Dimensions as "integrating your 8th Dimensional or Angelic Archetype". This basically means that you take on your "family" power or identity as a being of light. You are given passage to the Higher Levels as a right by virtue of your membership of an Angelic family or clan. All Human Angels on Earth belong to an Angelic family. When you are ready to make the transition to the 9th Dimension, you will connect with your Angelic Family. This does not need to be a conscious "search", and you do not need to be anxious. When the time is right and you are ready, you will make the connection. And then you will activate the energies for the Galactic Lightbody.

Once the Galactic Lightbody is activated, you will have full access to the 9th Dimension of Consciousness. The Galactic Lightbody is activated by the Electric Blue Fire that emanates from Sirius, the Blue Star. For Sirius is the Galactic "home" of first reference for all the Angelic Families on Earth. The Evolution and Development of Earth is a joint project of the Elohim Creator Angels and the Sirian "Neters" or Star Beings. Other Beings of Light from this and other galaxies are here to help, but the "blueprint" for the Blue Planet derives from the Sirius/Orion partnership of Angelic Creator Beings.

And so, when the Galactic Lightbody is activated, the Earthly Angelic Families are once again consciously connected to those Higher Dimensional Angelic beings whose work it is to hold and maintain Higher Dimensional Growth and Evolution for Planet Earth in its Ascended form of New Earth. The energy can flow freely between them once again. Earth will receive the Light and Unconditional Love that will create and maintain the original Blueprint plan - a Paradise garden planet of peace and joy where Human Angels can grow and play in the Light of Source.

The Planet with Two Suns

When you activate your Galactic Lightbody and make the shift to 9th Dimensional consciousness, you enter New Earth, or a "new" planet. A planet with two suns!

For Sirius becomes the second sun of the Planet Earth. Those with active Galactic Lightbodies receive white/gold sunlight from the Solar system sun, and blue/white "sunlight" from Sirius.

The Blue sunlight from Sirius creates a 9th Dimensional field of Electric Blue light that maintains the Galactic Consciousness of the Planet through the Angelic Families.

This "truth" was known to the ancient Egyptians who received their teachings from Sirius. At the time of the Lion's Gate Stargate in late July and early August, they celebrated the heliacal rising of Sirius in the morning sky and the rising of the Nile to bring prosperity to Egypt. But the initiates knew that in Egypt, also known as the land of "Khem" or alchemy, the rule was "as above, so below", and that this event was symbolic of something on a greater level. This "something" was the alignment of Earth's two "suns" in the heavens. At this time, the blue-white energy of Sirius is "magnified" through the sun as by a lens, and waves of creative light representing waves of abundance, love and prosperity "rain" down on Earth as Cosmic Fire. The white-gold and the blue-white combine to create Magic and bring change, renewal and growth.

The Ancient Egyptians identified the Solar System sun with Ra-Herukuti-Osiris. It carried a Masculine energy. The Sirian "sun" was identified with isis-Maat and was a Feminine energy. Together, their Sacred Union created Abundance and Peace on Earth.

In Ancient Egypt the connection with Sirius was held by the Royal family of the Pharoahs. Their genetic inheritance from Sirius enabled them to "hold the field" of Blue Light and maintain the Galactic connection through their Galactic Lightbodies. This connection was terminated by the Higher Dimensions when it was decided to initiate a program whereby all humans could become Angelic holders of the Galactic Consciousness. That time is now! You are ready to create an Earth where each person will be able to hold the Blue Field of Galactic Consciousness.

What will this mean, dearest ones? It will mean that each Human Angel who activates their Galactic Lightbody will have the power and the ability to activate and transmit the Akashic codes or information for Planet Earth into manifestation. To co-create a Paradise Earth with no sickness, suffering or pain. A playground of light and joy. And that time is now! As each of you activates the Galactic Lightbody, you activate and power the Field of Blue Light and its potential for creating global change. Can you see, dearest Lightworkers, what a joy and a blessing is given to you at this time!

The Blue Star Children : The Future of the Planet

The Blue Star Children, dearest ones, are incarnating right now to assist you to work with the Blue Star Field and fully activate the Blueprint for the Blue Planet.

Each Blue Star Child that is born incarnates with the Galactic Lightbody fully activated. They have full Galactic Consciousness and are able to hold the stellar connections for the Planet. In fact, from conception, they will be anchoring the Blue Star Field on the Planet.

They will also be born with a knowledge and consciousness of their Angelic and Stellar families, and will be fully integrated with their Angelic archetypes. They will be Angelic Humans rather than Human Angels. Their primary identification will be with the Angelic and Cosmic consciousness, and with the fields of Cosmic light. And this consciousness they will transmute, with you, into a joyful Paradise home or "heaven on earth".

So, beloved Lightworkers, it is time to celebrate your new activations and integrate the new energies.

The adventure of Ascension continues!

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Painting by Gaby van den Abeele and Digital image by Jan Custers.

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