Message One : Managing the New Energies

A Group of Twelve Light Beings through Kate Spreckley & Celia Fenn

We are here today to speak with you about the energies that have grounded since the shift at Harmonic Concordance. That shift is now completed, and you humans will be living with this new energy on a permanent basis. For many this will seem like absolute chaos. But we want you to understand that in this apparent chaos lies the opportunities for you to express your creativity and co-create a new reality of your own choosing.

Yes, it is time for you to choose what reality you would like to see on this planet. And you can choose to create a reality of peaceful co-creation.

But most people do not understand this on the conscious level. On the deeper level, the level of the higher group consciousness, you have all chosen to create this reality together. But, because many people are still asleep and are yet to wake up to their higher realities, they are filled with fear and anxiety when they perceive this new reality.

All the old certainties and structures have gone. The Indigo and Crystal children have brought in a new vibration at a much higher level, and they are helping you all to move to the new level of Christ or "Christed" consciousness.

At this time many people will be looking for answers and explanations. There will be much fear and anxiety arising, as many will have to encounter the deep fears in their own psyches, and will begin to project these outwards into the world.

We want you to understand this process so that you do not fall into fear, but allow the fear to pass through you and be released. As you clear the old energies of this and many lifetimes, you will have to encounter your deepest fears before you can reach into your most wonderful dreams. But be careful to own your fears and work through them. Do not seek to project them onto others, and see others as "evil" or "manipulative". Remember, as you work towards integration of your being, that all is within you, and when you hold the light and dark sides of your being in balance, then you realise that what you see in the outer world is no more than a reflection of what you hold in your inner world. And that there is nothing to fear. And that anything that you do not want or like can be changed.

Those of you who have been through your transition and have awakened, can now help those who are still in this process. You will need to be grounded. Many people find it very difficult to keep their feet on the earth and be here, that is, to be fully in the physical body. But you will find that as your consciousness moves to higher levels and you integrate the energies, you become more aware of your body than before, and begin to enjoy physicality even more. You have chosen to be here in the Earth illusion. It is to be enjoyed and managed with your creative powers.

At this time too, it is time to allow your light to shine as openly as possible. Those who are looking for answers will be drawn to you. It is up to you as lightworkers to show them how to survive in this new energy. And not only to survive, but to flourish - to play and create and enjoy the earth journey that they have chosen.

You need to strive to be calm and stress free. Yes, you will encounter stress and emotional turmoil in your daily lives. But do not hold onto it and do not get pulled into negative dramas. Rather let stress pass through you, release it or transmute it, and focus rather on what you can create that is joyful and light and fun for you. As you succeed in doing this, people will be attracted to you in order to understand the new patterns of living with this intensely creative new energy.

In conclusion we give you these keys for living in the new energy: Be grounded, and speak your truth. Be compassionate and unconditionally loving at all times. Feel your emotions and express them in a balanced way, and then let them pass through you. And hold the intention to co-create a new reality of love and peace for planet Earth.

Message Two : Relationships in the New Energy

Archangel Michael through Kate Spreckley & Celia Fenn.

As we move into the New Energy, Relationships are going to be coming under increasing pressure. It will seem to many that their relationships are falling apart. Many will feel much love for their partner, but will be unable to make the relationship "work".

This is because in the old energy, relationships were often based on roles and belief systems that no longer have any validity. You have changed, the world has changed. It makes sense that your relationships must change as well.

Relationships must move into a space of total freedom and sharing. They must be made up of two people who have found their "wholeness" and can share with each other on the basis of this wholeness.

Too many relationships are based on weakness, fear and co-dependency. Where any of these issues exist, they will be lifted into the light by the New Energies. There they can be transformed and healed.

So, you are urged to see relationship issues that arise now as opportunities to heal and transform your relationship into something more balanced that will allow both partners to express who they are and follow their dreams and passions while still enjoying their shared time and space.

But understand, that as you pass through this transition, many people will feel scared and lonely and lost. They will not understand why their relationships no longer "work" as they used to. Many people may start to behave "out of character" as deeply repressed and unacknowledged angers and fears surface. They will begin to say "I did not know that I felt that way." This is healthy, as it will allow people to confront their true feelings, especially with regard to their relationships.

But many people will need help as they pass through this phase of release and balance. Some people will be so startled by the feelings that arise, that they may think they are suffering from "burn-out" or "going mad". If you work with people, you may need to help them through these crises. But do not take on their energies, just allow them to be where they need to be, and help them to understand what is happening to them.

Some relationships will end. These will be the relationships where there is an imbalance. Where one partner supresses the other, or where both are "locked into" unhealthy patterns of repression and compromise. Where it is better for the two people to part and explore who they are in their own time and space.

But know, that if a relationship does end, it will be an opportunity for that person eventually to find someone else who will be more suited to their needs. And as we move more into wholeness with ourselves, many people will connect with soulmates, and the relationships that they will enjoy will be miraculous and will transcend physical time and space.

Yes, in the new energy, you will move towards "conscious relating", where you will seek and find partners with whom you can explore and adventure on every level. And the relationships will be spontaneous and fun, and will not be "hard work" like so many relationships were in the past, when people battled to bring incompatible energies into balance out of a sense of duty or obligation.

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