Living in your Heart Light: The Way to Inner Peace and Tranquility

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Lightworkers, at this time there is much turmoil and fear on your beloved planet. Many people are living in fear, and the fear is being amplified by your media. And so the general mood of the Collective Consciousness is anxious and fearful and stressed.

You do not have to be there too, dearest ones. You can make the choice to be in your Inner Peace and Tranquility. You can make the choice to live in the radiant Light of your Heart and Spirit.

Take a moment to look around you. Breathe deeply and see your home, your own sacred space. See the clothes that you wear and the food that you eat. See your family and your friends. Know that you are safe and that you are protected and that you are cared for in this time of transition.

For, as the Old Paradigm falls away and the Old Energy dissipates, many people seem caught in a place of seeming "limbo", neither in one nor the other. They feel as if they have no true foundation for their lives, and they feel stressed and they panic easily. But, dearest Lightworkers, if you move deep within, into the Light of your Heart, and feel deep within you the essential love at your Core, you will know that you are safe and you will find that Inner Peace and Courage that will sustain you and create a solid foundation for you in the New Paradigm and the New Earth grids.

Creating a New Foundation for your Life

Dearest Lightworkers, so many of you tell us that you are depressed and anxious, or that you are having accidents involving your legs and feet, or that you are falling and injuring your body. Well, we will say, unfortunately you have temporarily lost your balance and your "footing", so to speak. Your foundation is not strong enough to support your life any longer. Or, as is common with many Lightworkers, you are "top heavy", you are giving out so much light and energy from your heart and throat and brow that your lower chakras are unable to support the intensity. And know that as increased light and radiance pours in through your crown chakras in this process of change and evolution, you will need to have a strong foundation in your lower chakras.

There are two paths that we can recommend to work with this energy balancing that is necessary right now. The first is being with your Inner Child and allowing the Joy and Wonder of life to infuse your being once again. For the Inner Child is the foundation of your adult life and being, and provides the beliefs and attitudes that create the support for the adult reality. The second path is becoming very grounded into the New Earth Grids and living the truth of the New Paradigm in your daily life.

Firstly, let us consider the Inner Child. The Child within is so easily traumatized and made to feel unsafe if it is not nurtured and parented in a loving and supportive way. At this time of transition and deep survival fear within the Collective Consciousness, it is important that you spend time with your Inner Child and allow it to express its fears, but also its love and fun and playfulness. Become aware of how your Inner Child is feeling at any time, especially times of stress. The natural laughter of the Inner Child when it is allowed to feel safe because it knows it is loved, will lighten your heart and allow that light to pour through your being and into your Base Chakra. It will enable you to connect with the power of the Earth Grids through your Base Chakra, and to feel the love and nurturing of the Earth.

As we have indicated earlier, dearest Lightworkers, it is only possible to keep people locked into fear if they are ungrounded. When you connect with the Earth you will know that you are safe. Spirit will guide you and the Earth will sustain you. That is the Divine Plan for human life. But, when Spirit and Body are not aligned, and when the light of your being cannot ground into the Earth, then you will feel as if you are neither guided nor sustained.

And the way to align body and spirit is to allow yourself to be fully grounded into the New Energies and to Live your Truth. Know that you are safe and provided for, and that you have a right to share in the natural flow of abundance. As soon as you allow yourself to trust the Earth and the plane of matter, it will reward you with the gifts of its abundance, as this is the original design for human life on Earth. But, when you are not grounded and live in fear, then the flow cannot find you and you will feel unsafe and anxious.

Living in the New Paradigm

We do understand, dearest Lightworkers, how difficult it is to live fully in the New when the Old paradigm, with its fear and manipulation of reality, pulls so strongly on your consciousness.

But we ask you to focus on the New. For where you place your focus and intention, that will be energized and grow. So focus on ways of living in Peace and Harmony with others as far as is possible at this time. Be Empowered and Courageous, and be firm about your intentions and your desires.

Focus on unconditional love and how you might best share this with others. For the communities of the New Paradigm will be based on sharing - the sharing of love and skills and joy and material assets.

And, most of all, trust that All is Well and that all is unfolding in Divine Order. The turbulence and chaos is a manifestation of the clash of energy as the old falls away and the New Earth Rises.

Align with the New Earth, enter into your Heart's Light, and you will know the Inner Peace and Tranquility that is available to you right now. It is only when you find that Inner Peace that you will experience the outer peace and the true energy of the New Earth.

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