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The Shift is a time when our consciousness is moving from the third dimension to higher dimensions of experience. As we move farther along in this experience, there is more synchronicity in our lives--we ask for what we want and it appears. But the manifestation process is not always smooth and a desire to change is not always followed immediately by a new and better alternative. Sometimes there is a gap in the flow from desire to manifestation and we must survive being 'in the gap' before what we want to create comes to us. While we are 'in the gap' all activity and flow seems to stop and we feel 'stuck' or unable to move. Or, it appears that more is being taken away from us than we are receiving.

The 'gap' is a bridge between planes of consciousness. Since we live in a linear, third dimensional world, we view the process of moving through the dimensions on a linear level. But they exist in a different perspective. The first three dimensions are on one plane and dimensions four, five and six are on a separate plane. The 'bridge' between these two planes is the 'gap'. Another gap exists between dimensions seven, eight and nine and ten, eleven and twelve. When we have fully evolved as humans we have the potential for existing in the twelfth dimension. But first, we have to get through the gap.

In order to cross the gap from one plane to the next we must learn its lesson. Since the majority of humanity is shifting from the third dimension, we will address the gap between the first two planes of existence. The lesson of this gap is forgiveness, the healing of the emotional and karmic issues that we came here to address. These issues block us from manifesting what we desire and prevent us from moving on to other dimensions where karma does not exist. In order to fully shift from our current plane of consciousness we must clear all of the issues associated with our third dimensional experience because we cannot function in two different planes of existence. In simpler terms, we cannot shift from one plane of existence to the next and take our emotional baggage with us.

During the time that we are in the 'gap', these karmic issues are brought to our attention in ways that are impossible to ignore. Every belief and emotion is tested in the gap. Every fear and anxiety is highlighted to uncover a common denominator and create an opportunity to forgive yourself and those in your soul group for that experience. The gap is also a test of faith. Do you really, truly believe that if you abandon all of your old patterns that the Universe will provide better opportunities? The gap experience can be short or long, depending on how willing we are to apply total, unconditional forgiveness to everything and everyone in our lives.

One of the lessons of the 'gap' is uncovering where our beliefs and desires are not in synch, when deeply held emotions, such as guilt, shame, fear and anger block our progress. These emotions may be so tightly intertwined within our thought and belief systems that we are not even aware of their presence. Sometimes we are in the gap because we must reconcile what we want with what we believe others want or expect from us. To reconcile this, we must be willing to release these obligations, forgive those in the experience and be willing to be true to our Self. Here's an example:

One of my clients, I'll call him Gary, is living 'in the gap'. Although he was once a very successful business professional, Gary has been unemployed for two years and currently lives in his parents' spare bedroom. He moved there six months ago to help out after his father had a stroke. Gary is currently looking for a job in his parents' town but he really wants to move to Paris, where he worked and lived previously. His biggest fear, that something would happen to his father while he was away, just manifested. While Gary was out of town on a job interview, his father had emergency surgery. Although his father recovered, Gary feels guilty because he was not there.

While being at his parents' house has been an opportunity for Gary to make peace with them and heal years of anger and miscommunication, he feels that he has completed the healing process and is now ready to move on. Despite his efforts at manifesting the job he wants, a new relationship and a residence of his own, Gary remains stuck in the gap.

What is the solution for Gary and for anyone who is stuck 'in the gap'? The first step is to understand why you are there. Who do you have to forgive, including yourself, and what are you holding on to? What beliefs and perceptions do you have that are holding you back, keeping you stuck where you are? Once you have identified them you have to go deeper. Why do you feel that way and what happened to create those beliefs? Where do your desires clash with what you believe others need, want or expect from you? What are you afraid will happen if you don't meet those expectations? In Gary's case, the first level of blockage came from his sense of responsibility to his parents but on a deeper level, it involved guilt and anger towards himself, his parents, the current situation and past events. Now he needs to decide whether he can reconcile his desires with these emotions, forgive everyone, including himself, and move on with his life and out of the gap.

While being in the gap can be extremely frustrating and challenging, it is an opportunity to distill our karmic issues to a central cause. For many of my clients, that involves discovering where others' needs, wants and expectations block their ability to manifest what they want. It also involves clearing many layers of emotional pain and karma through complete and unconditional forgiveness. We generally have a lot of time to do this because while we are in the gap, all distractions are removed from our lives. In Gary's case, this meant that he was not distracted by the demands of a job, a relationship or even the daily upkeep of a home. This is also true of many of my other clients--while they are in the gap, they have plenty of time to work on their issues because the entire structure of their lives is often dismantled.

Because we are shifting to another plane of consciousness crossing the gap may involve several stops and starts. These may appear to be blocks to our progress but each time we emerge from the gap we heal another layer of our consciousness. Each emotional issue or block allows us to sever emotional and karmic bonds. Each time we forgive ourselves and others we move closer to shifting fully into the next plane and we release the people and things that have worked together, bound by our soul's commitment to healing, to prevent us from moving forward on our path. As for Gary, he found a job in another city. Within a year, he'll be in Paris.

Are you currently 'in the gap'? If you feel stuck in any area of your life, where do your desires clash with what others' need, want and expect from you? Are there any emotions or belief systems that you need to heal? What and who do you need to forgive? These issues are now being presented to you for resolution, healing and forgiveness. Making an effort to heal them will help you get out of the 'gap' and back into the flow of joy, peace, abundance and prosperity that the Universe has for you.

Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She has helped many people get out of the 'gap' by providing her unique insights and counsel to facilitate their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of, a spiritual healing and growth center and, a personal and professional coaching group. Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, and email address: [email protected]

Copyright � 2004 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.

By Jennifer Hoffman

Intuitive, Potentiator, Spiritual Mentor, Healer and Teacher

[email protected]

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Message Two : Grounding the Red-Gold Frequency on Earth. The Crystal Children through Celia Fenn.

Greetings to all of you who are experiencing the turbulence as the new energies are integrated into the Earth spectrum.

Previously, we as the Crystal Children, have brought through the Indigo-Silver Frequency. A very powerful but soft and beautiful feminine energy. This was necessary, as the frequency of loving acceptance and surrender to the Divine Will was all but lost from your planet. Now that frequency has been anchored by the energy of the Crystal children and those of you who have become Crystal Elders. Even those in transition are helping to ground this new energy.

But now the planet is ready to receive the Red-Gold frequency. It is a masculine frequency and brings in the frequency codes for a new kind of masculine energy. After this transition, there will be more balance on the planet, and you will find it easier to restore the flow of abundance that has been mising from the lives of so many of you at this time.

This new energy is radiant Solar energy, and the children born with this Essence will be called Children of the Sun. The previous Crystal Children will come to be called Children of the Moon. The Children of the Sun will be radiant and powerful - light healers and magicians. They will be manifest light, teachers of manifestation and creativity. Both the children of the sun and the children of the moon will continue to be born in the years ahead. But each type of child will be readily recognised by its characteristics - and they will complement each other in their path of divine service on the Planet.

The Children of the Sun will be both male and female. There will be many female children born who will manifest this energy.

They will differ from the Children of the Moon, in that they will be physically strong and robust. They will be highly energetic and very powerful. They will have either dark hair and eyes, or light eyes with reddish brown or reddish golden hair.

Their major gift will be manifestation, and the flow of abundance, and they will anchor these gifts on Earth in the next few years.

While the energy begins to anchor, many of you will undergo detoxification and cleansing crises. But these should be brief, as you are already becoming experts at handling the new frequencies that are coming in.

We wish you well in the transition, and share the adventure of the Red-Gold frequency with you!

Message Three: Earth Shift in April. Archangel Michael through Kate Spreckley. Message for Lightworkers

April is to be a time of strife, turmoil and chaos. A time when humankind is forced to face who and what they have become. The tragedy will be that so few will realise what is actually happening. The planet with shift with the new moon on the 6th April.

We, in the higher regions, are trying our best to alert people to what is about to happen. There will be no going back. Just as you have battled to survive in the lower dimensions, so too will there be a balttle to survive in the higher ones.

Once again we tell you that not much will seem to change in your reality, but emotionally and spiritually the change will be huge.

We have told you and warned you about the chaos that is about to erupt! We have been preparing you so that you will be able to heal and help as many as possible.

At present many humans are cleansing your physical bodies to enable to them to hold the light of the higher dimensions more fully. This too shall pass. Do not be discouraged from your path, as this is what you choose to do and you do it so well, beloved ones!

When it gets too much call on me and I will relieve you of your burden for a time. You also need to use the Golden energy more fully. To use the energy you need to ground it by allowing it to run through you and into the ground. Also, spend time in nature, allowing the life force of the devas and elementals to energise and replenish your own life forces.

The shadow side or dark side of humanity is coming to the fore and you are going to need to be as light and as filled with light as much as possible in order to heal and help.

This change is upon you - you are now masters, accept the responsibility of this with open arms and a joyful heart! Play, have fun and live in the moment. Allow all that is wrong and negative to flow through you. Be at peace and accept your masterhood with grace and dignity like the Royals you are!

Stop worrying about abundance, it shall come when you least expect it. Carry on with your work as it is extremely important, even more so now.

Remember that you have the power to use this energy creatively and constructively. You have the ability to wallow in despair and sadness or to rise up and rejoice in your freedom. I suggest you stand up and rejoice - it is so much more fun.

Should you look into the flame of a candle you will see the perfect balance between blue, red and yellow. This is the balance that can be achieved with eh new Crystal energy pouring into the earth at the moment.

It is fire - and remember fire destroys to enable re-birth. Once this energy has been anchored into your world, the birth of the new earth will have been completed. As you are aware this shall happen in April.

All along this ascension process has been happening without our interference and without any plan, so to speak, you have all been the driving force behind the ascension process. We are in awe of what you have achieved thus far, but we now realise it is time for us to help. The "plan" was always to enable you all to access the 13th dimension, but once you helped to shift your entire planet into the 5th we saw some problems arise.

One of the biggest was the ease with which you were able to slip back into the 3rd and 4th dimensions. This couldn't be allowed to happen as it would hamper you ascension. So we stepped in and started you off on the journey to the 6th!

Once the planet has reached 6th the 3rd and 4th dimensions will disappear. This was always part of the plan, but as usual it has happened sooner than expected.

More will be revealed at a later stage.

We admire you all and are extremely proud and pleased with your work so far!!

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