Channelled Messages for April


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Message One: Crossing the Bridge into the New Energy: Archangel Michael through Kate Spreckley.

"The time is drawing near and the closer it gets the easier things will be. The clearer the picture. The purpose will be revealed and will enable you to further your work in ways that are unexpected and exciting. You will begin to find the joy in life as heaven moves closer to earth.

The people that are your soul family will move closer to you and more and more connections will be made on a soul level. The negative energies are finding it harder and harder to work in this new environment that you have created. It will become easier to let go and to live in the moment. You are finally understanding the true nature of life, or the existence of life and you are learning to let go of control and allow things to unfold naturally.. Move with the new energy and you will find joy, happiness and success in everything that you do. Life will become simpler, easier and less complicated. The dramas that you create will no longer be allowed to unfold. These dramas create negative energy, negative emotions and negative relationships and will no longer find place in the higher dimensions.

In the future, relationships will be built on love, respect, acceptance and honesty. Fear and control will no longer find a place in any relationship.

As you allow yourself to flow with the new energy you will find that fear and control no longer serve you or the people around you. Laugh in the face of this nameless fear and embrace your true self!

We are ready and waiting to catch you once you have crossed the bridge. We are waiting to uplift you, to teach you, to help you to love and to teach you the way of love. Many of you do not understand the true nature of love but you are now being shown a mirror. A mirror of your soul. What does your soul look like? Do you love and accept your soul unconditionally?

These are questions that you will be faced with on a day to day basis. All of you are being asked to look at your true self, to learn to love your true self without fear. Without fear of rejection. Do not look at this as something negative, accept these questions joyfully as this is the path to true love and oneness!

Message Two: Moving to the Seventh Level: Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

This message comes to you, beloved ones, on the eve of the April Full Moon. It is to connect with all those dearly beloved Indigo-Crystal beings who are pioneers in bringing in the new Earth. Those of you who are ready, and that is most of you, are now shifting to the Seventh Level of Consciousness. Or as some know it, the Seventh Dimension.

This is a great achievement, and we in the Angelic realm once again congratulate you on your work as you follow the inner path and manifest your light.

At this level, you have integrated your Magical or Christed Child into your being, and are ready to move into the place of the "bodhisattva" or awakened being who serves the planet from that awakened and loving place.

Many of you who have wondered "What is my Mission?" - will now suddenly find that question being answered. In the next few months doors will open and new opportunities arise, as the Indigo Crystals begin to move into an awareness of how they will serve in the new energy.

At this time you will be clearing Fear - because this level of service has always been difficult for Earth beings. Many who have accepted missions at this level have been executed and persecuted for their work, and the physical body remembers this in the DNA. So you will be working to overcome the physical fear of entering into this new level of service.

This clearing will involve a detoxification of the physical body, as well as emotional detoxification that will involve the Heart Chakra. Many may experience Heart Palpitations at this time, as the fear energy is released through the system and the Heart Chakra of the Collective Consciousness opens to accept this new level of "Oneness".

Those Beloved Indigo-Crystal Masters of Light who move to this level will be the pioneers in the art of Conscious Co-Creation. They will be active in creating the New Earth. In spinning the Gold Light into a web of wonder that all may experience as the Blessing of the New Energy.

Message Three: "Love, Trust and the Big Transition". Archangel Michael through Kate Spreckley.

Ah and so too will this chaos pass. Time will heal all wounds and time will reveal the true nature of your beingness. You are on the cusp of a huge transformation both personally and globally. We applaud your courage and the warrior spirit you have when confronted with your fears and believed limitations. We ask only that you stay true to yourselves and that you live life in the light. Bring light into your lives and find your path to oneness. Many of you are going through a time of upheaval and of uneasiness and many are trying desperately to find reasons and to apportion blame. The only reason is that you have created a time when the veils can to be lifted and for you to remember who you are and why you are here at this time. There is no one to blame!

Be aware of the choices you make at this time because you are now in the process of creating your future, a future that doesn't exist yet, but in time will become your reality. Be careful of what you wish for as your wishes shall become your world and your reality. Look at your life closely, accept the mistakes as lessons, forgive yourself and those that you have perceived to have hurt or harmed you. Those hurts where all part of your life plan to get you to the stage that you are in now. Without those hurts you would not have learnt, without those hurts you would not be who you are today. And you are a wondrous beautiful being and part of God. Do not judge yourself to harshly as this is like judging God. Remember that you are made in God's image and to judge that image is to go against your true self, your higher self and God. To judge can only bring anger, resentment and fear. This is not the way of light!

Ask for help. Whether it be from the angels, from your friends or from your family. It is vitally important now to create a global community of sharing, love, acceptance and honesty. It is your responsibility to help and to heal all those that need your love and your acceptance. In order for this to happen you need to see yourself clearly. And once again I talk about self love, unconditional love! How do we, the higher regions, help you to see this if you don't ask us for help. We surround you, we guide you and we love you unconditionally. But there is so little that we can do unless you ask. This life is not meant to be experienced as a burden, this life is meant to be enjoyed and cherished. We can help you, but again only if asked. Remember your connection to us, remember the agreement, remember to listen, to be aware, to be awake!

Now is the time to learn trust - trust of yourself. Once this has been remembered your connection to us will strengthen and you will not feel so alone and so lost. We can help you to find joy, to find love in yourselves as well as in others, we will help you in anyway that is needed. Once you have found your connection to us you will begin to feel and experience the deep peace of unconditional love. Remember that we are part of you just as you are part of each other, the connection between us lies in the link that we all have with God. We are all parts of God, little lights sent out into the night to experience and to report back. What will your report hold? Will it hold all the negative experiences and negative emotions that you think you experience or will it hold the love and joy that you have experienced? Once you start to live your life from a place of joy and love your experiences will be joyful and loving. The hard lessons that you think you need to experience in order to move forward are a figment of your reality. These hard lessons do not exist except to help create fear. And do not forget that fear is the opposite of love. You cannot experience love out of a fear based reality. And this is a reality that you have created. Now is the time to turn the tables on this fear and to change it into love. Love yourself and it will be so much easier to see love and to experience love in every aspect of your life. You need to remember that the reality that you live in was created by you and you have the ability to change that reality at any time. All it takes is a second of thought. It is that simple - no complex lessons here. One simple statement or affirmation like - "I love and accept myself unconditionally" can change your reality. Try it and see the love and joy that you will experience. Leave behind the fear and mistrust!

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