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Message One: A Deep Transformation: The Rainbow Children through Celia Fenn

This message was received on the Venus Transit (8th June 2004) via Daniel Barnard,aged 4 months:

Dearest human brothers and sisters, we bring you this message of Joy and Power at this time, because we are now bringing a powerful new energy to the planet. It is the power of the HEART, and as Venus transits your sun, the male and female energies blend into a prism of Rainbow light, and we, the Rainbow Children, begin to radiate our power into the Collective Consciousness.

Our message is simple - but it requires of you, our elder brothers and sisters, to make a deep shift in your way of thinking, feeling and living. We want you to realise that we, the Star Children, have been coming to your planet in waves of incarnation since the 1970s. We have been coming to show you how you have shifted out of balance and how you need to return to balance so that your planet can return to balance.

The Indigo Children showed you how rigid and inflexible and destructive you had become. The Crystals showed you how closed and unfeeling you had become, and we, the Rainbow children, are here to teach you how to open your hearts and truly feel the Great Heart that beats at the centre of the Universe. With each radiant pulse the Universe shimmers with the energies of the Divine Father/Mother, and each of you receives these waves of Gold and Silver light. These waves of radiant energy are the keys to opening your heart to the truth of who and where you are.

Living in Abundance

Humans have forgotten how to live in abundance. You have created a world where your idea of abundance is material excess. We want you to know that this is not so.

Abundance is a state of the Soul and Being. It is defined as CONTENTMENT and PEACE and the knowledge that you will always have enough. It is an INTERNAL state of TRUST and BALANCE that manifests as external balance in the material world.

So many of you have enough to meet your needs, and yet you are still unhappy because you feel you should have more. That you should have enough to meet your desires as well. But most of you, at this time, are so closed to your true natures that you do not truly know what your desires are. You imagine that desires are fulfilled through material manifestation, and indeed sometimes this is so. But desire is a movement of the Soul towards self-exploration and self-discovery, knowing yourself as an extension of Divine Power. It really has little to do with money or material possessions. Desire is an adventure of the Spirit based on an Open Heart.

You are being urged now to release your need for excessive material consumption and to learn the art of simple living. And in this - to learn to share your resources. For indeed, this is not about money, but about resources. And a planet is a system where resources must be balanced and shared so that all who live on the planet may be supported, as the Creator intends. It is Universal Law that a planet will only allow the population that it can support. Your planet can support every human - but you yourselves have created poverty and disease because you cannot manage your resources. You have closed your hearts and fallen into fear. And fear births greed and anger. And so - on this planet there a few who have great wealth which they cannot possibly use, and many who live in deep poverty and despair. It is time to WAKE UP and open your hearts. No one needs to live in poverty, we repeat, the planet supports every form of life that chooses to incarnate here.

We, the Rainbow Children, bring the energy of balance again. Together with you we will balance the earth, the oceans and the skies, as well as human hearts, and create a true state of abundance again.

Poverty or Simplicity

We know that many of you say that the Universe is infinite and that you should all experience great abundance, meaning great material wealth and comfort. But this is not necessarily so. All the wise civilizations who have walked your planet have understood the need to "walk lightly" upon the earth, to do as little damage as possible and to share resources with all living beings. They have understood that while the Universe is infinite in energetic terms, planets are finite material systems. But they are self-renewing systems, and if they are well managed and cared for they will continue to provide for all who live on them.

Simple living is not poverty. It is purely an awareness of how your decisions of how to live and act are not purely personal, but affect all those around you. If you consume and acquire blindly, you are disturbing the balance by taking more than you need. Others will have less than they need, because a prime planetary law of balance has been violated. And if others have less, you will have less in some way, maybe emotionally or spiritually. This is how imbalance creates unhappiness, for ALL experience the imbalance, for all are a part of the planetary system. We urge you to begin to think of yourselves as planetary citizens - not merely as inhabitants of your particular country. You may feel safe and secure at this time, but you will never be truly so until all on the planet are able to say this is true. Begin to be aware of the mission that you undertook before you were born, to be a steward of the planet and to care for the planet. Think in terms of the planet, and not just your own personal well-being. For indeed, only by being aware of planetary well-being can you be sure that you will create personal well-being at all. For the two are interlinked, they are part of the UNITY that exists between all things.

The Simple Path of Compassion, Beauty and Love

The Rainbow Children come to teach you to walk this path. Learn to love and value yourself. Live as though you were valuable. Cherish and nurture yourself, with good food, exercise, playful times and love. And as you see this radiant value in yourselves, learn to see it in others. ALL are expressing the divine energies from the Great Universal Heart.

And when you value others you will feel their needs and their feelings as if they were your own, for indeed they are. They are expressions of the One Heart that also beats at the centre of your Planet. And that is YOU, dear human brothers and sisters.

And when you feel the needs of others, share what you have. This may be material, but it may be simply energy - a blessing of your time and love, or the blessing of your awareness that you will no longer contribute to suffering on the planet through ignorance, fear or greed. It is an awareness - a conscious awareness that you are not a separate "alone" individual, but one of a myriad of co-exisiting expressions of divine essence.

Simply meditate daily on contentment, peace, joy, and that your needs are met. Be grateful - and ask that this be extended to every human on the planet. And then live in harmony, as far as possible for you, with your requests. And when you live in this state of awareness and harmony, you are walking the path of simple beauty, integrity and love.

The New Earth is Here, Now.

We are the Rainbow Children.

Message Two: Finding the Balance: Archangel Michael through Kate Spreckley

Spanish Translation

This is an amazing time of truth and honesty. Truth about who and what you are and being honest with yourself and others. Now is the time to take a good honest look at yourselves and the lives that you lead. Are you being true to yourself? Does your life reflect that truth?? If not, it is now the time to make the necessary changes. The choice has been made by you and it is now time to accept the responsibility of that choice and to live your life through truth.Think of this time as a time of coming out, of finding yourself and the real person that resides in you all. The person that is the light and the love of God.

Many are experiencing a time of grief and loneliness as they let go of preconceived ideas of who and what they are meant to be. How you are meant to behave and how you are expected to live in this reality. Many are letting go of expectations that they created for themselves. Many are looking at the lives that they lead with confusion and fear as this isn't what they want or where they want to be. Allow yourself to grieve and to feel the pain of letting go - it is important not to bottle these emotions as they will just surface again and will block your progress forward. Most of you have no idea who you are - we of the higher regions know. We know that you are filled with light and love, we know that you are powerful and we are excited to see the first signs that you are becoming aware of this powerful love that resides in you all. You are finally seeing it and we know that soon you will acknowledge it and move your life to become more in line with the love and light that is your true self.

This of course will take time and not everyone will see or acknowledge this part of themselves at the same time and we urge you to find the love and compassion in your hearts and to send this love and compassion out to those that you see are suffering. It is a time of sharing the gifts of love and light that you have. It is so important to spread as much of this around as possible. Anger and fear are no longer a part of your new earth and it is time to go out and share with the people of your earth. Just by being yourself, spreading your light and love you begin to help so many. Most of you do not realise how much of an impact your love and light has on the people around you. You don't understand that just by walking around and being with others you are giving the light and love that is so necessary to help and to heal.

You who call yourselves "Lightworkers" have a responsibility to go out and to share your gifts, your love and your light. Accept that responsibility with grace and humility and do not worry about your financial issues or the abundance that you so rightly deserve. This will all come and the balance will be achieved. Leave the worry behind you and accept and trust that you are loved and cared for in every possible way. We will not let you suffer and all will be given to you. The frustrations and the worry that you have is blocking your path - release it and allow yourself to move forward and into the work that you have chosen to do!

We ask only that you feel love, joy, happiness and compassion for yourself and the people who share your earth with you. We support and love you unconditionally and look forward to watching the power of love lift you above all the "old world" problems and to a place of balance.

In love and lightness

Archangel Michael

Message Three: The "Venus Transit" Transition: Managing the Energies: Archangel Michael through Kate Spreckley.

With the effects and energy of the Venus Transit, most of you are going through a shift in your awareness and consciousness. You are becoming more aware of your connection to the Great Divine as well as your connection to the Collective Consciousness. You are realising that through this connection you are all intertwined, and you are becoming aware of the issues that need to be released and healed in your Collective Consciousness as well as those inside of yourself. You are learning that sometimes the issues that you are personally faced with have nothing to do with you, but need to be released and healed by yourself and others for the sake of the Collective Consciousness. You are learning about your soul path and what it is that you have chosen to do in coming to Earth.

With the Venus Transit, our Heart Chakra's were completely opened to help with the healing of the Earth and the Collective Consciousness. This opening has some physical symptoms:

The reasons for the symptoms are that it has been so long since the Heart Chakra was this open, and it has been so long since this amount of feminine energy entered the Earth. You are also going through a grieving process, grieving for the loss of you past selves.

This is a time of upheaval, pain, release and healing and those that have already transitioned will be the least effected and those that are transitioning will be more affected. Again there are many that are searching and looking for answers and reasons for the experiences that they are having. Many are feeling traumatized and are needing help and healing due to the sometimes unexplained emotions or situations that they are faced with. Let us tell you again that this will pass and the transition will not be as long and painful as it has been in the past.

It is now time to heal your past and to allow the flow of universal energy, and to find the balance in all things. It is now time to understand what it is to live in the present and not to look to the past or the future for your answers. It is time to look at what is inside now - the answers are all there! Learn to trust yourself, to love yourself and to accept unconditionally. Know that we of the higher realms stand beside you - to help, to support and to love you! You are never alone and the guidance that you so desperately seek will be shown to you.

The time to choose has arrived. The choice - whether to strengthen the spiritual path that you have chosen or to stay as you are now and progress slowly. We tell you again that there is no right or wrong choice there is just what is good for you right now. Many have already made this choice and it has been a simple one, many of you are suddenly awakened to the fact that you have a choice and are desperately trying to find out what it is that you want. The search is a good one, but remember not to judge and to live from your heart and from a place of Love. Remember too how important unconditional love and acceptance are and what it means to be able to give unconditional love and acceptance to all those in your life. Do not judge those who you see as inferior or as not being "spiritual". Everyone has a path to follow and everyone with find their connection in the way that suits them best. Know that sometimes Spirit works in strange and wonderful ways and that it is not for you to say how Spirit is at work. Just accept and trust that all is as it should be.

The New Earth is here now! You are bringing Heaven to Earth and we applaud you! We look at you with wonder and delight as you start to discover the true nature of your spirit and the connection that you have to Spirit. Welcome home dear ones.

With love and light

Archangel Michael

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