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Message One: "A Healing intiation for Lightworkers: Releasing Spiritual Ego". Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.

Dearest Ones, it is time to speak of the initiation that many of you are passing through at this time. Especially those of you who are lightworkers and leaders. You are being asked to release and heal all traces of spiritual ego, both from this life and past lives.

This is so important right now, because you are about to embark on the great adventure of creating the New Earth. This project will be a group venture and all will be required to work together under the guidance of Spirit. You will be required to assist, share with and support others. Spiritual ego often gets in the way.

What is Spiritual Ego

Spiritual ego may be defined as excessive pride in ones's spiritual achievements (which is not the same as self-worth or self-esteem). Or it may be felt negatively, as a sense of not being "good enough" to undertake the tasks defined to you by Spirit.

As many of you become more advanced on your path of ascension, releasing spiritual pride is often the "key" initiation or healing you need to advance to the next level of service. It is a test of whether you are able to clearly hear the guidance of spirit and follow it, or whether you are hearing the whisperings of ego's desires to be in control of your spiritual processes.

How it is Being Felt Right Now

Many of you have reached a place where you seem to be "stalled" in your growth. Nothing is happening. You do not seem to be moving forward at all. Often you seee what needs to be done, and yet it never seems to happen the way you would like it to.

Those who hear the guidance of Spirit at this time are often told to "Wait"!

Can you wait?

Can you do "nothing" in full trust that this is what is asked of you?

So many believe that the most important thing is to "find their mission" and get "doing" to help the Planet. But what if, right now, Spirit says, "do nothing", "wait", just "be".

Can you trust that other things are happening on other levels, and that right now you are only required to be all that you can be in love and trust.

Our Primary Work Right Now

The major work for Lightworkers right now is to hold the frequency of unconditional love within their energy fields. This is hard work, since there is so much fear and negativity on the Planet at the moment.

Can you understand that you can contribute most to the ascension process right now by being still and calm and radiating the energy of unconditional love, peace, joy, compassion and forgiveness?

And can you also learn to be content with being someone who "supports" and "holds" rather than one who is active and "does"?

The New Earth and Working as a Collective

As mentioned earlier, you are being trained to release all aspects of spiritual self-importance and to be willing to just be in a space of trust.

Some of you will be called to be leaders, and others to be supporters, at a given time. Can you work together as equals in love, but understanding that support is as necessary as leadership? You are all equal in Divine Love, no one is greater than another, and your work is equally valid. Yet in the projects of the future, you will sometimes be a leader, and sometimes a supporter.

Can you put aside your spiritual self-importance enough to accept the role of supporter? Or to have the courage to accept the role of Leader? If called to be a leader, can you listen to Spirit and move past negative ego?

And can you distinguish between the voice of Spirit and your own ego desires?

Projects of the future will be Collective operations, and will not depend on the ego or energy of one person any more. You are learning to express Unity Consciousness, the One, and so you are learning to flow together as one. Each one a part of the Whole, each contributing, according to their gifts, to the effectiveness of a project or undertaking.

When Spirit Speaks

When Spirit speaks to you, you will know. What has been asked of you will be supported. And if it is not immediately apparent, you will trust that if Spirit desires your co-operation, then the way will open for you.

It will not be difficult. People will enter your life to support you, and the way will open for you. Or you may be asked to support another.

This will be the pattern of the New Earth. Sharing and Supporting. Assisting each other to create under the direction of Spirit.

And so, if you are asked to wait for now - let it be so. Wait, and trust. It is not up to you. There will be a moment when you will be called, but for now, be all you can be and remember you are all called to radiate the unconditional love that is creating the web of love on the Planet right now.

Messsage Two: "The Skill of Living in the Now": Archangel Michael through Kate Spreckley

The world as a whole is changing so rapidly that many of you are battling to keep up. What happened yesterday is no longer relevant to today and what happened today will not be relevant tomorrow. The future doesn't exist except in our minds where most of you spend so much time thinking, planning and worrying. The future to most of you is a space that causes fear, worry, anxiety and unhappiness. If only you would take our advice and look to the present to find the answers that you need instead of looking to the past and the future, two places that do not exist. Many of you still do not understand that the answers you so desperately search for are all to be found today, inside of yourself. But you are so busy thinking, planning and worrying that there is no quite space in your body to go to, to find the answers.

We cannot stress enough that the present is what is important. Time does not exist. It was something that was created by your world to control life, to control the way that you live and what you do during your life. You are all run by time - when to eat, when to sleep, the right age to go to school, the right age to marry, the right age to have children, etc. Instead of allowing the natural flow of life to lead you and to show you the right space for all that you need to do and accomplish.

Many of you do not have the patience to sit and to wait for the right time and energy to do whatever it is that you want to. You spend so much time striving for what you want and you waste so much of your energy. Imagine just waiting and watching for the right time, for the right opportunity to present itself. You miss so much by rushing through your life. Who of you notices the small things of your world? The ants collecting food, the bee collecting pollen, the flowers growing. You who are parents how much time to do take to just be with your children, to stop living life and to just exist with them? Who of you are trying so hard to get your children to grow up too fast to get through the different stages of a child�s development because it is so time consuming? We urge you to remember that what actually counts is how you live your life today, the love that you have given and the love that you have received today.

Accept that the future will depend on how you have lived today. The energy that you have given out today will reflect the energy that awaits you tomorrow. Life moves at such a frantic pace that not many take the time to look, notice and see what is really happening to them or around them at the present moment. You are all so busy looking at what's coming next and what if there is nothing there? How many of you would cope with knowing that tomorrow doesn't exist? What if this was your last day on this beautiful planet called Earth? Could you honestly say that you have lived your life today?

Message Three: "Dancing for Joy". The Hathors through Celia Fenn.

dance.jpg This is indeed a wonderful message that we bring you today. We wish you to know that the first "wave" of Transitioners has now arrived at "New Earth" frequency.

Many of you are ready to stabilize into this frequency. And to experience the joy and peace that is to be found there.

And as you stabilize - you will hold this frequency for those who come after you. And more and more people will arrive. In fact, as you hold this frequncy for the planet, you enable more and more to begin their transition, their souls safe in the knowledge that you are "holding" them in their shift. And because of this, and because of your work, it will become easier and easier for people to make the transition.

Understand, dearest citizens of New Earth, that this frequency is high and fine and clear. You will have to work to maintain it at first, since those around you will not yet be "there". We advise you to avoid all "dramas" and hold your centre in peace and calm.

The key is JOY.

Experience the joy. Be the joy. You have worked hard and you are ready.

Sing for Joy.

Dance for Joy.

You are completing your transition, and we welcome you to this frequecy of Gold, Silver, Indigo and Magenta.

We urge you to love, to play and to create.


For the sheer Joy!

Message Four: "Connecting with the Power of Who You Are: Blending Past, Present and Future", Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.

Beloved Ones - you are moving through a window of siginificant opportunity at this time. For many of you there is the possibility of fully aligning yourselves into the Present by healing your Past Lives to center in the Present and create the Future.

In your 3D world of the recent past, you incarnated into human bodies unaware of your past lives. This was another of the "veils" that hid your real identity from you. But as these veils are lifted now, you begin to see how many of you have lived out soul "habits" and "addictions" , whose source you could not locate. These "soul dramas" you called "life", and you became fearful of "life", feeling that so often bad or unhappy things happened to you for no reason.

As you began to awaken to who you were, you found concepts such as "karma" to help you to understand how energies from the past could influence your present lives. But, now that so many of you are fully awakened and ascended beings, you are no longer subject to "karma".

Indeed, you are now ready to fully understand and integrate all your Past Lives and release their "hold" on you.This "Veil" is now lifted for you. Some of you may be working hard right now to release old soul "habits" or "addictions" that have their roots in Past Lives. Be aware that this window period, now, is an optimal opportunity for you to release all Past Life energies, finally, and to focus fully into the Power of Who You Are Now.

You need only to ask your guidance for this assistance from the Higher Realms, and we will work with you. Once these alignments are complete, you are ready to embrace the New earth and your divine creativity. This glorious future awaits you!

To move through this process requires only a willingness to allow old feelings and emotions to flow through you and be released. Do not hold onto any old energies. Just experience whatever feelings emerge and release them with love and forgiveness.

Be aware that underneath any and all "old karma" is a failure to love and honor yourself. So, in this process forgive yourself and be at peace with yourself. Love yourself enough to embrace the beauty of who you are and to see in the mirror of your soul your own shining grace and beauty. When you see this, you will be able to see it in others, and so be able to release all your feelings of anger and fear that get in the way of that love that is the centre of your being.

You will know when this process is complete, because you will feel yourself falling in love with yourself in the most beautiful way. You will see your grace and beauty and that of others. You will no longer judge yourself and others and you will experience only joy and love.

This is our gift to you at this time, Human Angels. We so hope that you will receive it and rejoice with us!

Message Five: "Transition Newsflash!! The Next Wave is Going". Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.

This is an important message for Lightworkers, especially those who have been through and are just completing their transitions. We want you to know that because of your efforts, the next major wave of transition has begun!

What does this mean for you? Well, many of you have been feeling so much better. Feeling the joy of the New Earth and a sense of stability and peace. And then suddenly you felt all the old symptoms of the transition coming back. And you might have thought,"Oh No, I'm not finished YET." But believe me, dear ones, you have completed your transitions are are firmly in your 5th/6th dimensional frequencies.

What is now happening is that you have agreed, on the soul level, to be facilitators of the next wave of transitioners. They have agreed to embark on their journey because you have agreed to "hold" them. This is the function of a Crystal adult or child. They "hold" the energy of others and help to balance it.

We know that you yourselves, of the first wave, had a more difficult time, because there was only the Crystal children to hold you. But now, you have joined with the Crystal children, and you are now, together, holding the energy for the next wave.

What you are experiencing is the flow of energy through you, as you transmit energy "outwards" to initiate the transition in others, and receive their energy to transmute, as you were taught to do in your own transition. This may not be a conscious process, but your angelic self knows how it is done, so just relax, keep yourself in balance, and know it will not last long.

As soon as your Crystal system acclimates to this new task, you will be able to go on with life again. In the meantime you may experience symptoms such as hot flashes, excess energy, especially at night, anger, anxiety and depression. LET THEM FLOW THROUGH YOU . This is part of your service to the planet at this time.

Know that you are now a "mentor" to many souls in your "area". Each person who has finished their transition has been "assigned" a group of souls to initiate and support through their process. They will draw on you, either on the higher levels, or maybe on the physical level as well. They need your experience and your reassurance. They may not be as brave and courageous as you who were the lions of the first wave. Be kind and supportive, and they will experience their transitions with your support as well as the support of the angelic realms.

We thank you for this work. We know that you may feel that it is all happening too quickly. But the energy is gathering momentum, and more and more souls are agreeing to this process. So we ask for your support and we thank you for your work.

Celebrate with us that more and more people are willing to make the shift and awaken to who they truly are! With your help!

Love and blessings in this miraculous time.

Archangel Michael.

PS. From Celia": Our original article on the Transition: "The Indigo to Crystal Transitional Crisis" appeared in the "Sedona Journal of Emergence" this month. Obviously the angels knew that many more people would need to be reached with this message and prepared the way with this new appearance of the article. If you would like to read it again, Click Here.

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