Special Message for September 4th : Archangel Michael speaks on the Events at Beslan.

Honor the Children of the Planet

Archangel Michael speaks as the Guardian of the New Children on the Crystal Planet.

through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Human Angels, we in the Higher Dimensions feel your sadness and your outrage as those who seek chaos and destruction on your planet have presented you with horrible images of death and violence involving children.

Perpetrating violence on children strikes at the hearts of all of us - and is an attack on the love and beauty of the planet's Indigo and Crystal children. We mourn with you, but wish you to understand that this unhappy event will, in time, focus global attention on the plight of children on the planet and will begin many programs to help and protect children. It will raise the awareness in the planetary mind about the need to love and protect the children who are the planet's future.

But - at this point, we wish to remind you that we did say to you in our message last month that you would be called to hold the light in your hearts as those with dark agendas would seek to subvert the new energies and create more darkness.

You stand on the brink of the New Earth. Do not allow the media to use this event to create more violence and more demands for war and oppression! By all means express your outrage and pain, but start to look around you. There are children even in your own society who need love and protection from you as a community. As you enter into your hearts you will know for certain that you are all ONE on the planet, and that any child that is injured or who suffers is your child and asks for your help and protection. It is up to you to create a world where children may not be harmed, and where all children are honored and loved by all adults.

Honor those children who have sacrificed their lives by making a special effort to honor and love all the Children of the Planet. We would ask you, in the memory of these children, to donate of your time and your money to help other children who need your love and support.

Yes - you can make this tragedy into a meaningful event that brings Love and Light to the planet, instead of just another meaningless tragedy that can be used to foment hatred, violence and war.

Now is your challenge, Lightworkers! The Children of the Planet are asking for your help. Begin creating the New Earth by sharing your Love and Support for the Children who are our Future!

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