The Disintegration of Traditional Family Structures and the Rise of Partnership Contracts, Parenting Contracts and Soul Families.

by Celia Fenn

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Many of you today living on the planet are in great pain because of the stresses and angers present in your families. Archangel Michael asks me to share the following information with you so that you can better understand why this is so, and where you are heading for in the future.

The Traditional Family Unit

The traditional nuclear family unit belongs to the past of the Planet. It was a structure developed to serve the interests of humanity in the past. The needs then were for power and protection - and so a system was developed that gave the male the role as protector. In return for this task he held power over the members of his family.

However, humans have evolved to a point where equality between male and female is being recognized, and where the equality of being of children will soon be accepted as well.

In this New Earth paradigm, the traditional nuclear family units with its hierarchical power structures has no place. It is disintegrating and falling away.

In this process, many of you feel confused and bewildered as you experience anger and pain. You wonder what you are doing "wrong" or why you cannot "heal" the situation. We tell you, beloved ones, there is nothing to heal. Only new choices to be made. New choices that will help you to create families and communities that are loving and supportive.

Partnership Contracts and Parenting Contracts

In the New Earth when a person desires to parent children he or she will enter a "Parenting Contract". This will be distinct and different from a "Partnership Contract" which will replace Marriage as a system of support and cohabitation.

A Partnership Contract will be negotiated between two people who feel drawn to each other on a soul level and wish to live their lives together. Generally, this will involve some shared growth or work.

A Partnership Contract may in turn lead to the negotiation of a Parenting Contract - but we wish you to understand that in the future parenting will not be limited to partnerships between male and female beings. Parenting will be open to any loving being who feels that giving physical expression or nurturing to an incarnating soul is a calling for them.

A Parenting Contract is primarily between the Parent and the soul of the incoming Child. However, if two people have agreed to become biological parents they may enter into the contract as Co-Parents. The contract requires love and support and mutual respect and care. Also mutual recognition of the gifts each party brings to the creation of the child/parent unit. And the equality of these gifts.

A single person may also enter into a parenting contract as a single parent. In this case the contract is between the child and the single parent as sole caregiver and nurturer.

In Parenting contracts there is no hierarchy or power structures - only a mutual exchange of love and wisdom in which each party acknowledges a role to support the other.

The parent provides phsyical nurturance and life skills for living on the planet in the present. The child brings advanced spiritual gifts and evolutionary impetus to the parents. Each gifts the other with their presence and their teachings.

Soul Families

Soul Families will in turn create a new conception of community. While New Earth society will be based on the belief in the "One" and in planetary unity, people will still live on different "levels" of awareness for quite a while still.

And the shift from one level of awareness to another may mean releasing one set of "family" and friendship structures to find a new set more in harmony with the resonance of your soul.

This is a process that is happening rapidly at the present. People are being drawn together through soul resonance and mutual soul work. But also, having to let go of relationships and friendships that may have lasted many years but are no longer harmonious on the deeper levels.

While this may be a chaotic and painful process, it will also lead to the creation of wonderful new partnerships and communities based on mutual love, respect and support.

Many soul groups that may have incarnated at different places on the planet are now finding each other and connecting through the new technologies such as the Internet. These soul communities are helping people to understand that even if there are few people around them who carry the same energies, there are many other people around the planet who think and feel the same way. And as these people unite and come together in love and support for each other - they form a radiant web of love and light that supports each menber of the network.

And this is the miracle of the Now/Future moment - once you connect with the Crystal network of love you can always draw on the supportive energy of your "soul family" who are connected to you via this grid or web. You will never be alone again and you will never feel unloved or unsupported again.

Welcome to the New Earth - where every Crystal being of Light supports and loves every other being of light.

Welcome to New Earth Community Life!

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