The New Earth "Creating Miracles" Series.......

Key No 1 : Creating and Grounding Dreams

by Celia Fenn

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Dearest Lightworkers, we talk much about the New Earth as a place where we will all be able to create our dreams. And we discuss our transitions and transformations. And yet, as I speak with many of you, you seem frustrated and exhausted, because in reality you feel no closer to creating and manifesting your dreams. You feel as though you are in limbo, that you are going nowhere, and although you know where you would like to be, you seem somehow unable to get there.

The purpose of this series of articles is to convey Archangel Michael's teachings on the Life Skills that are needed for Higher Dimensional living in the New Earth. To share with you the simple keys that will open doors in the new reality. For that is often the problem, dearest Lightworkers. So many of you are indeed stuck. You know that everything has changed, but you are still living and acting in the old patterns and paradigms that no longer work for you.

Everything is Different Now

If you truly accept that the Earth has shifted into another dimensional matrix, known as the 5th and 6th dimensions, then you will need to consider that ways of thinking and being that were valid previously may no longer be so!

It is one thing to talk about change. But you, as first wave Lightworkers, must live your changes into manifestation.

The true key to Higher Dimensional living is that you are now the Creators of Miracles. And what you so dearly need, dear ones, is a refresher course on how to create miracles. For within yourselves you know these skills, but so many lifetimes of third-dimensional limitation and conditioning have left you at a loss as how to reclaim your creative essence. And so, Archangel Michael offers these simple keys to assist you to begin to create your own miracles and so become New Earth Miracle Creators.

So What are your Dreams?

This is the first step, knowing what it is that you want to create. So many people are conditioned by their culture and it's expectations, and a need to earn money. They have lost touch with their true creative passions and dreams.

Firstly, determine whether your dreams are really your dreams, or if you are just working for something you were conditioned to believe was right for you. Explore your passions. What do you love to do? What did you want to become as a child? How can these dreams become a part of your adult reality? And how can these passions support your life?

Know, dearest Lightworkers, that anything you choose to invest energy and passion into can become a meaningful life path and work for you. It is how you go about creating the structures that will support your dreams.

For indeed, this is where so many of you are unable to move forward. You have been conditioned to work within structures created by others, and so have little skill in creating your own physical structures in which to materialize your dreams.

For there are two steps to Creative Materialization:

Creativity:is accessing the realm of ideas and concepts. It is finding the place where desires and dreams are thought about and designed into the realm of the imagination.

Materialization: is the process whereby those dreams are drawn down into physical reality so that your dreams become a physical reality on the manifest plane of existence.

So, in considering these two phases, let us see how this can be set out practically, so that you can begin the process of creating miracles and grounding your dreams.

The Dream as an Idea or Concept

Desires and dreams come to you because they are an inherent part of your soul's need to grow and adventure and be creative.

A desire is a creative urge to experience certain feelings and emotions in physical form. A dream is when these desires become so strong as to be a constant source of intention, longing and focus.

All desires are messages from your soul about certain paths of growth and exploration. But you, as the part of the being in physical incarnation, are the one who is empowered to decide which dreams and desires to pursue.

One of the problems of this time is that because the energy is so conducive to creation, you are creating options and openings so fast, that you cannot keep up with them, and so things seem promising and then disappear. The secret is to select and choose. You cannot do everything at once and you do not need to. There is plenty of time. So choose a particular dream and begin the process of exploration.

Define your Dream

This means to clarify, what is your intention and what do you wish to create.

For, example, if you dream of a beautiful garden, filled with healthy plants and abundant elemental energy, then begin by seeing that in your mind's eye.

It is important at this stage to see it and to experience it is a feeling on a deep level. The creative aspect of your being is not linguistic, but holographic or visual, it responds to and functions on visual cues rather than verbal language. Then, to that holographic images of a desired and possible future, add the fuel of joy, gratitude and positive expectation. Your miracle is on the way!

Even if you only have a small patch of bare ground, or a few pot plants on a window sill, you can begin to create your own beautiful garden right now using these techniques.

Doing the Work: creating a structure in which your Dream can manifest

This is the most important step in creating a physical intentional space for the manifestation of your dream. It is creating a "bridge" whereby the energy can move from the conceptual and spiritual realms and into the physical.

Archangel Michael calls it "opening channels" through which the energy may flow to you and begin to manifest what you have dreamed and desired. Here is also where the role of synchronicity comes in. The energetic realm loves the game of synchronicity, or attracting like energies. You will find that as soon as you get a dream to this stage, you will begin to attract to you people and opportunities that will help you to build or structure your dream.

Your role is to be open to these opportunities and to be able to make use of what is offered to you by the Spiritual or Energetic realm in response to what you have sent out in your desires and dreams. The responses and "answers" sent by your Higher Aspect and Spirit will also tell you where you might need to "tweak" your dream a little.

At this stage it is good to follow the principles of "Creative Visualization". Open a file or a Journal and begin planning how your dream will manifest. In the garden example, you could collect pictures of the plants you want, find out information about climate, water resources and fertilizer. Do a gardening course or a landscaping course, to meet people with similar dreams and passions. In this way, you begin to create the foundations or structures into which your dreams may manifest.

Getting Support for your Dream

This is often a difficult area in grounding a dream, since in the New Earth all projects of manifestation are group projects in which the concepts of sharing and supporting are keys.

In the Old Earth energy is was possible to achieve things "alone" if you had enough money to buy the support you needed. But, money is not the currency of the New Earth. That is why so many Lightworkers are struggling with financial resources right now. Your guidance is showing you that money is not what is needed to create your dreams and the New Earth. It is participation, support and sharing.

In fact, it may be said that the currency of the New Earth is unconditional love, sharing and support. So, the more you can share your dream with others, the more support you can obtain to put those structures in place and begin manifesting your dream.

So, now to make your garden project a reality, you have the support and assistance of people with similar intentions and dreams. They swap plants, ideas and labor in the creative endeavor of making beautiful gardens. Yours will be supported into manifestation if you also support the dreams and desires of others. It is a process of sharing and caring that helps to create miracles.

Grounding the Dream

By this stage you will have all the synchronistic opportunities and the people you need to manifest your dream. It is now up to you to hold the energy and focus it into manifestation.

Many dreams fail even at this late stage because the dreamer loses interest and focus, and starts to dream of something else, thus starting a whole new cycle of manifestation. Holding the vision and focusing effort and energy are key components to successfully manifesting dreams into reality.

And the secret ingredients here are fun and gratitude. You must enjoy what you are doing. It must give you pleasure and a sense of achievement. And with this must go deep gratitude for the joy of your creations. Even God said "it is good" when he viewed his creations. So, acknowledge what you have created, see how good it is, and allow it to grow and become even better.

Fun and gratitude ensure success. When others see these aspects, they will want to share in them and will join you in your dream. And so your garden will take shape!

The New Earth

Dearest Lightworkers, the New Earth is the garden you are creating. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Is it fun? Are you grateful? Are you sharing and loving and growing?

We know many of you are deeply exhausted after the transition and your own clearing and balancing processes. But the energy is now optimal for creating the paradise garden that is the New Earth.

Use the principles to ground and create your dreams, on the personal level and on the global level.

It is time to move your dreams from your "head" space and into physical manifestation.

You have the keys!

You are the Creators!

Have fun in the New Earth garden!

And don't forget to say Thank you!

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