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Crystal Children represent the next step in human evolution. They follow the Indigo Children. Their mission is to complete the work begun by the Indigos. Where the Indigo Children are "Systems Busters", and come to dismantle and remove old and limiting ways of thinking, the Crystal Children have come to begin the process of renewal and rebuilding.

The Primary Mission of a Crystal Child is to teach the ways of Multi-Dimensional Living - in Harmony, Peace and Love. They have come to teach us how to live Empowered Lives. They have come to help us to reconnect with the Divine Feminine energies. They represent the future path of the Human Race.

And one of their most magical gifts to us is that they are serving as catalysts for our evolution. Many Indigo Children and Adults are transitioning into the Crystal state with the help of the energetic "lift" that the Crystal Children provide by their very presence on the Earth at this time. They are, together with the Indigo Children, helping to "power" the Ascension process of Planet Earth.

How to Recognize a Crystal Child

Crystal Children are primarily recognized through their auras, which are generally crystal clear, but can also carry opalescent tones of gold, indigo-blue and magenta, depending on their Ray affiliation. Crystal Children are born with access to their Multi-Dimensional selves, and are generally anchored in the Sixth Dimension, with the ability to open to the Ninth Dimension of full Christ Consciousness, when the planet is ready. This will probably occur around 2012 when the first "generation" of Crystals reaches about twelve years old.

It is important to realize that the Crystal Child is a "Christed Child", whose purpose is to incarnate and hold the Christ Energy, so that humans can ascend to that level as a group.

Crystal Children began coming to the planet in small numbers in about 1998, when the first "pioneers" arrived. They began coming in significant numbers in 2000. As more and more of them arrive, they "hold the energy" for even more Crystal souls to incarnate.

Crystal Children are almost always born into a home where they are deeply wanted by their parents, and know that they will be honored and loved. They are most often the children of Indigo parents, and they will often incarnate after a sibling who was Indigo. The Indigo brother or sister serves to hold the energy and "educate" the parents into ways of parenting the New Children.

The Crystal Child and its Physical Incarnation

There are some very definite physical characteristics that many Crystal Children take on at incarnation. They are generally big babies, and often have head that are proportionally too big for their bodies.

They often have large, piercing eyes, and will stare at people intensely for long periods. This can be very disturbing for adults who are not used to being "read" by an infant. What the child is doing is accessing your akashic or soul records and reading who you are. It is quite normal behaviour for them, and they will be quite happy for you to do the same in return. It is the Crystal way of communicating, to look into the soul of another being and read or perceive who they are. It is something we will all learn to do in the future.

Emotionally, they are generally very calm and good babies, and they will bond very intensely with their mothers. This intense bond may last until they are four or five, and may be seen as "clinging" behaviour. This is often their first incarnation on this planet, and they need the reassurance and stability that the physical presence of their mothers can provide. They are also extremely loving children, and will often seek to help and heal both humans and animals that are in distress.

They are also extremely sensitive. A Crystal Child is not only able to read the soul records of a person, but also to "pick up" and feel all the unresolved tensions and angers that a person may be carrying on the subconscious level. This is why Crystal Children are so sensitive to their environments. They may also be very sensitive to food and develop food allergies. Parenting a Crystal Child can be a real challenge. Very often the unresolved issues of the parents are sensed by the child, who will be negatively affected by these toxic emotions. Parents of Crystal Children need to be willing to work through their issues in order to provide a stable home for their children.

But maybe the most outstanding trait of the Crystal Child is its power. They exude power. They are teachers of Empowerment, and are powerful masters in their own right. They may be incarnated in small bodies at this point, but they have the powerful energies of a sixth-dimensional master. That is why it is essential that parents learn to respect them and negotiate with them. Otherwise this powerful energy will be used in power struggles that the parent or caregiver will never win.

Crystal Children also have no real comprehension or understanding of fear. They know they are always safe, amd may exasperate a parent or caregiver by behaviour that seems risky or foolish. Often they need to be lovingly shown why their parents consider certain behaviours "unsafe" for the child. Because the physical experience is so new to them, they may often not understand the limitations of the physical body, and do silly things like jumping out of second storey windows, if not properly made to understand the consequences of such acts.

Their Special Abilities

Crystal Children have many "special gifts" which derive from their multi-dimensional abilities. They have the ability, as mentioned earlier, to read the energy fields of people. They also have the ability to communicate telepathically, both with each other and their parents.

Crystal Children are very "connected" to their peer consciousness group. They support and assist each other on the subtle planes. This is also true, to a certain extent, of the Indigo children, but is much more pronounced with Crystals. Because they are born with a full consciousness of the heart chakra, they are able to connect with their group consciousness and "channel" information. This is why they sometimes do not speak until they are about four or five. They have no need for speech, since they receive information in other ways. It is only when they begin socializing outside the home that they start to understand the reason for verbal speech with those who are not telepathic.

Many Crystal Children are also born with other Psychic abilities, ranging from telekinesis to the ability to "read" a book without opening the covers. They are reportedly also able to heal themselves and effect physical changes in their bodies through the power of their minds. However, these kinds of gifts are not the main reason for their incarnation. Such psychic gifts are inherent in all humans, if we just know how to access them, and the Crystal Children will teach us. What is important to them is that we empower ourselves and learn to access the Heart Chakra and act from a knowledge of unity consciousness and love.

Some of the Problems Encountered by Parents of Crystal Children

The increase of Autism among children on the planet is one of the associated issues of the coming of the Crystal Children. Autistic children are, in metaphysical terms, children who have not fully incarnated in their bodies, and have chosen to keep most of their energy on the higher dimensions. They therefore have most of their attention tuned into other dimensions, and do not relate well on the physical plane. Usually it is anxiety and fear that causes the child to make such a choice. And as more of the gentle souls of the Crystals come to be incarnated on the planet, many of them are so traumatised by the energies of Earth that they seek rather to stay mostly in the Higher Dimensions.

But Autistic children are also teachers of love. I have worked with and observed many autistic children, and beyond the so-called problem behaviours, I have found very loving and shining souls.

The delayed speech development has been discussed and explained above.

Many Crystals also suffer with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) as they grow older, because there is so much high level creative energy pouring through their systems. Our culture often does not provide the channels or the stimulation for such creativity, and parents can battle to focus this energy in creative rather than destructive ways.

Crystal Children can also throw powerful tantrums and be extremely manipulative. This is because they are quite new to physical manifestation, and often feel threatened if their "reality creation" is thwarted by an adult. The Crystal Child is a powerful Creator, and will seek to create a reality which is safe and comfortable for him or her. If the reality is not, the child will seek to change it by whatever means, including tantrums, manipulation and other power ploys.

I have often been out-manoeuvered by Crystal Children in my own Therapy Room. This is because they instantly perceive that I am there to analyse them in some way, and they find that boring and unpleasant. So they refuse to co-operate and draw pictures with me. (Indigos love to draw and show off their creativity). Crystals, on the other hand, express their creativity more directly. The most memorable session I ever had with a Crystal Child began with me asking her to do specific tasks, she refused. She was tearful, so I let her do what she wanted. She examined all my crystals, and we ended up on the floor playing "snap" with the Tarot cards. My room looked like it had been trashed by a whirlwind, but she had a good time and didn't want to go home at that point. I was left wondering what happened. I had just been pulled into a Crystal Child's creation - much rather the playful game than the serious analysis.

Some Crystal Children also seem to have problems with co-ordination and "being in their bodies". For many, it is their first experience of being in a body, and they may need help to negotiate the mechanisms of physical incarnation. Parents may need to help them with Occupational and Play Therapy, or with classes in creativity and body movement such as art and dancing.

A Crystal Story

Angela is a Crystal Child who is six years old. She was one of the earliest Crystals to incarnate on the planet, and is a very brave soul. A pioneer of the new consciousness.

Her mother brought her to see me because she was battling with Angela's hyperactivity and inability to fit in with the school regimen. Despite being a highly intelligent child who could read before she began school. Angela's mother, Linda, had moved her from one school to another because she was unhappy.

Angela had chosen her mother well. Linda runs a day-care centre for children, and is a loving and concerned parent. She is adamant that she will never put her daughter on Ritalin or any other drugs, and constantly seeks the best natural health care and therapies for her daughter.

But Angela's life story is interesting, and demonstrates some of the challenges faced by Crystal Children and their parents. She was born late, at 38 weeks, and her mother had to be induced. She was a colicky baby, but otherwise normal. However, when Angela was ten months old her mother landed up in hospital for 5 days and had to have minor surgery. On the fourth day, Angela, who was at home with a caregiver, had a seizure. She was diagnosed as epileptic, but all her EEG's have been normal. After that she had an average of one grand mal seizure a week, although she could sometimes have three in one day.

It appears that Angela was very connected to her mother, and the overload of pain or electrical energy that Linda was experiencing in hospital was transmitted to Angela and it "blew" her system. The overload of energy manifesting as a seizure. And once she had been overstimulated in this way, the energy just kept pouring in.

Angela eventually outgrew the seizures, but she had another one at six years, when she had to have an operation to have her tonsils out. Again the pain energy was too much for her system. She has complained of headaches and "buzzing" noises in her head since then, which seem to be an indication to me that she is able to "hear" the energies moving through her.

Linda had a brain scan done to check that there was no serious problem relating to Angela's persistent headaches. The scan was normal, but showed that Angela's skull is relatively too big, and that there is a gap between the brain and the skull. Obviously an evolutionary step, as the species provides either for more brain capacity, or for a larger skull to "carry" the heavier and larger energies of the subtle bodies in a multi-dimensional being.

I suggested to Linda that Angela's headaches might be as a result of her diet. She has a tendency to crave junk food. Crystals have very sensitive digestive systems, and the overload of toxins in Angela's liver may well be producing the persisitent "detox" headaches.

Some of Angela's behaviours border on autistic. She likes to rock from side to side and to spin, and she is always active and finds it difficult to concentrate. As she said to me, there is just too much energy in her body. But she is not autistic, she is just a very bright and wonderful and loving child.

She is also very bossy and manipulative. But as I explained above, these are behaviours that Crystal children employ in order to ensure the success of their "reality creation" exercises.

Most people who encounter Angela find her sweet, affectionate, bright and loving, but exhausting to be with. Constantly demanding attention and stimulation. I feel that as she matures she will "settle" and be able to explore who she is and her contribution to the planet in more depth. And I am confident that her loving mother will provide the safety and stability that she needs.

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Part Two

The Mission of the Crystal Child

The primary mission of all Crystal Children is to advance human evolution through the ascension process. They are here to wake us up and to show us how to live in a completely new and different way. Just by arriving in significant numbers and holding their Crystal energy, they are helping to facilitate a shift in the planetary energies.

But they are also here to teach Multi-Dimensional Life Skills and Empowerment.

The Crystal Child is comfortable with moving between different dimensions or phases of reality. They are not in any way limited to the third dimensional world, although they may have bodies and function in the third dimensional reality. They are tuned primarily into the sixth dimension, and they hold and bring that energy to the planet.

It is a SLOWER energy than what is common in our reality. Crystal Children only become hyperactive when they are unable to manage the flow of the higher energies. In general, the higher ones energy in frequency, the slower and more peaceful one becomes. This is the whole key to managing higher frequency energy. To understand that there is no need to rush around trying to control your reality through external actions in the material world. The multi-dimensional being knows that one manipulates reality from the higher levels through the processes of INTENTION and MANIFESTATION, but always in alignment with the Higher Will.

So Crystal Children will almost force us to slow down and begin to flow energy as they do. To understand that there is plenty of time to explore and create and experience, and that we do not have to do anything right now, other than allow the flow of higher energy to lead us into new and different areas of experience. And that setting an intention will be sufficient to direct that flow of energy towards channels that will be rewarding and enjoyable.

EMPOWERMENT is a necessary part of multi-dimensional living. Crystal Children KNOW that they do not ever have to be victims, or to enter into dramas where they have to take on the victim role. They know how to empower themselves through the processes of CO-CREATION and MANIFESTATION. But they expect their parents to know this as well. And if parents do not co-create with love and respect there will be problems. Fortunately, most Crystal children have chosen parents, usually Indigos, who are wise enough to understand these principles already.

And the underlying principle behind this way of living is UNITY CONSCIUOSNESS. The Crystals understand this oneness. They live it. They feel other people's energies every time they go out the door. They pick up anxiety and stress that is not their own. They "feel" the toxins in the environment and in food. And they will also ensure that we create a cleaner more harmonious world that will be more comfortable for all of us.

Parenting a Crystal Child: The Conscious Parenting Process

Crystal Children demand to be parented in ways that are very different from the standard parenting pattern.

Firstly, they seek to be involved in the whole Incarnation/Pregnancy process right from conception, if not before. They will frequently communicate with their future parents, making certain requests. In my experience this requests usually include things like giving up smoking and more healthy living patterns, since the child cannot incarnate into a maternal body that is toxic on the physical level. There may also be requests to do Inner Child work, to eliminate toxins on the emotional and mental levels, before a higher frequency Crystal Child will feel safe to incarnate through a set of parents.

Crystal children will only come if invited and wanted. When I work with preganant mothers, I always ensure that we welcome the child to the physical realm and ensure it of love and nurturing, both in the pre-birth processes, and afterwards. I find it best to have a session with the mother once a month to ensure that all is well and to transmit any messages to the parents.

Crystal Children also demand that BOTH parents be involved in the parenting process. I have had several messages asking that both parents be empowered in the parenting process. That both parents be part of nurturing and both parents be part of providing. This breaks the disempowering patterns where fathers are providers, but emotionally absent, and mothers are nurturers but materially disempowered and dependent. The Crystal Child does not want to take on these patterns. Rather, they want balanced patterns and balanced parenting.

They also want us to become more involved in ceremonial or ritual transits in their lives. At the moment apart from pre-birth "welcoming" rituals, we are also involved in doing "Naming Ceremonies" which include families and friends and are aimed at honoring the name that the child has chosen. And yes, Crystal Children always choose their own names and transmit this to their parents in some way. So parents need to listen for names rather than choose them! As the Crystal Children grow older they will probably also guide us to other rituals and ceremonies for their progress through physical life.

If you would like more information on the process of Conscious Parenting, as we call it, please visit our web site at www.starchild.co.za and read the page called "Jose and Ines's Diary". Jose and Ines are a young couple who have actively parented a Crystal Child, beginning with contact several years before conception to the birth of their son, Gabriel in December 2003. Jose writes the diary to share their expereinces of Parenting this particular Crystal Child.

Different Kinds of Crystal Children

There are several different names given to the group known as "Crystal Children". These names usually refer to different kinds of Crystal Children.

Crytsal Children are sometimes called "Golden Children". This is a reference to the fact that they tend to incarnate on the Gold Ray of Spiritual evolution. This means that they are born with all the knowledge and understanding of an advanced soul, and the ability to become what we would previously have called an "avatar". One who holds an advanced state of consciousness for the planet. And with so many potential avatars arriving, we can be sure that the planet will soon be moving to higher levels at a rapid pace.

But Crystals can run more than one Ray at a time, and many of them also incarnate the Magenta Ray. These are the Artists, Poets, Musicians and Sensitives. They are here primarily to reconnect humans with their creative abilities. They will teach us once more to dance, to sing, to create music, and to celebrate the experience of multi-dimensional humaness.

I have also encountered Crystals, both child and adult, who also run the Indigo-Violet and Green-Blue Rays. These seem to be associated with healing the planet and connecting with higher angelic dimensions of consciousness. They are the teachers and healers of the planet.

Of course, a Crystal can run all four of these rays simaltaneously, and be an artist, a teacher and a healer.

When a Crystal being has evolved their vehicle of consciousness to the point that they can run ALL the rays assocaited with Earth Planetary experience, then they can be called Rainbow Crystal beings.

There are some children being born already who have the potential to be Rainbow Crystals. But so far I do not know anyone who is actually running all the Rays as yet. It is probably not possible yet, but as with full Christ Consciousness, it is something that we are growing into as our next evolutionary step.

Their Gifts to Us : Now and the Future

While we care for and parent our Crystal Children, we need to be aware of the gift that they bring us.

They are the future. They show us what we are becoming. And their special gift to us to let us know that we can become that NOW, if we choose to allow their energies to move us to the next step on the evolutionary ladder.

By arriving in significant numbers, the are precipitating the transition from Indigo to Crystal, or the Spiritual Awakening, of large numbers of humans already incarnated on the planet. And there is no age limit. You can be 10 or 100, and you can still take advantage of the Crystal Energy Wave. More and more adults are being rebirthed into their Crystal Child state, and becoming Crystal adults.

This can be a difficult process, but the Crystal children hold and support us on the energetic level, just as we are asked to hold and support them on the physical level.

It is an exchange of wisdom. They bring us wisdom from the future in order to show us who we are becoming. They in turn ask us to give them what they need of the wisdom of our past in order to be here in this present moment of earth time.

It is a partnership. A relationship in which Future and Past unite in the Present Moment.And at this nexus point the miracle of Ascension and Evolution is happening. We are creating a New Earth and a new specie of Human Angel in this marriage of Past and Future.

So, celebrate your Crystal or Christed Child as the bearer of a wonderful gift - to you!

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