Special Messages for the Birth of the Crystal Planet on the 8:8 Harmonic (August 8th 2004)


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We at Starchild want to extend our thanks to all the wondeful people who joined us for the Blue Moon meditation on the 31st. We present here a continuation of the information that has come through on the occasion of the Blue Moon. I am sure you will agree that the two channeled messages from the Hathors and Archangel Michael give us exciting information for this time.

The important dates are : 6th August, 8th August and 12th August.

The Time Frame was explained this way by the Hathors: On the 6:8 (6th August) the energy of the Venus Transit will once again be activated and connected with the Sirius/Sun alignment on the 8:6. The Harmonic tones for the 6 energy can be explained in terms of the Archetypal key of the Tarot - the Lovers, whose energy represents the perfect balance of male and female energies needed to bring to birth the Crystal Planet.

The 8 energy is represented in the Tarot keys by the image of a woman taming a lion, which represents the Goddess or Divine Feminine holding open the path of the Heart or the Lion Path of Advanced Evolution that we are taking advantage of now. This card is sometimes exchaged with the Key no 11, which is called Justice and depicts a woman with a pair of Scales. She represents the Goddess Ma aT whom the Egyptians knew to be the Great Mother who holds the Cosmic Order and gifts us with this energy.

The transition will take four days - from the 8th to the 12th August, and will only finally be settled by the New Moon on the 16th August. So expect a turbulent and exciting time in the next 2 weeks.

Message One: "Birthing the Crystal Planet on the 8:8 Harmonic." The Hathors through Celia Fenn.

The energy that is reaching your planet now is a blessing from the Divine Mother at the Galactic Centre. It is a powerful and transformative energy that has been misused for negative ends by those on your planet in the past who have sought to focus it for negative purposes (the atomic explosions in Japan in 1945 being one example of such an abuse). But now, because you have awakened and begun to be responsible for the cosmic energies that come to your planet, this is no longer possible.

At this Full Moon there were enough of you willing to transmute the energies through your beings and transmit them as love and peace to the planet - and so you have created a miracle. You have made it possible for the Crystal Planet to be birthed on the 8th August, which represents the 8:8 Harmonic of this Transformative Cycle.

The Crystal Planet is a term that we use to describe a planet whose dimensional harmonics are in perfect resonance, like the perfect facets of a Crystal. Each dimension is in parallel harmonic with the next, and the planet itself moves into Multi-Dimensional harmony.

At this time, your planetary consciousness is seated largely in the 5th Dimension, with many individuals still living largely outdated 3rd Dimensional lifestyles. But there are those who have reached into the 5th and 6th dimensions and begun to create their own realities. And, since the Blue Moon stargate opened, many who have now shifted into the 8th and 9th Dimensions. This is truly a miracle, it means that the "Christ Seed" or "Consciousness". which operates on the 9th Dimension, is now firmly established as part of the Planetary harmonic on Planet Earth. The function of those who work at the 9th Dimensional level is to receive and transmit higher frequency cosmic energies to those in the lower dimensions or frequencies. These are the "Earth Keepers" who take on the role of the "Christed" or Crystal ones. At this time too, those of you who are entering into service at the 9th Dimension are fully activating your beautiful Crystal Auras, your own personal Harmonic Grid that connects into the Harmonic Grid of the Planet.

This Planetary Harmonic blend was known in Egypt. The code name for it was the "Blue Nile" and the "White Nile". When these joined into one "stream" there was peace and abundance. The "Blue Nile" represented the 5th and 6th Dimensions and the "White Nile" represented the 7th to 9th Dimensions. In ancient Egypt the harmonic balance created allowed for the flowering of Egyptian civilization. The Pharoah would hold the frequencies of the Higher harmonics in his own being, but now, those of you on the planet who have developed your Crystal Light Bodies will be entrusted with the task of holding and transmitting these frequencies for the planet.

The establishment of this Harmonic Multi-Dimensional Resonance on 8:8 (8th August) will precipitate many changes on the planet and in your lives. As the new harmonic tones are set up, the old ones disintegrate. More and more you will be challenged to release old patterns of living and thinking and embrace new ways of being.

We say to you that the keys are Love and Peace and Beauty. The New Harmonics are about sharing, interdependence and unconditional acceptance of each other. The Crystal Planet that is birthing is a place where the harmonic of peace will prevail,overriding the old pattern of separation and disharmony created by your exile in the 3rd Dimension.

We welcome the inhabitants of the Crystal Planet to the Cosmic Family of Love and Oneness. In the Law of One we are all ONE in the Great TONE of LOVE and PEACE.

We are your family in Love

The Hathors.

Message Two:"The Birth of the Crystal Earth and what it means for you!". Archangel Michael through Kate Spreckley.

On the 8th of the 8th 2004 the stargate will open to allow for the birth of the New Earth, the Crystal Earth. Well done! You have all worked so hard to get to this point. At times we know it has not been easy and we applaud you for never giving up and for believing that it could be done.

In the past this energy that is entering your planet at this time was used for negative purposes and to induce fear and negativity. But you have managed to turn it around and bring through the love, peace and joy! This is going to be a very exciting time for all as you learn to create with love and peace.

Changes are coming for all of you, some will be traumatic as you seem to fear change, but some will be joyous. As you start to really connect with your soul families, you will find the strength and courage to face your fears and to release them. You will become a pure and beautiful light that will shine to all. Your true self will emerge and you will find that life becomes easier and more loving as you allow your true self to emerge. Your many talents and gifts will begin to surface and you will rejoice in finely being able to reconnect with your life purpose.

Your gifts of healing and love will become so great that you will not be able to exist in your old world and you will not be able to live in the old ways. We urge you to feel the excitement that fills your soul at this time as you first begin to glimpse the New Earth. It will be this sense of excitement that will bring you all the abundance, joy and love that you all crave. Start to really begin to see the new life that is before you. Make an effort to allow your true self to emerge because the longer you resist the more painful life will become.

Allow yourself to finely feel your emotions, something which many of you have not allowed yourselves to do for so long because you associate pain with many of the experiences that you have had. Allow the pain and the anger to be released. Work on forgiving yourselves and the forgiveness of others will come. Work on seeing your true self and allowing your true emotions to emerge. Allow the energy and the light to touch those parts of yourself that have been hidden from yourself and from others. Bring them into the light and ask that they be healed so that you may feel the innocence and wonder of life again so that you will be able to see the miracles appearing before you each and every second of the day.

Allow yourself to feel free, free from expectations, yours and others, free of burdens. Allow us, the higher realms, to release these burdens as they really do not exist expect in your minds. Allow your minds to be quite, allow stillness to enter. Find out what it is that can get you to the point of stillness. Perhaps it is music, perhaps it is gardening, perhaps it is painting. Start to explore what it is you need to help you to be! To live in the here and now. To stop the worrying and the planning. Go back to rituals to help you to reconnect, find out what rituals you need to help you to experience a different way of being. Rituals will become extremely important as they will force you to be in the moment and they help you to ground whatever it is that you are needing to do. Whether it be releasing pain, or anger or negativity or to just allow you the time and space for quiet.

Know that these rituals do not have to be complex, they can be as simple as lighting a candle and giving thanks for all that you have. The lighting of a candle can be very symbolic - bringing light to the darkness of despair.

Many of you will be wanting to know what changes are going to occur in your lives. Know this, all change is good, all change will happen for the betterment of your soul. All change will eventually bring love, peace and happiness into your lives. We ask that you release the fear and negativity that surrounds change, and we ask that you concentrate on harmonious change. The more loving the energy surrounding you during these times of change, the easier and more natural the changes will be.

We have story to tell you about The Little Mouse. This little mouse had lived in the same hole for many, many years and one day while he was out gathering food, the entrance to his hole was closed up. When he returned he was stunned, then angry, then sad and then fearful. He didn't know what to do or where to go. He sat outside the closed entrance to his hole and he cried.

Along came a bird and she asked the mouse what he was crying about. He explained that his hole had been closed up and he didn't know what to do. The bird wanted to help so she told him to climb on her back and she would help him to find a new home. Off they flew and the mouse was overawed at what he could see from above. There was so much that he hadn't seen and so much that he hadn't explored because he had stayed alone in his hole for so long. He became very excited at the possibilities that seemed to open up before him and he began to think differently about how his life could be.

Eventually the bird came down to rest and asked the mouse if he had seen anywhere that he would like to live. But the mouse couldn't decide. He looked down from the tree where they were perched and saw another mouse looking up. The other mouse called up to him and asked if he would like to join him for tea. The little mouse was overjoyed that at last he had found somewhere were he belonged and was soon invited to make his home with the other mice.

This story is meant to show that many of you get stuck in your holes (self-created) and when something unexpected happens you only see the negative and you forget to look around and see the positives. Know that we are the bird and trust that we will be with you on this journey and that time and time again we will stop and ask if you need our help - but it will be up to you as to whether you take the help that is offered.

We are so very proud of you, our human angels, and we welcome you home with open arms.

Many blessings and lots of love to you all.

Archangel Michael

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