Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Lightworkers, in the month of December there will be a significant increase in the intensity of Light and Love flowing from the Galactic Center, and activating change and evolution throughout the Cosmos. New Light Codes will be transmitted into the Paradise Grids to activate the next cycle of evolution on Planet Earth. The energy of the Divine Feminine, in its Solar form, will energize and activate these changes on your planet.

Dearest Lightworkers, you can expect increased luminescence and radiance to pour forth from your Sun, as the Earth spirals into a new cycle. This in turn will accelerate consciousness on the planet to a Higher Octave. We can say, dearest ones, that we expect a significant shift in the Collective Consciousness in this period, beginning with the 12:12 Stargate on the 12th of December, and moving through to the Solstice on the 22nd of December.

What will this shift be? Well, we have spoken to you of the Quantum awakening and the shift into new perceptual modes, and so we will say, many of you will reach a level of consciousness in which you will begin to "see", in your waking state, into the Higher Dimensions. You will understand the nature of quantum reality and you will walk in the Dream Time with confidence and trust.

And, as you make this shift, you will begin to understand how you create your own reality from within. And you will begin to perceive yourself as a "Galactic Human". For your Galactic Lightbody will be fully connected, and you will become aware of the presence of the Celestial beings who work with you. These beings have always been here, waiting patiently for you to be ready to see them and work with them. For, dearest ones, you will only "see" them with your Heart. Your mind will not accept their presence, as the Collective Consciousness has as yet refused to allow them to exist in the mental framework of reality. But, as you move into a heart-based reality, you will see with the eyes of Love and you will feel and receive the Love that has always been there. it will be a Joyous Reunion as you begin to merge with your Galactic families.

But, we can say that this may be a turbulent process. You are pioneers, and you are breaking through consciousness barriers of fear and illusion that are thousands of years old, to be the first to welcome your Celestial families. As your Galactic Lightbodies are infused with the radiant energy from the Galactic Center via Sirius and the Sun, you will accelerate quickly into Galactic Consciousness. You will traverse this "fear zone" of the Collective Consciousness, this man made barrier of fear that has been created to keep you separate and alone and disconnected from your Galactic and Celestial origins and inheritance. As you reconnect, you will need to be fearless and courageous, and accept your Cosmic birthright with Joy. As you move through this "fear zone', it will begin to dissipate and break down, allowing many more to awaken to their Celestial origins as true "Starchildren". For, just as all Humans are "Human Angels", all humans are "Starchildren", and have their origins in the Stellar families of the Cosmos.

As the light increases and the old barriers of fear dissolve, you will once again be ready to unite with your Cosmic families. The Human Family, of whom you are the first representatives, will reach out in Love and Peace, to connect with your Loving and Peaceful relations in the Cosmos.

The Heart is the Key

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As you journey through the "fear zone", that ancient and crystallized barrier of fear and lies, you will need to be a true Warrior of the Heart. Stay focused in your Heart, and do not allow your mind to spin out into anger and fear. At this time of the year, when people are in any event, often anxious and irritable, it is so important that you "suspend" mental and emotional judgments and live only in the love of the Heart.

Many of you have been trained in these skills in the last year, but now is the time to truly be in your Heart and live from your Heart.

We will suggest only briefly what you may feel and experience at this time, and then suggest how you may best deal with any symptoms of electromagnetic disturbance or distortion that may arise.

So, in this time of increased luminescence, flow the energy through your body and into the Grids. you can do this through Intentional Ceremonies of Light and Joy. Use this month to celebrate : sing, dance, play music, play, enjoy your food, have great sex.......allow your physical body to be an instrument for the joy and laughter of your Soul. Share this Joy and Laughter with others. If possible, be out of doors, connect with the Devas and the Nature Spirits and the Fairies! Play in the Cosmos, feel the flows of Love and Light, release all fear.......All is Well and as it Should Be!

The Galactic Human is the Light Bridge between the Cosmic energies and the Crystalline Grids of planet Earth. The Paradise Matrix that was activated in March of 2005, under the guidance of Venus, is being "set alight" with the passionate love of the Divine Feminine energy, as Venus dances through the Fire sign of Sagittarius in her role as the Creative and Transformational Solar of Fire Goddess!

The 12:12 Stargate and the Solstice...and other important dates in December 2006

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Sagittarius, the ninth house representing Higher Consciousness and Spirituality, is the current "home" of the Galactic Center in relation to the Earth. In December, six of the planets will traverse or be situated in Sagittarius, creating the dynamic energy of Transformation and the waves of radiant light as each planet acts as a prism or accelerator for the Cosmic evolutionary Light Codes that flow from the Galactic Center.

The Sun will be in Sagittarius until the Solstice on the 22nd of December, when it moves into Capricorn, and Venus will be in Sagittarius until the 11th of December.

The Full Moon will be on the 5th of December, with the Full Moon in Gemini, the Third house. Gemini brings in the Air or mental energy of the "Twins", and allows us to integrate and reconcile and balance complementary aspects within ourselves. Combined with Venus in Sagittarius, this is an optimum moment for Soulmate Unions to be activated or balanced. The energy of the Solar Divine Feminine will be particularly strong at this time. If you do a Full Moon meditation, it would be advisable to include music and dancing to assist in flowing the strong Fire and Air energies. On the 6th of December, Mars enters into Sagittarius as well....the God and Goddess are united in the Ninth House of Higher Consciousness.

On the 8th of December, the 12:12 Stargate will begin to open, reaching its climax on the 12th. In this brief window of time, the 6th to the 11th of December, Venus and Mars will both be in Sagittarius, creating balance and bringing in the new Light Codes for Soulmate relationships in Higher Consciousness. The 12:12 energy wave will assist to create a wonderful union and integration, and will allow many to begin working towards the realization of Twin Flame Unions on the Earth Plane. This was the possibility that was laid down in the Earth Crystalline Grids during the Venus Transit and when the Paradise Matrix was activated.

The 12:12 Stargate will close by the 16th of December, but this will be followed by the Solstice on the 22nd of December. At this time, the Earth will be at a point of complete balance and harmony, situated at that point of rest and change between midsummer and midwinter. Those who have entered into Cosmic and Planetary Consciousnesss will be able to feel and experience this moment of Total Balance and Joy, and within Soulmate Unions there will be a moment of absolute bliss, as the partners who represent the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies allow themselves to unite in complete balance and total Unconditional Love.

On the 25th of December, the enlightened followers of the Christ path will celebrate the birth of the Planetary Teacher, Yeshua ben Josef, and his Twin Flame, Mariam, also known as Mary Magdalene. May this day that celebrates the entry of the Higher Crystal or Christed consciousness to the Planet and the activation of the Twin Flame energy on Earth, be celebrated with Joy and Unconditional love.

May it be a celebration of the Divine Christ Light within each Man and Woman on the Planet and a celebration of the Higher Union of the Christed Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies through Christed Human Beings at this time!

Peace, Grace and Love to You All.

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