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Friday 15th April

Dolphin Beach, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town.

Today we are driving a different route in our search for contact and communication with our Dolphin friends. Last week we came this way, and were rewarded by the sighting of a small pod of Dolphins off Sea Point. We are on the West Coast or Atlantic Seaboard of South Africa, at an area called Bloubergstrand that looks towards Cape Town and Table Mountain.

At first we see very little, although we can sense that the Dolphins are close. We turn off at a beach called "Dolphin Beach", and , well there they are. Again, just a small pod of Dolphins just beyond the line of the breakers. They are moving northwards quite quickly, and we assume they must be feeding. They are probably bottle-nosed dolphins or common Dolphins, but today they are not coming into the breakers, but staying beyond the breaker line, so that it is difficult to photograph them. It is a small group, about 5 to 7, and they don't stay long.

Terry and I are just happy to see them and connect with them. We feel the characteristic dreaminess and movement in the Brow chakra that we have noticed whenever we connect with a pod of Dolphins. And so, as they disappear northwards, Terry goes to sit on the sand, and I am walking along the shoreline, just photgraphing pebbles in the water and in a dreamy almost trance-like state. I look up suddenly and am startled to see a wave breaking about 20 yards from me. Quite a big wave, and hurtling towards me at quite a speed it a big black shape about 2 meters long!

seal.jpg My heart begins to pound with suprise! Is it a dolphin? No, it turns out to be a Cape Fur Seal that has decided to come and play with me on this warm and sunny morning.Probably a male, because of the size. The seal surfs the wave towards me and then breaks away to go back out to the ocean. I am so startled that I forget to take a picture. By the time I get the camera aimed, the seal is already on his way back out to sea, and I only manage a slightly blurred image. But he can be seen as he swims away from me.

Terry sees him too, and since we are the only people on this stretch of beach, we are both delighted by this playful manifestation. The seal clearly knew I was there and decided to play with me!

This raises many questions for me. Terry and I had been focussed on Dolphins, and we had indeed been able to call a pod and locate them. But the "close encounter" that we had was with a seal. Can seals also pick up our thoughts and messages like the Dolphins do? This opens other possibilities in our minds for connecting with the oceanic beings on our shoreline. Maybe the seal knew that the Dolphins would not come into the breakers, and so decided to show up instead. There was no doubt that he was "aimed" at me, since I was the only person on that stretch of beach, and he clearly wanted my attention.

This reminded me of an experience I had about 5 years ago, on another beach, when I was walking along the shoreline connecting with a pod of Dolphins that was swimming in the breakers and coming close inshore. What was surprising was that at that moment, a pansy shell washed up at my feet. There were no other pansy shells on the beach that morning. It was "sent" to me by the Dolphin pod, and I still have it as a momento of that time.

I have no doubt that these creatures were communicating with me, and are quite capable of connecting with humans via the "language" of the "heart". Terry and I were open and wanting loving connection. It was picked up by these beings and answered.

And so, as I think about this unexpected encounter with the Cape Fur Seal this morning, I am made aware of a "lesson" from the Dolphins! terry.jpgFirstly, I hear the word "serendipity". That wonderful moment of chance beauty and wonder that creates joy and fun out of almost nothing. Certainly my encounter with the seal was such an event.

But also, a gentle lesson about the nature of life itself and the journey of experience from these teachers of Holographic Reality:

We were taught to move beyond expectations and experience what was there in the moment.

We had expected to encounter dolphins, but our major encounter was with a seal. Totally unexpected but just as filled with delight and wonder. So in life we learn to be in the moment and experience what we are given, and to release expectations. In so doing we allow life to present us with surprises and miracles. We make space for miracles, rather than the known which comes from expectation.

So, the Dolphin Teachers say, allow yourself to be open to the unexpected joys that arise when you least expect them. If you acknowledge that the Universe is alive and sentient, and that you are always part of the "One", then you can become aware of how your thoughts and desires are always being answered all the time, even if not in the way that you would have expected.

We are taught also, that the Universe is playful, and that the principle of playfulness and fun is an essential part of the communication between beings of different species. The Cape Fur Seal is fairly unpopular with fishermen, and there are instances where they are injured and killed. Seals in general have not fared well at the hands of humans. Yet, in this case, the love in our hearts was answered by the playful fun in the heart of the seal. We were speaking the common Language of the Heart that unites all beings in the common matrix of Creation, or what I have come to call "The Goddess Matrix".

And so, the Dolphin Teachers say, it is the journey rather than the goal that is important. How you experience life and the love and the fun that you share, rather than where you are going and who you are meeting!

And not be attached to outcomes! This can block you from experiencing the wonder of the natural flow of joy and love. An attachment to a particular outcome can be a block that gets in the way of the flow of miracles that comes to each being as a natural birthright!

Going with the flow means also allowing the flow to come to you!.. And in that flow is love, joy and abundance. And as the flow comes to you, you feel more and more the richness of life and the simple joy of being alive.

Powerful lessons indeed from our Dolphin Teachers of the Sixth Dimension!

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Many of you responded to the First Dolphin Diary. Here are some of the responses:

A reader from the United Kingdom sent in this image:

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This is a captive Dolphin in Honduras. Such Dolphins have often chosen to work with Humans in close ways. The reader said she experienced the dolphin as "cuddly", which probably means that the Dolpin was attempting to transmit love to her in terms that she would understand.

Wild dolphins do not invite touch, and rather teach humans to respect their phsyical space and to communicate through holographics, which is the universal langauge. But, captive dolphins often choose to communicate in the languages that humans understand.

This may be why captive dolphins can be induced to "perform", since they understand that humans derive "fun" from this and their desire is to share fun and playfulness with humans.

Something to think about, maybe?

And, finally, here is a beautiful poem sent to us by Raya King from Los Angeles:


Two dolphins swim
In a sea of bliss....
Theyv'e just shared
A luminous kiss !!

They speed through the ocaen
And dance to and fro....
Then they dive deep
Deep down below....

. Into the depths
Of infinite peace ,
Where all of the world's
Sorrow's have ceased.

They then zoom to the surface
And scan over the earth
Looking for friends
To share in their mirth !!

They listen for the song
Of hearts filled with gold....
Sending out a pure note
To those whom they hold....

Deep in their memories
From Atlantean times ....
Those souls who are ready
To respond to the chimes .

When after awhile
Two hearts they have found....
They applaud with their flippers
And make joyful sounds !!!

They swim deep through their bodies
To get their attention
In a tantric love circle
From another dimension !!

Mission accomplished !!
Their task is complete !!
Two souls came together ,
Twin flames finally meet !!

All over the world
The use their sonar ,
To find ancient loves
From near and afar....

It brings them great joy !!
They do their job with great zeal !!
Knowing soul mates uniting .
Means the planet will heal !!

For the love that is kindled
Between hearts true and pure
Will be a soothing sweet balm
That can help bring a cure ,

For all of the suffering
That our earth now is in.
Paradise will come again....
It is time to begin !!

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