The Dolphin Diaries 5

Whale Circles

by Celia Fenn

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Monday 3rd July 2005
Grotto Beach, Hermanus and Kogel Bay
Western Cape, South Africa

After our week-end of working with the Sacred Spiral of the Labyrinth in Terry's Labyrinth workshop, we decide to incorporate this spiral glyph in our work with the whales this week.

As we leave the city, we encounter a group of four whales quite early, just off Rocky Bay. We stop the car on the cliff road, and have quite a hilarious time, as there is no sidewalk and we have to balance our way along a low wall to reach the spot where we are above the whales. At 8.30 in the morning, and feeling the waves of whale energy moving through our brow chakras, this is quite a feat, as we attempt to stay on the wall and avoid the amused glances of passing motorists. We are rewarded as the whales swim in briefly to greet us and then move back out to sea! What a way to start the day!

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When we arrive in Hermanus we are disappointed as there are no whales in the bay. Nevertheless, we proceed to Grotto Beach where we will create our circular labyrinth pattern in the sand. We then walk the spiral path of the Labyrinth and focus our intention on connecting with the Cetacean Consciousness. Terry and I do a joint meditation and ritual in the center of the glyph using yoga postures, in which we focus on opening the heart chakra and the crown chakra while still staying grounded in the center of this vortex of energy.

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We notice two immediate results. Firstly, the immediate and strong sensation of connecting through the heart chakra to the Cetacean energy via the oceanic sonic grids. And secondly, becoming aware of the presence of a Sirian Lightship just above our heads in the 9th and 10th dimensional spaces of the Higher Chakras. Whales are Sirian starseeds, and are always connected to the Sirian Lightships on the Higher Dimensions.

After that experience we had expected to see whales immediately, but no, nothing. We were being taught the value of patience and of the right time and place. But also, being shown an important aspect of whale communication with us. They are highly telepathic and use the "group consciousness" network probably far more effectively than we do. For we did indeed work with whales that day, and they responded to our intentions. But we had to wait to allow it to unfold.

As we left Hermanus and retraced our path, we were disappointed. No whales! We stopped off in Pringle Bay where there was a single whale that Terry had connected with the day before. But today it was not interested. We called but there was no response on any level. So we left.

But - as we passed towards Kogel Bay we saw - quite close in - our whale, the one that wanted to work with us today. There it was, swimming peacefully just off the shoreline. We were once again on the cliff road that overlooks the ocean. So we parked the car and scrambled down a rough cliff path and over the rocks until we reached the line of the breaking waves. And we were incredibly close to this wonderful being.

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This is what you see when you locate a whale. Usually just the very tips of the back, and sometimes the head. So it is difficult to show how huge they really are in a photograph. But if you sit with one and sing to it, you may experience a treat.

When we first announced our presence to this whale by singing and toning, the whale took notice! I don't really know how they hear, but it lifted its head out of the water and looked at us. It can be quite unnerving to be fixed in the glance of a whale at close range! They are huge. But it seemed quite happy with us. It then proceeded to roll and play in the water close by us.

We sat with this whale for more than an hour. All I can say is that "sitting" in the auric presence of a whale sure beats sitting with any human master for an expansion of consciousness!. Since I have been "sitting" with whales I have felt tremendous strength and power coming into my being. I feel more centered and more "content", and without fear. More willing to see the Earth as a beautiful planet held in the loving care of a benevolent creative energy.

These are some of the images that I shot while sharing the joyous, enlightened and playful presence of this Sirian master known as a Southern Right Whale. In these images the whale is rolled over and displaying its white underbelly as it lies on its back:

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Our final encounter - on the way home - was with our original group of four. They had received our circle glyph from earlier that day, and they sent us one back! Again, we were high up on a cliff road, looking down on the whales. As they submerged they created a circle that remained visible in the water for about 4 or 5 minutes. This may have been created by the force of their submersion, but somehow I feel that this was created by sonic means and was a message for us.

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What we learnt in this wonderful day was that our original "contact" whales had been "with" us all day. They had been aware of our intentions and our focus, right from our first encounter early in the morning. They worked with us across an area of about 100 kilometers. We learnt a great deal about the power of conscious intention and how thoughts and feelings are powerful messengers of intention when you are dealing with Higher Dimensional beings.

And so, we also await with excitement, the further unfolding of our adventures with the whales. They come here at this time also to birth their young, and so we are also in anticipation of seeing some newly arrived young calves soon. We will share this with you as soon as we encounter them!

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