The Dolphin Diaries

Ocean Keepers and Earth Keepers: Stewards of the Planetary Energies

By Celia Fenn

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Monday 12th September
Rocky Bay and Hermanus
Western Cape, South Africa

It is not every day that you get to spend time in the sacred presence of Ocean Keepers and Earth Keepers. But that is what Terry and I experience on our adventure today.

After weeks of cold and rainy winter weather, it is a warm spring day today. Ideal weather for whale watching as the whales love to bask in the warm shallow water just off the coast.

We are lucky today, because we encounter whales almost immediately, just off the cliff road at Rocky Bay. There are about eight of them in several groups! What a festival!

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We are the first there and we get "front row seats" after slithering our way down a steep path and then along some rocks. But this is peak whale watching season, and locals and tourists alike are out on the roads trying to spot whales. We notice that whenever we make our way down towards whales, we are followed by between ten and thirty people who also think this is a good idea. Which means that the intimate connections we were experiencing before don't happen.

This answered a question that we had wondered about. Why was it that we would get so completely spaced out and "high" on the whale energy, and no one else seemed to have the same experiences. Well, we learnt that whales will only send out a high frequency vibration if they know that the person receiving it can accept it without discomfort - relatively. When there are humans of lower frequency around, they keep their frequency lower. Much like what happens when I channel. The Spirit being steps down its frequency to a point where I can receive the vibrations and the information that is conveyed in the vibration. Well, whales are the Keepers of the Ocean Grids, and they are experts at Energy transmission and sound. So it is always a privilege to spend time in their company, and a joy to share it with others. Many of the tourists who come to see the whales are absolutely enthralled. And we feel joy knowing that the whales have touched even more souls and hearts with their message of Earth Stewardship and caring for our beautiful planet!

We are amused for a while by a playful seal just below us who is also doing all sorts of tricks, as if to say "look at me"! So we do!

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But our attention is taken by a whale "conference" that happens in front of us. Two whales decide to swim over and confer with two other whales. As they approach, the one whale breaches, as if to announce its presence to the others. Breaching is always a magnificent experience, as you watch several tons of whale launch itself into the air and crash back into the ocean. The sound is incredible as the whale's body smacks back into the sea!

But it is also a very difficult one to capture on the camera. Let me explain. Photographing whales in not easy. They don't pose. They move, and fast. So by the time they have finished doing something, you barely have time to aim and shoot. I solved that by learning to keep the camera focussed on where they were and learning to shoot very fast. But breaching is different. A whale will breach multiple times, this one did it five times. But they move very fast, and when you are using a zoom lens, well its almost impossible to locate where it will come up next. So I had to pull back and get a wider focus in order to catch the last breach and return. But that is why the images are smaller! But you can see, just behind the whale, the turbulence in the water from the last breach.

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Well, having announced their arrival, the whales proceeded to play together and roll around in the water. Flippers and flukes were visible as they enjoyed their encounter. Then after about half an hour, they parted and the visiting couple moved off.

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We watch this festival of whale fun for about 2 hours and then we decide to drive into Hermanus in the hopes of spotting a mother and calf. But we are disappointed, as the water in Walker Bay is very muddy and dirty, probably from the rivers and rain inland, and so there are no whales that day.

So, to complete our adventure we decide to visit the Earth Keeper Crystals in Hermanus. The Earth Keepers are not well known. They have been there for about 6 years, but few people are aware of their power and their significance. They were broughth to Hermanus from Namibia, where they were found. They were needed in Hermanus in order to assist in merging the Earth and Ocean energies in Hermanus/Walker Bay. This is one of the key points on the Planet where the Oceanic grids and the Earth Grids are being reconnected. And the whales that come to Walker Bay every year connect with the Earth Keepers to relay energies and codes and information from the Southern Oceans and Antarctica, through the Southern tip of Africa and up into the African continent. These energies move further north every year. The New Earth Crystalline Grids are coming online!

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Terry and I enjoy the gentle energies of the Earth Keepers. Sitting on an Earth Keeper Crystal is like being embraced in the most warm and gentle and loving of energies. You truly feel the love and warmth of the Earth Mother through the energies of these beautiful giant crystals!

And so, in our own way, we are connecting the energies of the whales and the Crystals, the Ocean Keepers and the Earth Keepers. And we don't forget their connections to the Stars, for the whales are Sirian Starseeds, and the Earth Keepers were seeded into the Earth by the Elohim Creator Angels at the time of the creation of Lemuria and Mu. And so it is our joy and privilege to share this energy with you in this way.

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P.S And here is a wonderful image just in from Hawaii:

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