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by Celia Fenn (South Africa) and Barbara Adams (USA)

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Hi Everyone

Well, for me its that time of the year again! The Southern Right Whales are back in our waters, and the image above was taken on the 18th of July. What a joy to be able to share in the energy of these wonderful beings once again!

My first encounter of the season was with this pair of whales that was swimming in a leisurely way along the coast. I actually encountered them twice, as I was travelling out to Pringle Bay and back. Both times I sat on the shore and just enjoyed their presence. I was aware of how slow and majestic and deliberate their journey was.

Actually, I knew I would see whales that day. As I was still driving along the road near my home I felt that sudden expansion of consciousness and "spaciness" that I feel when I connect with the Whales. We had "found" each other long before we met physically that day. I am still amazed and delighted at this kind of multi-dimensional experience, where the soul or "higher aspect" arranges the meeting. It is just up to us to choose what we will do and how we will react! What an honor and a privilege.

Here is an image of my two whales:

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Although I really enjoy these encounters, I am sometimes saddened by the knowledge that once these waters teemed with Whales. I have seen pictures painted in the 18th and 19th centuries that show hundreds of whales playing in these waters. But that was before the time of whaling destroyed and decimated the planet's whale populations.

The topic of whaling and its cruelty and inhumanity has once again become a global topic for action, since the International Whaling Commission conference. The intention of Japan and Norway and their allies to reinstate the cruel practice of whaling is cause for global concern among Lightworkers and Eco-warriors.

Both Barbara and I have received messages that we need to work with the whales to raise the consciousness around these issues, and to make Lightworkers and others aware that action needs to be taken to protect the whales and their environment. For us, this means working with the practices of Lightwork. Raising consciousness through information, rituals and meditations. Sending Love and Light to where it is needed to help to create the transformations that we know are needed in order to make this planet a "heaven" for all beings, including our friends and co-workers, the whales.

For the whales work to hold the oceanic grids of the planet. More than half the planet is ocean, and the whales "tune" the grids with their "songs" and their advanced consciousness and wisdom. They are of the Cetacean race, derived from the Sirian system, and their work is to help to hold the harmonic grids of the Earth. They cannot do this if humans wipe them out. It is important that we work with them to ensure their survival and the harmonic stability of our planet.

So, we ask that you become aware of their need, and work with them in meditation to send out love and light so that the consciousness of the planet may be transformed and the whales may be safe in our Oceans.

I am proud that my country, South Africa, is one of the nations working towards the Southern Oceans Whale Conservency, which will make the Southern Oceans a protected zone for all whales. I am sending light to this project. Here at Starchild in Cape Town, we will also be hosting our first international Cetacean week where the focus will be on sending out love to the Cetaceans and working for a positive change in global attitudes.

At the end of this article, I will give you some resources for those of you who are also Eco-warriors, and wish to help through signing the petition against whaling, and receive a newsletter that will keep you informed of what is happening on this issue.

As Barbara points out, much is happening in the world that is good and positive for the whales. Lets keep that energy moving with our Lightwork!

Let's make the planet a Paradise for the whales again!

Here is Barbara's contribution:

orca1.jpg The World Grace Foundation is located on a USA Pacific Northwest island surrounded by waters that have the highest population of resident Orca whales (technically the world’s largest dolphins) in the world after the Arctic. (There are also "roaming" Orcas, vs. "resident" Orcas. The residents assume an established homeland for their pods).

In May of 2006, the non-profit World Grace Foundation sponsored a day of gathering those of all faiths and belief systems to heal the surrounding waters and (if they felt called), tune into the voice of the whales.

We were joined by many, and sponsored this event in conjunction with whale naturalist and animal communicator, Mary J. Getten.

Mary J. Getten has a special connection to "Granny," the 90+-year-old matriarch of one of our resident whale pods. According to Mary, during this healing time, she requested from the humans, "Do more of this."

Then, on June 8th, 2006, a first major healing breakthrough came to our waters and whales. Federal officials proposed designating nearly all of our state's northwest inland waters - about 2,500 square miles -as critical habitat for the Orcas.

Along with this, a newly designated whale and water protection area for our neighbors in the Hawaiian Islands was set aside by the Bush Administration. And, the Natural Resources Defense Council won a huge battle with the Navy, whose sonar testing is causing great damage to the whale/water population. The Navy tried to state they were exempt from the new whale protection law, but the judge sided with the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Further, thousands of square miles off Alaska, our neighboring waters, have been designated as critical habitat for North Pacific right whales, considered the most endangered whale in the world.

See what love and focus can do? There are many people of many belief systems working in the trenches to make this kind of thing happen. They deserve the love and credit for all that they have accomplished. It takes material in the physical: money, strength, confidence, political know-how. But it can all be helped "from above" by our focusing on a new reality. Who would have thought the Bush Administration would allow such an act? Who would have thought the Navy could be redirected into defending more than just human invasion?

This Whale/Water meditation will now become an annual event. Each May, we will gather as many as possible across the globe to focus on a beautiful new world for our oceans and waters and whales (focusing on their own local waters, even if it's an inland river), concentrating the effort during a specific day and time. I've spoken to Celia in South Africa, and we will begin making this an annual world event. World Grace will include our South African sister non-profit and Celia's group in South Africa, and our sister non-profit in England which is restoring the local ecology and Faerie tradition, and will grow from that point.

I understand there are also other water healing programs around the world. Let's keep working together to bring heaven to earth.

With love,

Barbara Adams

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Here are the resources I mentioned earlier:

The Website

This website is a New Zealand based intiative to collect one million signatures against the whaling industry. This will be sent to the International Whaling Commission to express global opposition to the practice of whaling.

Please add your name...I already did!

The Newsletter

A new newsletter for people who want to know what is going on with our Oceans globally. This is a USA based newsletter.

This is their statement:

*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:* *:-.,_,.-:*'``

Ocean Sanctity Newsletter

``'*:-.,_,.-:* *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:* Purpose of this list:
To Preserve Ocean Sanctity
To Ensure a safe home for Whales and Dolphins and all denizens of the sea, and a safe place for humans to visit.
To Find safe alternatives to the US Navy's LFAS & NPAL
Sonar Testing and Deployment
LFAS = "Low Frequency Active Sonar"
NPAL = "North Pacific Acoustic Laboratory" project, formerly called ATOC
To See an end to the testing and deployment of other dangerous acoustic technologies such.
To Promote respectful interspecies interaction.
Providing: Updates, Articles, Stories, Alerts, Poems, and Quotes relating to Dolphins, Whales, and other inhabitants of the seas, and to our Oceans.

Volume - low, usually 1 or 2 newsletters per month, plus the occasional **Alert**

To subscribe to this list: send a message with the words: "subscribe: Ocean Sanctity Newsletter" to: [email protected]

So, to all you fellow Ocean Keepers out there
Much Love and Blessings from the Heart

StarchildGlobal, Cape Town, South Africa.

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