Starchild Global is a Spiritual Volunteer Group. Our aim is to provide spiritual support for the many Lightworkers around the Globe. We also provide information and support for Indigo and Crystal children, teens and adults. Through our channels, articles, diaries and forums, we are creating an Online New Earth community in which we can assist and support each other.

Apart from the writing and channels that Celia contributes in English, there are more than 30 people working in a volunteer capacity to ensure that the information keeps coming in the languages in which we are currently active. A great deal of energy, effort and dedication goes into this. In return we ask that you consider supporting our work with a financial donation as a way of showing your support and gratitude.

If you feel drawn to offer support even in a small way, we would be greatly appreciative.


We use a secure payment portal that accepts VISA, MASTERCARD and DINERS cards.

This is based in South Africa and works with the South African currency ZAR. The approximate exchange rates are 6 ZAR to the USD and 8 ZAR to the Euro.

You can check with the currency converter for a more accurate exchange.

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If you would like to send a CHECK or MONEY ORDER, please mail to our representative in the USA, Gabrielle Silva.

Please make out the check to "Gabrielle Silva", but also note on the check or envelope that it is a Starchild donation, so that Gabrielle knows what it is for.

Mail to: Gabrielle Silva, 2150 Tamarack Ave, Boulder, CO 80304, USA.

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